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Oct 05
palm springs weather december

Lying under the sun of the California desert lays one of the most appealing vacation spots in America. Settled in a massive lush valley bordered by luxurious and old palm groves, piled by sheer gorges and mountain tops, Palm Springs is no fantasy as it shows to be a real desert retreat.


Famous people are known to have lived here like Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball, Bob Hope, Roy Rogers, President Gerald Ford, Gene Autry, along with others. This resident heritage on top of the successive Mayor and then later Congressman Sonny Bono managed the expansion of a lively community which grown to offer a getaway from the frantic lifestyle in Hollywood.

Times now have changed and right now, the big community has been known as a destination all year round for people looking for some vacation while enjoying the sun. With an annual rainfall of just six inches, you’re nearly guaranteed have only a hot and sunny Palm Springs experience.

Best Time to Go

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is well-known for its lovely weather with blue skies, and very low chance of rainfall – the city is definitely proud to have over 360 days of sunshine annually. It’s also known for having warm temperatures but low humidity.

The warm weather becomes triple digits during the summer season, so I would say that winter time would be is the best time to go to Palm Springs. Palm Springs weather December is pleasant and is perfect for outdoor activities. A lot of people go to Palm Springs between the months of October and December when the weather is pleasant and the room rates are lower. If you're a skier, you can also enjoy the ski resorts around nearby Lake Arrowhead at that time. So, if you like to spend time here with more pleasant weather and want to take advantage of the cheaper amount of accommodation, then this would definitely be one of the best times to go here.

Palm Springs

The high season, not only in Palm Springs but also the whole state of California is June up to August and is normally when the main fascinations are fullest and the rates of accommodations are higher. So, a perfect time to check out California for water activities and beaches is throughout the shoulder seasons of April up to May and September up to the month of October. 

An ideal time to explore the California desert is in the month of November through the month of March, as rates are not very high and temperatures are colder. Later part of April and May would be the perfect time to go hiking and hike the mountains. It would also be helpful to plan first on what activities you are planning to do in order to know which months are the best for your trip. Although the weather here is mostly sunny the whole year, some days are still better for some activities.

Palm Springs Weather December

As you can expect, Spring Palms weather in December is the coldest time of the year and considered to be the first winter month. Palm Springs winters are very comfortable with high temperatures which average a cool 21°C. Low temperatures are not very cold, which drops to 7°C just on average.

Palm Springs is very sunny and pleasant during December. The morning temperature in Palm Springs during this month on average is 6°C. The sun usually rises at 6:44 AM. When midday comes, the temperature reaches an average high level of approximately 21°C. The sun usually sets earlier than the rest of the year, particularly with the mountains as a setting.

Even though Palm Springs weather December is nice, this month sees a lot of business travelers and huge conventions derive from the city. Still, you will find less number of visitors than you probably would during the late winter and early spring, on top of this, better prices on accommodations. And temperatures are not that bad either.

Rainy Days in Palm Springs

Palm trees

You are able to depend on the sunny weather when in Palm Springs. Averagely, 98% of the year in Palm Springs is a sunny day! It rarely rains in Palm Springs. In a lot of months every year, there are durations of multi-month- long durations with no trace of measurable rainfall. It’s the reason why travelers from different parts of the world spend winter months in sunnier place.

Rainfall is extremely rare and very limited in the Palm Springs area, so you don’t have to pack a lot of layers and umbrella on your trip. In the year 2014, total rainfall in Palm Springs reached only to 1.7 inches the whole year. Yes, not even two inches!

In the last four years, the level rainfall has been detained just below 2 inches for the whole year. Rain shower doesn’t normally last for more than 24 hours, with scattered rain showers throughout the entire day. This lets the visitors enjoy the outdoors and revel in beautiful clear skies, any time of the year.

Palm Springs mountain

Whether you’re into sitting around the swimming pool of a luxury hotel, enjoying a meal at a nice restaurant, hiking in the mountains, betting at a nice casino, or attending a fun party, Palm Springs weather December would be a perfect time for you to go there and enjoy your time.

With Palm Springs weather in December, you will surely be able to make sure that you will have summer feel even when you are visiting the area around the winter.

This article has hardly begun to tell you about the things you are able to experience in the Palm Springs area when you go there. In order to cover everything, it would be necessary to write another article to cover everything up.

So, what do you think of Palm Springs weather December? Would you consider going there for your winter vacation? Did we forget anything that we should have pointed on this article? Let us know in the comment below!

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