Want To Know What Is Thailand Weather In July? Here Are Things You Need To Know!

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Jun 03
thailand weather in july

Thailand weather in July is simply a continuation of what the weather is in the month of June. Both the South and North Thailand have about the similar range of temperature or little heavier rainfall levels.

Except for the coastal area of Andaman and Koh Chang are known to experience heavier rain. The temperature drops a little all over Thailand in the month of July and as the month goes rainfall is going to increase with brief consistent showers likely to be lengthier as you move towards to the following month, which is known to be the rainiest time of the year.


In the region of the Golden Triangle and Chiang Rai, heavy rains make trekking a difficult thing to do; but the countryside is more lush and green, and the waterfalls and rivers are on its heaviest flow.  

When it comes to beaches, the islands of Koh Kood and Koh Chang are mainly wet during the month of July. When you go further south, coarse seas might be experienced when you voyage through west coast and the beaches of Krabi, Phuket, and Khao Lak have a much higher possibility of heavy downpours than the beaches on the east coast of Khanom, Koh Samui, and Koh Pha Ngan, which are considerably drier and are still relishing extended sunny atmospheres. July is a mostly popular time to go diving in Koh Tao.

Where Is Best Thailand Weather In July?

Even though most parts of Thailand are wet in the month of July, there are still splashes of the sunshine that make the rainforests of Khao Yai, Nan, and Umphang totally spectacular. Waterfalls that mostly dry throughout the different time of the year now plunge, the natural world is active and flora flourishes.


The Khao Phansa festival, which normally held in July, marks the start of the beginning of the rainy season for Buddhist monastics, concurring with big occasions such as  Phi Ta Khon in Dan Sai and Hae Thian Festival of Ubon Ratchathani. If you are seeking the lowest possibilities of rain, hit the lower Gulf regions of Nakhon Si Thammarat, Surat Thani,  Songkhla, and Phatthalung.

Regional Variations

There is not much difference in temperature throughout the year in the central and southern part of the country, while you will get more rain in the mainly mountainous northern region. Two rainy seasons edict the weather of the country, with the northeastern season run from the month of November through the month of April, and the south-western from the month of May through the month October. The former month has drier weather compared to the latter, which enters from the Indian Ocean and makes the temperature warmer, cloudier, and more humid.

Surviving Rainy Season in Thailand

thai rain

Thailand’s rainy season may be pretty unforgiving and intolerant all the time: frightening thunder, flash flooding, damp flip flops, and lightning bolts. But on top of this, it is charming when the rain dispels the humidity and you are able to appreciate a cloudy day while not having to wear multiple clothing.

Thailand weather in July can be a curse or a blessing; it sweeps away the grime, waters the plants, and gives you more comfortable weather! In order to help you survive the rainy season in Thailand, here are some useful tips you need to follow:

Pack Your Flip Flops 

flip flops

Being a tropical country, Thai people are known to wear flip flops on a regular basis unless they have to (like going to work or school.) It is not surprising as they are comfortable to wear anytime of the year. You are able to walk on dirty and wet streets in flip flops and just clean your feet as soon as you get home. Furthermore, you are not walking around in heels on rough wet streets or wetting your nice sneakers.

Enjoy Many Shopping Malls in Thailand

One of the blessings of the rainy season in the country is you will have more time to appreciate shopping malls. They are a great place to spend time on any season of the year, but during the rainy season, you almost have no choice as some attractions are not ideal during the wet season.

bangkok mall

In Bangkok alone, you will find over 150 shopping malls and the number is getting high every year. So, when it starts raining, go to the nearest mall and enjoy hours of window shopping, eating lunch, taking photos, and warm yourself with a cup of coffee – anything that will keep you dry and happy.

Visit Indoor Tourist Attractions

The most famous tourist attractions in the city of Bangkok are Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace. They are strikingly beautiful during the sunny days, but it will go downhill if you happen to get caught in the rain because all things are outside, so better find indoor attractions you can enjoy regardless of the weather. There are also many activities that are perfect for rainy days like wine tasting, going to the cinema, doing indoor rock climbing, getting a massage, and more.


Avoid Driving in Flooded Side Streets 

As expected, there are many areas in Thailand that are prone to flashflood. If you are driving and it is pouring down, do not pull down a side street that is starting to gather water. This can be very dangerous. I know someone who did that and within just a few minutes, the water reached the bottom of the door of the car and rising quickly. That car’s engine stuttered and stopped working.

As you can see, Thailand weather in July is very bearable. It shouldn’t stop you enjoying the land of smiles. Although it can be rainy most of the time, it would not be difficult for you to see that there are places in the country that are still constantly visited by the sunshine. The gulf coast isn’t normally affected by monsoon during this month of the year. The weather there is normally fantastic with calm oceans and rays sunshine.

So, what do you think of the weather in Thailand in July? Would you go there? Let ForTravelista know in the comment box below!

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