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Dec 22
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Makeup is a great way to highlight and improve one's features. Makeup may work in two directions. First, it may help in hiding your imperfections, and secondly, it can help highlight what’s best for you. It is completely able to turn you into an entirely new person when it comes to physical appearance. That’s the reason why they are considered one of the essential products for women. To be able to make the most of your makeup, however, you may find the need to use the best high end makeup and makeup brush set suitable for your needs.


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While we concentrate so much on different makeup products and how they suit a person and unfitting for another, the topic on how they should be used seems so underrated. Actually, the real key depends on how you apply your makeup instead of what type of makeup you have. Proper application of makeup should be an import factor which decides whether the makeup will look natural or not.

You are able to learn from the experts that how to apply specific products properly or you are able to do your own experiment at home and learn by trying on your own. To make sure that you’re applying a product properly, having high end makeup brushes will help you a ton. Using the right makeup brushes is essential not only for right application purpose but also for hygiene reasons. If you’re using your hands which can be a little bit dirty, your skin may be infected and it could ultimately cause inflammation and skin conditions.

makeup brushes

So, you should always use the right makeup brushes in order to avoid any such terrible situation. Brushes come in different types; some of the most popular are eyeshadow brushes, foundation brushes, as well as powder brushes. It is important to invest in a brush set of excellent brushes with a nice brush for the foundation and you’re almost good to go. When looking for a good foundation, here are some important things you have to consider:

- The brushes should have thick, sturdy handle, in order for - you to hold them easily.
- The bristles must be dense and soft.
- They must be easy to clean.
- They should be able to blend your makeup well.
- The set should have the specific brushes you would normally use.

A lot of popular brands usually a whole kit of makeup brushes which include brushes of different kinds and sizes. You just have to choose which you think to offer the best one for you.

But how would you know the right set for you, if you don’t know which type of brush should you exactly have? To help you further here is other helpful information you have to know to be able to find the best high end makeup brushes for you.

Types of Makeup Brush

brush types

Applying makeup isn’t easy for everyone as it is for others. A decade ago, applying makeup was less complicated; a simple glossy lip balm and a nice pink blush and you’re all dolled up! Today, however, there are a lot of looks to select from and not only that, your makeup can also suit your personality.

Applying makeup is an art and it’s up to you what you think suits well for your preference. And to make it all possible, the help of face brushes is needed. Here are types of makeup brush available for you

Face Brushes

To be able to get the perfect color of foundation for your face makeup is just important. You don’t want to choose a shade that is too dark or too light for you. A great way to achieve the perfect complexion is to apply mineral or liquid foundation with the help a foundation brush. This is going to help you balance your skin tone. Foundation brushes are usually flat and have long soft bristles and soft end.

face brushes

Another face brush to use is a concealer brush; obviously, this is used to apply concealer to cover up dark circles under the eyes, blemishes, and pimple marks.

Powder brush us another face brush you shouldn’t be missing in your bag; obviously, this would be used to apply loose powder o the foundation and concealer in order to set them properly. This might also be used to apply bronzing powder, remove excess makeup powder, and blend several parts of the face to get a real natural look. This type of brush is highly recommended. Lastly, the blush brush is used to apply color on your cheeks or contour, it’s a fluffy brush that might be small or big.

Eye Brushes

The eyes are the essential part of all makeup routine. Eye makeup can pull out your overall look as they are the first thing people look at when they talk to us. Eye brushes come in different sizes and shapes. Eyeshadow brush is the first type of eye brush you should have. This covers your eyelids and blends out the eye color in order to get the wanted effect.

eye brushes

Another eye brush is the eyeliner brush, which is obviously used to apply eyeliner, which makes the eyes more highlighted. With the help of eyeliner, you can make your eyes appear smaller or bigger.

One of the most in-demand today is the eyebrow brush. To help you set your eyebrows on fleek. This special brush shapes the eyebrows and fills in parts to form a beautiful arch.

The last one for the eyes is mascara which you use to apply evenly on your lashes, which might also come with little brushes to put lashes in place and remove excess mascara.

Lip Brushes

Like the eyes, the lips can change your overall look from. By changing the color of your lips, you can look cute to fierce. This type of brush is usually small, then, and tapered the coats of the lips using lipstick or gloss. By applying the lipstick using the brush, you will be able to have fuller, plumper lips.

Type of Hair Used In Brushes

brushes hair

Natural hair bristles are, as you have probably guessed, not synthetic. The bristles used in this brush are sourced from animals, normally horses and goats. Of course, you might be wondering how they gather the hair. You will have to make sure they do so in a cruelty-free way. Brushes that are made using this type of hair are normally soft, good at absorbing powder products and dispense the product evenly on the face.

On the other hand, synthetic bristles are normally made out of polyester and nylon. These are the ideal choice for people who want to use cruelty-free products as they are ideal for vegans. They also absorb a good amount of products and will surely give you good results.

Top 5 Best High End Makeup Brush Set



This 11-piece Docolor Makeup Brush set contains vegan brushes which are made of synthetic fiber, which is extremely soft and feel lavish when used on the skin. The handles of these brushes have a pretty sparkly rainbow.
These brushes are honestly one of the softest brushes I have ever used, better than more expensive sets I had before. The brushes have beautiful and sturdy handles .they don’t feel heavy but at the same time, don’t feel cheap. 


Editor's Rating: 98/100

Price On Amazon: from $21.99


  • The bristles are very soft
  • The brushes have beautiful look
  • It comes with 30-day money back guarantee
  • They are vegan brushes


  • Some hope there were more eyeshadow brushes


You will be all set to produce all type of beautiful looks with this pro-level makeup brush set which goes with a suitable and trendy case so you can assure that all your brushes are placed in a safe place. Each brush included in this set is animal vegan-friendly. Every brush in this set is made with excellent synthetic bristles that are hygienic and guaranteed to be durable.
This Professional Makeup Brush Set by Andre Lorent is suitable for vegan. The 5 brushes, in this case, are the basic brushes you may need on a daily basis –powder blush, foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, angled liner brush, as well as a lip brush. All of the brushes in this set are placed inside an extremely elegant looking round case that allows you to easily bring your kit with you, put over a counter, and get put on your makeup.


Editor's Rating: 97/100

Price On Amazon: from $19.95


  • They come inside an elegant-looking white carrying case
  • They are 100% cruelty-free brushes
  • They are perfect for all your basic needs
  • They are high quality and the bristles are very soft
  • This set is perfect for traveling


  • The product may have a little bit of smell
  • This set only has 5 brushes inside


First on our list is Makeup Brushes 15 Piece Rose Gold Professional Makeup Brush Set Kit by Zoreya. As soon as you open the package, you will be happy to see the quality of the case as it looks exactly like more expensive brands. When it comes to the brushes themselves, the quality wouldn’t disappoint either. I would say that this is a perfect dupe for Sigma brushes.
My personal favorite is the face brush which has black, soft, and fluffy goat bristles. The quality is really impressive as they brush comes with perfect density and they seem to pick the perfect amount of product into bristle and they glide smoothly on the skin without having harsh and painful sensation. 


Editor's Rating: 95/100

Price On Amazon: from 19.99


  • This set is very affordable but has high quality on it
  • The set comes in 15 pieces
  • They are soft and smooth when used on the face
  • They don’t have fall outs
  • They come with a leather case bag which makes them travel-friendly


  • They are not suitable for vegans


Another one on our list of best high end makeup brushes that will not break a bank is this 32-Piece Professional Brush Set with Leather-Look Pouch by Shany. Boasting goat and sable bristles, this brush set gives you everything you could expect from a high-quality set of the brush.
I used this set for a week before writing this review and never had fallout on any of these beautiful brushes. I didn’t like that the bag has a strong plasticky smell, but it may go away, although you should take my words for it.


Editor's Rating: 93/100

Price On Amazon: from $25.00


  • They are available at great price
  • They are extremely easy to clean
  • The brushes are very soft
  • It comes with a bag


  • Some of the brushes may come as repetitive
  • The bag that comes with it comes with a bad smell
  • They are not vegan-friendly


This vegan-friendly makeup brush set offers all the basic brushes you need to get dolled up. The handles of these brushes are made of well-made. They are made of alloy and wood in the color of silver and black. The bristles of these brushes are extremely dense and maybe a bit too firm for some. However, this fact is what makes these a great option for dry makeup products. They’re also great when it comes to using cream products.
Although they are a little stiff, the bristles of these brushes are very soft and you are safe from skin irritations. In addition to that, even with its low price, it comes with a 1-year warranty. You will also get nice customer service from the manufacturer in case you have questions.


Editor's Rating: 90/100

Price On Amazon: from $7.99


  • They are vegan-friendly
  • They have sturdy handles
  • They come with 1-year money back guarantee
  • The bristles are very soft


  • The brushes can be too firm for some
  • There is no guide as to what is the purpose of a specific brush


Regardless of what brand or how much you paid for your brush set, what you have to prioritize is the quality they have. The best high end makeup brush set will feel extremely soft on your skin, hold your makeup product well and not waste them, spread the product evenly, and leaves no streaks.
On top of it, it does not shed or fall out. If the brushes you have don’t fit this description, then you’re wasting your money.

Hopefully, this article helped you find the best high end makeup brush for you. if you have any questions or have suggestions, let us know about that in the comment box below!

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