Best Men’s Toiletry Bag: Top 5 in 2022


Nov 17
best men's toiletry bag 2022

Toiletry bags are an essential travel item. They come in many different colors, shapes, designs, and sizes - some of which are definitely a lot more practical and portable than others! They tend to be a necessity for women when they travel, as they can also double up as cosmetics bags in which they can keep their makeup, skincare products, and so on. However, women are not the only ones who need a quality toiletry bag. It also comes handy for men to carry and organize their hygienic necessities. Finding the best men’s toiletry bag is becoming a must for men who want to pack smart and need a good system to sort out the items they need for their personal hygiene every time they are on the go.

It may seem normal for men to keep their hygienic accessories in a Ziploc plastic bag and throw it into their bag. However, this is not really the best idea, as a plastic bag can easily be misplaced or torn. Furthermore, this method of packing isn’t the best for bottles that contain liquid, as they could spill and create a huge mess in your bag. In order to avoid these mishaps, it makes sense to use a proper bag designed to keep and organize your toiletries.


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While there used to be only a couple of designs made specifically for men, this has changed in recent years and options have now multiplied. As more and more men are investing in stylish and practical accessories, it has become a lot easier to find a variety of choices to suit every man’s needs and preferences.

Today, the most popular types of men's toiletry bags are those that are made of leather and the ones that look like shaving kits. Modern toiletry bags help men keep their stuff organized even when they're not at home.


Even though there are many toiletry bags available today that do look attractive, keep in mind that style shouldn’t be your only criterion in finding the best men’s toiletry bag to suit your needs. Many things have to be considered if you are looking to invest in a durable toiletry bag that will last you for many years and many trips. But first of all, you have to know the different types on the market.

Types of Travel Toiletry Bags

As mentioned above, there is a large choice of toiletry bags for men today, which means there's an option out there to cater to everyone’s needs and preferences. Your choice might depend on the length of your travels, the type of trip you're taking, and where you're planning to go.

Plastic Travel Bag

Designed specifically for travel, these models are pretty simple and straightforward. They normally have one big main zipper, and that’s it. You can simply toss your stuff into them and you're ready to go! They are available in different sizes and sometimes as a set, so you can organize your things easier according to your needs. This type of bag is often made out of clear plastic with either cloth or leather edges, although it can sometimes come in 100% plastic form.

Leather Toiletry Bag

best mens toiletry bag style leather

As you might already know, leather is an amazing material for any kind of bag - and toiletry bags are no exception. Leather is extremely sturdy and durable, which is essential for this kind of bag, as it ensures it will last you longer. If you’re a frequent traveler, you wouldn’t want to risk your stuff getting torn along the way, would you?

Hanging Toiletry Bag

This type is also a strong candidate when searching for the best men's toiletry bag. It is becoming more and more popular today due to its high convenience. It is a great kind of toiletry bag for traveling, since as the name suggests, you can hang it anywhere while leaving the pockets accessible. Most hanging toiletry bags also tend to be made out of resistant material and to come with many smart compartments, allowing you to pack and organize your stuff very efficiently. 

Men’s Toiletry Bag

While the majority of toiletry bags available on the market look very feminine, there is a growing range of toiletry bags for men on offer. These models come in increasingly sleek and stylish designs, and in more and more sizes and colors.


How to Choose the Best Men’s Toiletry Bag

Okay, now you know that there are several different types of men’s toiletry bags available, I’m sure you already have an idea which one you'd like to go for. But first, there are a few things should consider to make sure you pick the right one for your needs. Here are some things you should look out for…


Some of the most common materials used for toiletry bags include nylon, fabric, plastic, leather, and synthetic leather. Some of these materials are a little bit more practical, reliable, and technical than others. For instance, leather normally lasts longer than washable leather. In addition, it is also waterproof. However, you should of course except toiletry bags made of leather to be more expensive than other types.


color bag

Picking out the color is the same as choosing the material for your travel toiletry bag, although a touch more fun. Light colors such as white and gray can look good, but they can easily get dirty and stained. If you accidentally spill something, your bright-colored bag might also be ruined. On the other hand, dark colors like black, navy blue, and burgundy are practical if you don’t want to have to clean your bag frequently.

But what about the ones that are made of see-through plastic? Are they any good? Well, while they may come in handy, particularly since they are waterproof, they don’t give you privacy. This is not really the best option unless you don't mind the idea of people seeing the contents of your bag.


size of best mens toiletry bag for travel

This is very important. How many and how bulky are the products you need to carry in your toiletry bag? You should make sure that your bag is not too small so it can hold all of your stuff, but also not too big so it doesn't take up unnecessary space in your luggage. As much as possible, you should choose smaller, travel-sized toiletries and an equally compact bag to contain them.


When it comes to design, it's a matter of convenience, personal taste, and what type of traveler you are. Personally, I like the classic roll-up trendsetters with different zippered compartments, inner waterproof lining, a hanging hook, and a handle. But then again, it depends on your preference. To help you decide, refer to the different types of toiletry bags.

Hopefully, the tips we shared above helped you make your decision. This smart packing solution is definitely a game-changer and will make carrying your stuff a lot less of a hassle. To make it even easier, here are our top picks for the best men’s toiletry bag in 2022:

Our Top Picks

If nothing but the best will do, then look no further than NOMATIC’s Toiletry Bag 2.0! Specialist travel accessory brand NOMATIC has put all of its expertise into designing the ultimate toiletry bag for travelers. Its name may be plain, but this model is packed with smart features that make it an all-around winner.
Made out of durable yet slim materials, we love its compact format and elegant minimalist design. Despite its very packable size, its clever internal organization maximizes space, with versatile compartments that allow you to keep everything tidy and find what you need quickly. It’s also water resistant and can be hanged anywhere thanks to its adjustable strap and hook system.
Our favorite thing about the Toiletry Bag 2.0 is its dedicated toothbrush pocket. It’s a thoughtful extra feature that allows you to separate your toothbrush from the rest and keep it clean.
While it’s a bit more of an investment than some of the other choices on this list, you definitely get what you pay for with this great model! This is a toiletry bag that ticks all the boxes and will accompany you on your travels for years to come. In fact, Nomatic is so confident of the quality of its products that you’ll get a free lifetime warranty with your purchase.

The Nomatic Toiletry Bag 2.0 is available in two sizes: Regular ($69.99) and Small ($49.99).


Editor's Rating: 99/100

Price: $69.99 and $49.99


  • It has a sleek, elegant minimalist design
  • It is made of very durable materials
  • It has a slim profile that makes it compact and highly packable, and is available in two different sizes 
  • It is water resistant
  • It is very smartly laid out to optimize space and keep everything tidy, organized, and easy to find
  • It has a dedicated compartment to allow you to keep your toothbrush separate and clean
  • Its adjustable strap and hook system enables you to hang it almost anywhere
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • It is more expensive than some of the other models featured on this list

If you’re looking for something simple and affordable yet classy, then the Alpine Swiss Hudson Dopp Kit is for you! It offers plenty of space and makes it very easy to access your stuff.
This product is made of very hard-wearing materials that can endure continuous use. Because of this, you could even use this bag in your daily life back home, besides bringing it on trips. Due to the toughness of the polyester that is used, the Alpine Swiss Hudson is likely to last you a lifetime. Furthermore, I like how the material is stretchy enough to expand if needed. This means you can throw a lot of stuff into it, the Dopp Kit will accommodate it all.


Editor's Rating: 97/100

Price On Amazon: from $9.99


  • It has a very elegant design
  • It is made of very high-quality material, so it will last long
  • It has a very affordable price


  • Some people may find it too small for their needs

If you're searching for a really nice-looking, classic “Dopp Kit” model, you will fall in love with the exceptional vintage style of the Vetelli leather toiletry bag. A top contender for the best men's toiletry bag, it will remind you of the first dopp bags created by Charles Doppelt. Keep in mind that it is not made of genuine leather but of synthetic leather, just like most leather bags today. It features a nylon lining on the inside and a waterproof bottom designed to protect the bag against any spills. It also comes with two mini plastic bottles that you can refill with liquid.
This travel toiletry bag has two compartments. The large compartment is an ideal place for you to store your bottled products, shaving gear, or any basic bathroom supplies you need on your travels. The big section zips open wide to reveal the lower compartment, which is divided into two mesh compartments and a bigger, wider space. It has a lot of room for everything you may want to keep. This is a great functional bag that packs in a lot of style and convenience for its price.


Editor's Rating: 96/100

Price On Amazon: from $39.85


  • It is a spacious bag that can hold a lot of accessories
  • It is compact and doesn’t consume a lot of space in your bag
  • It has two protected zippered pockets
  • It comes with two small plastic bottles for liquids
  • It also comes with two mesh pockets, which can be perfect for placing the two bottles
  • It looks really sleek and stylish
  • It is waterproof


  • The zippers are not that impressive and definitely could be improved

If you’re looking for a high-quality toiletry bag that is perfect for both men and women, then you may want to check out this compact hanging travel bag by NeatPack. You will love the multiple pockets as well as the sturdiness.
This bag will work particularly well for more minimalistic packers, as it is on the smaller side. That said, it measures 8½” x 8¼” x 3″, which could be still a perfect size for travelling. It has a metal hanging hook so you can easily access it, see-through compartments so you can easily see what’s inside, a water-resistant design so your stuff won't spill into your bag, as well as a flat bottom so you can place it anywhere you want. Another feature that I like about this toiletry bag is that it is specifically intended to hold bottles in an upright position, and it is made of high-quality nylon for durability. Generally, you will be happy with the functionality and size of this travel toiletry bag by NeatPack.


Editor's Rating: 94/100

Price On Amazon: from $14.99


  • It has multiple pockets
  • It comes with a metal hook
  • It has see-through compartments
  • It is water resistant
  • It is made of high-quality nylon
  • It is very durable


  • Some may find it a bit small
  • The carrying strap could be better

Another great choice for best men’s toiletry bag is this product by Travelmall Cosmetics. It is handy, roomy, well-designed, and multifunctional. You will love the fact that it is scratch-resistant, although some users mention that it has a strong chemical scent.
The Travelmall Cosmetics toiletry bag measures 9.6” x 6.2” x 3.2”. It features 6 compartments that include three pliable side-by-side pockets, a small breathable mesh bag, a big breathable mesh bag, as well as a transparent waterproof pocket. My favorite thing about this travel bag is that it is made of the finest Oxford fabric and has a suitable hanging hook, as well as a side strap in order for you to carry it easily.


Editor's Rating: 92/100

Price On Amazon: from $16.99


  • It has multiple compartments
  • It is waterproof
  • It has a strap on the side
  • It comes with a hanging hook
  • It is very easy to carry
  • It is scratch-resistant


  • It comes with a smell
  • Some people may find it small


So, there you have it! These are our top 5 choices for the best men’s toiletry bag on the market today, as handpicked and tested by our team. Travel toiletry bags are a useful accessory to invest in to help you pack and organize your luggage easier. And hopefully, this article helped you decide which one to get for your future trips.

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What do you think of this list? Do you have a favorite model we missed? Let us know in a comment below!

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