15 Of The Best Travel Websites to Follow

By Alice Ross | GENERAL TIPS

Oct 24
best travel websites

The best Instagram accounts give us visual inspiration for our #travelgoals, while also providing us with a sneak peek within someone else’s totally unique lifestyle. Although scrolling down Instagram accounts of famous vagabonds are inspiring enough to make us want to pack our bags and leave, there are still some important details missing. While it is true in a way that a picture speaks a thousand words, it doesn’t give us full details on what to expect, before, during, and after the moment that picture was taken.

That’s where blogging comes into play.


Enthusiastic travel bloggers and forum contributors do other travelers a big favor by helping them prepare for their future trip by giving tips and advice. Choosing which travel blogs and websites to follow can be a little overwhelming for some; especially that travel preference, experiences, budget, and travel length vary from person to person. That is why we have listed down some of the most helpful, next-level sources you can find online.

Nomadic Matt

Run by a best-selling author Nomadic Matt, this website aims to offer you the best and latest information regarding the popular travel destinations all over the world. Here you’ll see tips for budgeting, accommodations, transportation, things to do, and places to eat. It really does not matter what kind of traveler you are or how many you are in the group. The travel guides in this website will provide you with all the information that will make your trip better and cheaper.


ForTravelista is a travel blog filled with tips, tricks, and hacks how to explore the world easier and better. They provide their audience with the most informative details about things they need to know to make their experience more comfortable and unforgettable; may it be information on the best travel itineraries, tricks to stay in their budget, or travel gadget must-haves that will make their trip one of a kind.

The Planet D


Run by a married couple, Dave, and Deb, this is a blog that aims to inspire everyone to go on an adventure. They explore the world in slow phase showcasing their real-time journey through their blog. This couple not only explores off-the-beaten tracks in order to learn about culture and meet people, they also go out their comfort zone to try things locals would do. For them, adventure can be a life-changing experience and that is what they want to show to their audience.

Legal Nomads


This website allows readers to find a community that connects travelers/storytellers who want to explore and experience a new place, comprehensive food guides to different places all over the world and a lot of resources to help people plan their itinerary and budget for a long-term trip. This website stands as an inspiration to people who desire a life filled with travel and exploration. This website mainly focuses on food, but as well as human experience in today’s digital world.

Y Travel Blog


Run by a married couple and self-proclaimed serial travel addicts named Caz and Craig Makepeace, this blog is a documentation of their accumulated memories through traveling. What makes them different from other married couples traveling the world is that they explore the world with their two daughters Kalyra and Savannah.


The blog is run by Mark Wiens, I'm sure every foodie traveler knows about him already. He blogs about food, mostly Asian food. Mark is a true food guru, he also has a Youtube channel where he documents not only the dishes he eats, but also the culture, the people behind them.

Hey Nadine

Nadine Sykora is a traveler, vlogger, videographer and very successful Youtuber. She documents her trips as she travel around the globe. Her personalitiy is what draws people in the most. She's smart, funny and sometimes awkward, which is very entertaining to watch. 

Wandering Earl


With the intention to prove the world that traveling long-term is not as impossible as it seems, Derek put up this blog to write all his travel experiences. Since he started his blog in 2009, he never failed to show how realistic it is to travel for a long period of time. Through his own adventures, he offers an accurate and honest explanation of what long-term travel is really about and how you are able to work on attaining such a goal on your own.

One Step 4Ward


Started out by becoming an English teacher in Thailand making $650 on monthly basis, the author turns his life around and started to make more than a million dollars from blogging. Now, he owns multiple properties not only in Thailand as well as in his homeland. In this blog, he inspires his readers to consider earning money online by teaching them how to do it and showing them what they could have by doing so.

The Blonde Abroad

Run by a beautiful California girl who left her corporate job to travel the world, this award-winning solo female travel and lifestyle blogsite features travel tips, festivals, fashion, and photography from different parts of the world. You can track her adventures as she completes the items on her bucket list. she aims to change the world by influencing people and reminding them that there are more to life than earning money and getting rich.

Alex In Wanderland

Alex In Wanderland

Alex is a photographer, graphic designer, traveler, and dive specialist. Seriously, what can she not do?!  She blogs about her travel stories, diving tips, along side with some great photos. You will find yourself hooked on reading about her adventure in no time! 

Be My Travel Muse


This blog site help readers live out dream travels. This website is a resource for like-minded explorers who are looking to improve the cultural experience when they travel. This blog is for those who would like to experience an adventure, challenges, and other exciting ventures. This blog is a great tool to help you plan an unforgettable off-the-beaten-track trip without missing some of the best and popular things to do in a specific location.

Mapping Megan


A blog that is ideal for adrenaline junkies and extremely active travelers like the authors Meg and Mike Jerrard, this brings readers to a completely new different world. From riding mountain bike on the “death road” in Bolivia, to doing skydive on the Swiss Alps, along with other extreme game activities, They also make sure that their exploits are all extremely well-documented, offering you with high-quality photography and remarkable HD video from every adventure, together with tips for how anyone can do the same!



Travelettes is made of a group of female travelers, photographers, and writers who share their passion for traveling. These girls who come from different parts of the world aim to motivate, inform, and inspire young women to travel often. Travelettes provides tips, guidelines, and their personal experiences that are all related to travel. Girls on this website are experts when it comes to travel so you can assure that you are getting high-quality information and the friendly travel community.


At loveholidays they have revolutionised the way they offer you holidays. They provide four flexible payment options to choose from, in a bid to make holidays more affordable for everyone. After all, there is no feeling quite like booking your perfect getaway!

So, there you have it; 15 of the best travel websites to follow while traveling. With the information written on these websites, I am sure that you will have hassle-free on the road adventures! Hopefully, this article has been useful, if you think there are other websites we missed adding to this list, let us know in the comment section below!

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