Top 5 Best Wireless Headphones in 2019

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Nov 20

Do you like listening to music and like being updated with the latest music? Are you longing for the best sound quality of your earphones and speakers? Are you looking for the best wireless headphones to buy next? Well, there are some factors that you have to consider before spending your hard-earned money on the best headphone unit for you.


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You’re probably already familiar with what wireless headphones are. They’re usually a bit more expensive compared to their wired counterpart. Well, we can’t blame the manufacturers – they’re giving us the opportunity to enjoy wireless environment! Although these products come with many benefits, some still try to avoid them. The main reason for this is the harmful radiation they can get when they wear it. Well, this used to be true, but today’s manufacturers have turned the table around and offer safe headsets that don’t release harmful radiation. You can’t get any form of health conditions by using wireless headphones.

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How does the whole thing work? Just like any modern wireless systems, it has a transmitter as well as a receiver. Normally, the receiver is incorporated with the headphones. The type of propagation of the signals has to be considered, particularly if you want to have one that has exceptional voice clarity.

A lot of manufacturers are renowned to use two methods, with the help of which the signal is transferred to the receiver. Infrared or IR and conventional radio waves are the two methods. The wireless headphones are released throughout the first days used infrared technologies. This was dropped throughout the following years, due to different disadvantages. To put it simply, the transmitter unit and the receiver headset should be on a direct line. It’s something that’s attainable in a home environment.


As time passes by, there are more and more wireless headphones with better features coming out. The materials used to create the headphone will tell the excellence of the audio production. Tests performed on both wired and the best wireless headphones have shown that audio signals are recreated at a better quality on wired headphones. Whether you choose wired or wireless headphone, it’s merely dependent on your own preferences and your budget.

Benefits of Using Wireless Headphones

Of course, the best thing about this type of headphones is the fact that they are wireless. You could be anywhere while listening to the beautiful sound. How is it going work without connecting it to devices? Well, these types of headphones are run by batteries. They are either powered by AAA batteries or built-in batteries that can be charged through USB cord. This means you can charge the best wireless headphones using portable power bank while you are on the go and not worry about running out of battery while you are traveling on the road or by airplane. You could use the portable battery source for your other devices too, so it’s pretty convenient to use it in due course.

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Headphones are very popular music accessories. While most people think that the traditionally wired headphone is what music lovers choose and think that wired headphone is better in delivering audiophile high-quality sound.

Like I said, wireless headphones are normally a little bit more expensive than the wired ones. On top of that, the user might experience a little disturbance while listening or talking to music because of loss of signal or the interfering from radio waves around you. But at the end of the day, there’s no denying that a wireless headphone is a lot more beneficial compared to its wired counterpart. Some of the most known benefits of the best wireless headphones:


Wireless headphones are very convenient particularly when one when you’re doing something where you are required to move around. They give the user a freedom to listen to music or receive calls even when they are cooking, washing the dishes, exercising at the gym, or even while riding a bus or a train.

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The nonexistence of wires calls for easy to handle, which means you can avoid any tangling. Having no wires means there are no tangles and tripping to deal with. Furthermore, when you’re in a small room or where you have a kid or pet at home, you can make sure there’s no wire that can be chewed. So, wireless headsets are safer in many ways compared to its wired counterpart.

Optimized power consumption

Counter to what a lot of people think, wireless headphones don’t essentially mean needing a power supply from time to time. You have to keep in mind that not all wireless headsets consume huge amounts of power or drain your audio device’s battery that the non-wired device is connected with. A lot of wireless headsets are particularly designed for use low power signals, minimize battery consumption, and pride itself for optimized power consumption.

Wireless headphones are generally divided into two different categories. They are the following:

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Bluetooth and RF (Radio Frequency)

Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones are very popular for those who love outdoor activities because they’re pretty smaller and available in form of subtle earpieces or tiny earphone devices. On the other hand, RF headphones are normally used indoors since they have larger capsules and go together with a strapping transferring station.

RF headphones over Bluetooth devices

RF headphones build up an inclined channel. They’re therefore recognized to have less disruption and offer better audio quality compared Bluetooth-enabled wireless headsets as it is normally subject to interfere with other Bluetooth active devices in its area.

Different Styles of Wireless Headphones

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  • Ear Bud Style - This can be more affordable compared to the others, but they can also be a little bit discomforting. 
  • Clip-on Style - This style is perfect to be used with Bluetooth devices like PDAs and smartphones.
  • Medium-sized ear cup style - If you are looking for comfort, this style is definitely perfect for you. 
  • Full-sized ear cup style - If you want to get rid of the surrounding noise when listening to music, this style is definitely the one for you.

Before you decide to buy what you think is the best wireless headphones for you, it is important for you to know all things about it first, their capabilities and features as well as its purpose and styles. When you have all the details you need, then you can make the right decision at choosing the right wireless headphones for you.

In order to help you further, below are our top picks for wireless headphones, now it is up to you which one you think suits you needs and budget.

Our Top Picks



Bose QuietComfort 35 Series I is one of the bestseller wireless headphones today, and it’s not hard to see why. It has sleek, simple design that makes it perfect for any style. The versatile design of this makes it ideal for all ages and gender. The chassis bulk is made of modest matte plastic, available in two colors: black and silvery grey.
The best part of this wireless headphone for me is the metal caps on the back of the ear cups. Different from other wireless headphones in the market today, there are no elaborate textures or decorative formed features. That is not to say that these headphones feel like it is cheap. They actually have a tough carry case, but if you are not worried about scratches, I am confident that this headphone would easily survive being flung into your bag.


Editor's Rating: 98/100

Price On Amazon: from $329.00


  • It is one of the best noise cancellation headphones on the market today
  • It is very comfortable to wear for a long period of time
  • It has excellent sound for Bluetooth, and also stands as a great unit for receiving calls


  • DSP has a huge effect on the sound signature when it comes to terms of EQ shaping and dynamics
  • It is well-constructed, but the nylon construction could be better
  • Battery is not user replaceable


The Sony MDR XB950B1 is the newest update to Sony’s Extra Bass headphones upgrading the original MDR-XB950BT headphones. Sony XB950B1 looks almost the same as the earlier unit XB950BT and both of them weigh the same. The ear cup on the left is where you will find the power button, micro USB port, microphone, audio cord input, and the bass button that today is called the “bass effect” to focus the capability for you to adjust the settings of the bass on a scale of -10 to +10 through Sony's app called Headphones Connect. On the right ear cup, you will see the volume control +/- button as well as the play, reverse, skip forward, pause, and answer phone button.
Sony MDR-XB950B1 has an over-the-ear headphone with extremely thick but comfortable ear pads. Even when I wear my eyeglasses, the headphones don’t press my frames excessively in my ears. I can wear the headphones all day without having to feel the discomfort of any form. Its metal headband has nice padded as well and don’t feel heavy on my head. The headphones look like it was constructed of high quality and adjusts well to put up with any head sizes.


Editor's Rating: 97/100

Price On Amazon: from $198.00


  • It has impressive voice-calling support
  • It is comfortable to wear during long hours
  • Its bass output is right ratio
  • It offers Bluetooth and NFC connectivity
  • It has a very long battery life


  • It is not suited for every user
  • It limits long-duration usage


While Mpow isn’t a very popular brand, don’t be so quick to judge. They produce high-quality headphones that are available at a very affordable price. These particular headphones are competitively priced compared to other brands in the market today and they’re some of the best wireless headphones that are not more than $50.
The goal of Mpow’s is to produce headphones with the most imposing sound quality, and they did well on this model. They’re a reflexive noise-isolating headphone which carries a closed-back design. This lets a Hi-Fi sound that’s entirely immersive and gives a sound of high quality. There’s an integral memory-protein pad for your ears to get the best out of comfort levels. The material used for the headband is stainless steel, so you can make sure that it is really durable, but the soft eat pad still make is very comfortable to wear.


Editor's Rating: 95/100

Price On Amazon: from $34.99


  • It has an outstanding battery life
  • It has impressive sound quality
  • It folds up for portability
  • It has good call quality
  • It is very comfortable to wear


  • Some users experience occasional audio drops
  • It doesn’t have active noise cancellation


Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones come supplied with simple features that can give you an exceptional listening experience. We don’t like this only for the beautiful look, but also due to the fact that they’re very comfortable when worn. Its bullet-shaped cushions are one of the best features of these headphones, and they’re both water and sweat resistant.
All things considered, it not hard to see that these headphones are designed with impressive features. They also brag a far-fetched value because of its high performance without breaking a bank. Generally speaking, if you’re looking for a high-quality listening experience, this unit would be nice to be considered.


Editor's Rating: 93/100

Price On Amazon: from $35.99


  • It has strong bass
  • It has very clear sound
  • It is sweat and waterproof
  • It is very durable and high quality
  • It is very comfortable when worn


  • The replacement tips could make users feel tight
  • The battery life could be better
  • The Bluetooth connectivity has a short range


With a battery life that goes up to 40 hours and lit up LED “fuel gauge” that shows the battery life status, this is definitely impressive headphones. It has on-ear controls for music as well as Siri activation, which makes it a perfect choice for Apple users.
Another feature you would like about this is the instant setup. Rather than going through dull pairing processes in a Settings menu, simply turn the power on these headphones and place them next to your iPhone in order to get configured. When it’s done, they will also work easily with your devices.


Editor's Rating: 90/100

Price On Amazon: from $210.99


  • It produced high-quality sound
  • It has excellent battery life
  • It has good bass
  • It is extremely lightweight 


  • It may create some mid-range clogging


So, there you have it, the best wireless headphones in 2019! Hopefully, this brief guide and list helped you choose which one you should get. All in all, wireless headphones are worth the hype! You can listen to music while traveling, going to the gym, or just doing any house chores. They are very handy and user-friendly. It is definitely worth investing in.

What do you think of this list? Do you think we missed anything that should be listed here? Let us know in the comment below!

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