Taking a Trip from Cancun to Tulum? Here’s How You Do That!


Jul 27

So, are you planning to take a trip from Cancun to Tulum? A trip to Tulum means leaving the busy modern world for a while and reconnecting with nature and seeing its beauty. Here you can enjoy a relaxing massage while watching the waves roaring on the shore on one of the world’s biggest barrier reef, go diving or snorkeling in the warm blue sea, discover the beauty of jungle, as well as secluded beaches or just take a seat, relax and take in the warm afternoon sun. Tulum is no doubt of the best vacation places in North America


But how do you get to Tulum from Cancun? Well, there are three main ways to get from point A to B. They are through the public bus, renting a car and private transfer. Let’s look at each of these options in detail. 

Taking the Bus from Cancun to Tulum

You’ll be happy to know that first class bus trips in Mexico are outstanding – comfortable, very cold, Wi-Fi and movies on board, and very convenient.

a bus in mexico

It would be smart to get a ticket earlier online to make sure you will get a seat. It’s extremely recommended for you to do that to also make sure you get to Tulum on time.

When you arrive at Cancun Terminal 2 airport, walk to the exit door and then turn to the right. Go straight down until you find a parking lot. You will find a window where you can buy tickets on the right side if ever you happen to forget to buy it online. This you’ll also find the buses arrive here. It is a good idea to take the bus going to Playa del Carmen and then go get another bus ticket there that is going to Tulum.

Cancun airport

There’s no non-stop bus going to Tulum from Cancun. You have to take another bus going to Playa del Carmen which costs about 120 pesos. Then you have to take another bus going to Tulum from Playa del Carmen Once you get to Tulum, you will see the bus station is located on the town’s main street, so if you’re going to stay in town, you can just walk or hop on a collectivo bus going to your hotel.

Connecting buses between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum

ado bus station cancun to tulum

Once you arrive at Playa Del Carmen, you’ll be at the ADO bus station located on Juarez Avenue and 5th Avenue. This would be the only bus station that the airport bus passes by located in Playa Del Carmen area. From this station, you’ll have to hop on another ADO bus now going to Tulum. You can get a ticket at the airport intended for this different trip; otherwise, you can buy directly from the station. It’s easy to get on the bus to Tulum and the trip only lasts for 50 minutes.

Because this bus station is located on 5th Avenue, you may want to have something to eat before taking the bus to Tulum. Buses are extremely frequent between Tulum and Playa Del Carmen. You can easily find basic restaurants in the area

Arriving to Tulum

tulum mexico

When you get to Tulum, getting on a taxi to go to your hotel would be a great option. Tulum stretches out and the beach part is far from the city center. In Tulum, taxis don’t have meters, so you have to make sure to negotiate the price before you get in or ask help from the hotel to set up a fixed price taxi for you.

If you think that this travel option of getting Tulum seems quite complicated, then you may want to consider an easier transport option like hiring a private transfer to take you from Cancun to Tulum.

Hiring a Private Transfer

Pre-booking an airport transfer would be a smart way to reach your hotel in Tulum. There are many airport transfers you can find online and even at the airport itself. You are able to see the price going to your hotel from the official website of the service provider you are looking to hire. Keep in mind that the price is based on the whole vehicle and not for each person. 

a girl putting hands out from a car

Benefits of choosing private transfer to go to Tulum

- It’s the quickest way to get to Tulum from Cancun
It’s cheaper compared to the public bus if you are traveling as a large group
- It’s less stressful because the driver will just then wait for you to get to the airport
- You can make a meal stop or bathroom stop whenever you want
- There will be no waiting in line in order to get a car a ride

VIP transfer options

a white limo

If the case is you’re going to Tulum for a holiday in order to experience some VIP treatment, then you can experience it as soon as you set your foot out of the airport by renting a limo or luxury SUV to pick you up.

These luxury transfer options can accommodate up to six passengers. From the Cancun Airport going to Tulum, the cost of this service is usually US$185 for one way and US$315 if it is round-trip. You are able to book this option online.

Renting and Driving a Car

a girl sitting on a car

Don't be boring! Make the most of the road trip by stopping at some attractions along the way, then renting a car would be the better option. You can find a lot of car rental firms at the Cancun where you are able to get a car and return it by the end of your trip. Just make sure you can legally drive a car by having the right international passport.

If you’re renting a car from the airport, you’re in luck because it’s not hard to find the signs that lead you to where you need to go. The only road which runs through the state is The 307 Highway; it is also the best road to use to get there. Once you reach the highway, you just have to turn right to Tulum and then it’s just straight. You’ll drive through Playa Del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, as well as Puerto Aventuras. Each of these towns has highway bridges that will save you from heavy traffic which makes your trip to Tulum faster.

Police checkpoints

All in all, you may encounter three police checkpoints along the way. Normally, traffic funnels to a single lane and police have to check in order to make sure that nothing is going wrong. From time to time, police may ask cars to pull over to check the license or just any sort of documents. All of these are standard procedure and they’re only doing their job to ensure that people are not drink and driving, carrying illegal objects, and have the proper license.

police checkpoint

When you get to Tulum, you will easily see where to turn to find the beach hotels or if you choose to rent a place in the town, you shouldn’t have trouble finding it with a map especially because the town is quite small.

Taking a trip from Cancun to Tulum shouldn’t be too difficult. By following the tips mentioned in this little guide, it would be easier for you to decide how you are going to get to Tulum. If you have other questions regarding this topic, make sure to let us know by leaving a comment below. If you find this article helpful, make sure to spread the word and share it on your social media account for your friends! Happy travels!

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