Top 5 Best Headphones for Sleeping In 2019

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Jan 17

Would you prefer counting sheep rather than listening to music until you fall into slumber? Well, if you are a person who would choose the latter, finding the best headphones for sleeping is probably a priority for you. And because we want for things to be easier for you, this is a guide that will help you find the best one for your needs.

Also known as bedphones, headphones designs for sleeping are normally thin and have small headphones that are comfy enough to wear while sleeping, yet they don’t quite vanish while laying your head is set over the pillow.


Types of Music to Listen to While Sleeping

Well, the best music to listen to for sleeping purpose depends from person to person. There’s no doubt that music really helps you fall asleep, but the type of music still depends. It is less likely that loud rock or upbeat tempo music will make sleeping easier; however, it is possible that music that a lower tempo is able to help you doze off easier. Classical music, on the other hand, is likely to give you just a perfect balance.

Many studies performed that support the idea that you are able to make good use of bedphones to make you fall asleep. It has even been backed up by studies of studies. Men and women, young and old, can use music to help them sleep. If you are not aware yet, there is a music that has been made for the particular purpose of helping you to fall asleep – it is called binaural beats. This type of music could be used to adjust your body to any emotional state.

How to Choose the Best Headphones for Sleeping

There are many considerations you have to keep in mind when looking for the best headphone that will help you fall asleep. Here are those points:



Of course, comfort is the most imperative thing you want to focus on throughout your selection. No matter how great the quality of the headphones is, if it is not comfortable when worn, it is going to be a pointless purchase. The headphones you are going to buy must be small enough to let you sleep on any sound you are comfortable in. They should make you fall asleep for a long period of time.


What a lot of people overlooking when it comes to buying sleeping headphones about is the importance of having great cable management. Headphones that have thick cables are not really ideal for sleeping. They tend to tangle, disrupt you from your sleep, and may even choke you.
Wireless is the type of headphones that you will use if you want to move around listening to music. With wireless, because they’re normally over the ear, they’re usually high quality. Because these headphones need to use wireless RF technology the common cons of this type are mainly the weight and the price.

Sound Quality

For many, the quality of sound is not really the priority when they are looking for the best headphones for sleeping purposes. This is because most people who listen to music to fall asleep set the volume at low anyway.
Quality wise, your focus should be on the sound leakage and noise isolation. With good passive noise isolation, you will have an extra composure that you will be able to fall asleep no matter how noisy your surrounding is. As the same time, your music shouldn’t also be leaked to you. You don’t want to disturb people sleeping next to you.

a guy listening to music


If you’re planning to buy a good set of sleeping headphones only for the reason that you’re having problems falling asleep, get the one you think you can afford and not damage your finances. You may want to look at it as an investment for you to have a good night’s sleep. Having a good sleep every night is just as essential as having a regular exercise and so, this is good for the health. If you can spend money on more expensive ones that have high quality, then great! However, if you have limited funds, buying one that is not high-end, but serves its purpose would be alright. Anyway, expensive doesn’t always mean it’s the best, and therefore, not cheap doesn’t always mean it is bad.

Our Top Picks for the Best Headphones for Sleeping

Today, more and more companies are coming up with their own models of headphones for sleeping. This is a good thing that we have a lot of options, but at the same time, this makes choosing a little bit of a challenge. To help you, we listed down our five favorites, together with their brief descriptions, pros and cons, and other information that will help you in deciding.



This is another headphone with a band design. We like this so much because when you roll over your side while you’re sleeping, they live up to their name and gives you nothing else but good music and good comfort. Because it is headband design, you can make sure that it is not going to slip off while you are in deep slumber. You also don’t have to worry about your hygiene because the band is completely machine-washable as long as you remove the speaker inside.
The elastic and comfort Lycra fabric offer a smooth hold when you slip these headphones on your head. 


Editor's Rating: 98/100

Price On Amazon: from $24.99


  • It is very convenient to carry around because of the pouch
  • It is durable
  • It is extremely comfortable to wear
  • It is super lightweight
  • It has high-quality sound


  • They are not very flexible because they don’t have wireless capabilities


The Koss KSC75 Stereophone Headphones are comparable to high-end headphones when it comes to quality. Not only perfect for listening to music, but it will also be perfect for using it to the gym or for traveling with its case. With the help of Koss KSC75, listening to music will be so much affordable. You can literally throw them in your bag and not worry so much about causing damage to them as there’s no stiff headband or neckband that will break.
It has a sports clip that rotates earpads which ensures that it is going to fit perfectly, which consecutively gives you high-quality sound. The Koss KSC75 are very lightweight that you could hardly tell you are wearing them. It helps out so much that each earpad is associated with a little plate that can swivel, which lets these headphones to make you fall asleep easily.


Editor's Rating: 97/100

Price On Amazon: from $13.45


  • It is very lightweight
  • It is very affordable
  • It has sports clip that is designed with big earpads
  • It is a perfect size which makes it great for traveling


  • When you adjust the headphones, the cup is likely to snap off the sports clip


Maxrock Unique Total Soft Silicon is another comfortable set of headphones for sleeping that has dual layer earbuds to suit your ears impeccably. It has mini in-ear design that helps to hold it in position while you sleep. These are very thin, which is a feature that lets you lie flat against your ears on your pillow. If you are a side sleeper, you will definitely love this.
These sleeping headphones would be a good solution for those who want very comfortable sleep at night. There’s nothing else you could ask for. It features dual layer earbuds that will fit the ear perfectly. This means you don’t need to worry about these headphones slipping off from your ears while you are sleeping. These earphones are made from very soft silicon that will keep you from experiencing pressure and pain that guarantees total comfort. Even when you lay on your side, you’ll not feel any pain. The sound quality is also very clear and is exceptional for blocking out the disturbing noise.


Editor's Rating: 95/100

Price On Amazon: from $13.99


  • It is made from comfortable silicone stored headphones
  • It cancels out all outside noise
  • It stays in place the whole night
  • It is very affordable
  • It has great high-quality sound
  • It has zippered case which is useful for traveling
  • Available in three different colors: pink, green, and black


  • Some may think that cords easily get tangled


These headphones for sleeping are extremely comfortable, covered as they’re in a soft, very wide Lycra headband, which also acts up as a sleep mask in case you also want to block out not only the noise but also the lights!
This is definitely perfect for those who are having problems with sleeping; these headphones also come with interweaved cable that prevents it from tangling. Its headband is entrenched with very thin speakers and helps to make sure that the headphones will stay in place the whole night. We also love the fact that the set comes with a lightweight travel pouch, which makes it a good companion even when you are traveling.


Editor's Rating: 93/100

Price On Amazon: from $19.97


  • It has a durable, braided cord
  • It has Lycra headband which is soft and comfy for the face
  • Its speakers are cushioned, ultra-thin, and easily removable
  • It comes with a travel pouch
  • It is extremely lightweight
  • It is compatible with just about any audio devices
  • It is available in three colors: black, gray, and violet 
  • It comes with 100% money back guarantee


  • Because it is not adjustable, some may find it too tight on their heads


Another bedphone in our list is Panasonic RP-HS46E-K Slim Clip-on Earphone. Like mentioned earlier, with the extensive range of selections for you to select from, picking up a set best for you can be a hard choice. This set is another unit you have to consider.
First of all, these earphones are very reasonably priced. But don’t let the price fool you, as these earphones are able to compete with some of the most expensive ones in the market today. The extra slim design of these earphones makes them very comfortable even when they are used for a long period of time. Because these earphones are clip-on, you don’t need to worry about a large headband or the earbud getting slipped out of your ears. The powerful 30mm driver unit offers high-quality sound. The Panasonic RP-HS46E-K is covered with a shiny finish to generate a scratch-free surface that’s tougher. Not only the shiny coating contributes to the level of protection, but it also provides them a nice sleek appearance. These affordable headphones can produce frequency 20Hz-20 kHz level.


Editor's Rating: 90/100

Price On Amazon: from $13.90


  • It is very lightweight and affordable
  • It has a very slim design that offers a great comfort
  • Its clips avoid loss and discomfort 
  • It has 30mm driver that offers great sound
  • It has a 3.5mm jack plug
  • It has long cable


  • The ear clip can lead to mild ear pain after wearing it for a long period of time 


Again, finding the best headphones for sleeping is not a simple task. It’s for the reason that a lot of brands of sleeping headphones can be easily found on the market today. As you can see, headphones for sleeping come with different features, so you have to make sure that the one you choose fits your needs and preferences.

Hopefully, this article helped you find that will help you sleep comfortably at night. If you have further questions regarding this topic, or you have any suggestions of what model should be included here, let us know in the comment below!

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