47 Of The Best Travel Websites to Follow

By Alice Ross | GENERAL TIPS

Oct 24
travel website to follow

The best Instagram accounts give us visual inspiration for our #travelgoals, while also providing us with a sneak peek within someone else’s totally unique lifestyle. Although scrolling down Instagram accounts of famous vagabonds are inspiring enough to make us want to pack our bags and leave, there are still some important details missing. While it is true in a way that a picture speaks a thousand words, it doesn’t give us full details on what to expect, before, during, and after the moment that picture was taken.

That’s where blogging comes into play.


Enthusiastic travel bloggers and forum contributors do other travelers a big favor by helping them prepare for their future trip by giving tips and advice. Choosing which travel blogs and websites to follow can be a little overwhelming for some; especially that travel preference, experiences, budget, and travel length vary from person to person. That is why we have listed down some of the most helpful, next-level sources you can find online.

Lonely Planet


Lonely Planet is the world’s largest travel guidebook publisher of today. Their blue volumes are probably the most popular for its well-written and thoroughly-researched travel, offering outstanding advice for almost all destinations in the whole world. There are some more reasons they are used by many travelers especially backpackers.

Aside from their books, their website content offers travelers easy ways to help you navigate your destinations easier than ever. The website also allows users to book their flights, hotels, car rentals, and even tours.



CNTraveler is a great resource for award-winning destination guides and some of the most beautiful travel photography. They aim to bring both inspiration and service to their readers, whether they’re dreaming of an ultimate safari trip or a luxurious European getaway. CNTraveler lets readers browse their collection of some of the best hotels, shops, restaurants, itineraries, villages, beaches, and tours.



This page offers information, insider tips, and smart recommendations regarding some of the best destinations from different parts of the world. Their content contributors come from different backgrounds, from family to lavish to group and solo to LGBT travelers, which brings offers expert advice about their most wanted destinations worldwide. Regardless of where you come from or your travel style preference, they have ways to help you.

Travel and Leisure


They offer travel inspiration and information on some of the best destinations and properties to go while exploring any part of the world. All their posts include links to travel guides with tips on the best restaurants, hotels, the most state-of-the-art in gadgets and technology, and things to do anywhere in the world. Look for great ideas on accommodations, the best restaurants to eat, the hottest spots to shop, and other smart tips to make travel easier.

Hostel World

If you are backpacking on a shoestring, then you’re likely to look for hostels to stay. Luckily, there are a lot of hostels all over the world, and this website has an archive of hostels in most parts of the world. Each hostel listed on the website comes with reviews from previous guests. Readers can use these reviews to make your decision on which hostel you need to book.



An online travel agency that offers its users with direct-to-customer travel services. It provides travel-related applications, reasonable prices, along with 24-hours customer care. Travelocity is a leading travel site which allows the user to book flights, hotel, tour packages, as well as car rentals. They also offer to find information regarding travel destinations, and other travel-related services.

Smarter Travel


SmarterTravel is one of the biggest online travel resources of personal expert advice for fellow budget travelers. Experts from SmarterTravel guide travelers with honest information on the best destinations, deals, and tips to save money. This website is made by a team of writers, developers, and editors who love to see the world and share their experiences. SmarterTravel will continue to run high quality, proficiently written travel stories focusing on expert inspiration, advice, and methods to have great deals.



FlipKey is a leading vacation rentals site with over 830,000 properties located in more than 190 countries. Whether you are seeking a city-center studio-type apartment, an isolated private island, a comfy ski cabin, or a big, elegant beach house, you will find it here. Now owned by TripAdvisor, and it operates as one of the company’s 25 different travel brands. Flipkey strives to offer its users an easy, fun, and safe booking and travel experience with the amenities and privacy of a residential home.



Hipmunk offers a fast and easy way to plan your trip. They offer a broad travel search, from commercial flights, charter flights, and even trains to hotels and villas. The site compares top travel websites to show the best flight or hotel at most affordable rates. Their unique display makes it simple to visually compare results and select the best option possible.

Make My Trip

MakeMyTrip is leading online travel company in India which was founded in 2000 by Deep Kalra. With the aim to empower the Indian travelers through instant booking and wide-ranging options, the company starts its journey in the US-India marketplace. It intended to offer a variety of best-value services and products together with radical technology and enthusiastic 24-hour customer support. Their services include booking flights, packages, hotels, trains, car rents, and ancillary travel requirements, like enabling access to third-party insurance as well as visa processing.



This is one of the favorite resources of Australian travelers. Whether it is hiking in Amazon, relaxing in Balinese beach, Traveller offers inspiration for your future trip and the tools that help you make your travel dreams come true. With a team of most experienced and respected travel writers of Australia, they deliver high-quality writing, beautiful pictures, and professional travel advice.

Nomadic Matt

Run by a best-selling author Nomadic Matt, this website aims to offer you the best and latest information regarding the popular travel destinations all over the world. Here you’ll see tips for budgeting, accommodations, transportation, things to do, and places to eat. It really does not matter what kind of traveler you are or how many you are in the group. The travel guides in this website will provide you with all the information that will make your trip better and cheaper.

Intrepid Travel


Intrepid Travel is the world's most popular small-group adventure travel company. The company offers over 1,500 itineraries in more than 120 countries in the world. Their tour packages normally include hotel accommodations and hotel pickups. They also have a blog that is meant to inspire travelers for their future trips. The blog is filled with useful tips, country guides, and other travel-related contents. If you are planning for your next trip, this is one of the best to-go places.

Budget Travel


BudgetTravel is an ultimate resource for the savviest travelers in the world. It offers smart consumers with concrete and updated tips and tools, discovering activates they should experience. BudgetTravel initiated using service journalism in the category of travel magazine as they continue to offer more beneficial how-to information as part of our editorial mix compared to any other publication found online. Their mission is to inform, inspire, and guide their readers to having the time of their life on the road.


Dohop is a meta-search engine for finding flight best deals. As 2014’s “World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website,” Dohop was known to offer a topnotch flight meta-search for more than a decade now. It’s an amazing tool for travelers to search and compare airline prices anywhere in the world. Note that this website is strictly for booking flights totally outside of the U.S.

The Planet D


Run by a married couple, Dave, and Deb, this is a blog that aims to inspire everyone to go on an adventure. They explore the world in slow phase showcasing their real-time journey through their blog. This couple not only explores off-the-beaten tracks in order to learn about culture and meet people, they also go out their comfort zone to try things locals would do. For them, adventure can be a life-changing experience and that is what they want to show to their audience.

Go Nomad


Unique and inspiring travel stories and advice written by top travel writers, this website will give you a new perspective towards traveling. This website is a strong, searchable archive of thousands of tours, and exceptional trips to unusual destinations all over the world. It is a dedicated marketplace for travel books, films, music, gear, and other goods. This website gives you links to websites where you can book flight tickets, rental cars, travel insurance, airport pickup, and parking all in one place. They also have well-written every day blogs, daily social media updates, and other media outlet to give their audience important information to make their trip fun and unforgettable.

Legal Nomads


This website allows readers to find a community that connects travelers/storytellers who want to explore and experience a new place, comprehensive food guides to different places all over the world and a lot of resources to help people plan their itinerary and budget for a long-term trip. This website stands as an inspiration to people who desire a life filled with travel and exploration. This website mainly focuses on food, but as well as human experience in today’s digital world.

The Expert Vagabond


A travel blog run by a traveler named Matthew Karsten, who originally planned to travel for a year which turned into 7 years. This blog is full of entertaining stories, valuable tips, fun clips, beautiful photography, and adventure stories from his travels. This website is a perfect place for those who are seeking everyday inspiration and motivation to live a life filled with adventure.

Y Travel Blog


Run by a married couple and self-proclaimed serial travel addicts named Caz and Craig Makepeace, this blog is a documentation of their accumulated memories through traveling. What makes them different from other married couples traveling the world is that they explore the world with their two daughters Kalyra and Savannah.


ForTravelista is a travel blog filled with tips, tricks, and hacks how to explore the world easier and better. They provide their audience with the most informative details about things they need to know to make their experience more comfortable and unforgettable; may it be information on the best travel itineraries, tricks to stay in their budget, or travel gadget must-haves that will make their trip one of a kind.

Traveling Mom


TravelingMom is the top website devoted to improving, bracing, and empowering the travel adventures of moms all over the world. TravelingMom offers important information in a mom’s perspective, friendly community that shares real-life travel stories intended to help moms who travel attain constructive and easy experiences that help them work, live, and enjoy their life even they are already a mom.

World of Wanderlust


Run by an Australian native who has long had a constant desire to see the world and share her stories with others. In her blog, you will find travel stories, useful tips, and reviews that will help you follow your adventures and gain perception into places you may go to in the future. She also has a comprehensive guide that will help you start creating a blog.

Solo Traveler


Solo Traveler is not only a site that gives you advice how to travel solo; it is also a community where individuals who share a passion for solo travel exchange tips, inspiration, and suggestions. On the website, you will see posts on why you should start traveling and how you can do it. They also feature posts on the best destinations for solo travelers and photos kindly contributed by readers on weekly basis.



Fathom will give you the reasons why everyone has to pack their bags, book their flights, and explore the world. this website also helps you in finding hotels, restaurants, attractions, tours, and other travel needs that will make your trip easier. This website is full of articles about the places they like, stories they have written by people they trust. Their goal is to offer authentic, delightful, and unforgettable experiences anywhere we go. Their travel style is to travel spontaneously with purpose. They mix business and pleasure as well as familiarity and curiosity.

Wandering Earl


With the intention to prove the world that traveling long-term is not as impossible as it seems, Derek put up this blog to write all his travel experiences. Since he started his blog in 2009, he never failed to show how realistic it is to travel for a long period of time. Through his own adventures, he offers an accurate and honest explanation of what long-term travel is really about and how you are able to work on attaining such a goal on your own.



Two best friends, namely Cez and Agness, decided to leave everything behind and travel the world together on a limited budget. They are experts in traveling for less than $25 a day and that’s what their blog used to focus on. Now, they are mainly an adventure travel blog focusing on unique, intense, and adrenaline-pumping travel experiences. From bungee jumping to diving with sharks and travelling to North Korea and exploring Tibet like a local, you will surely be inspired to leave all your fears behind and follow their footsteps.

Nomadic Samuel


A blog run by a young expat English teacher, photographer, model, writer, and a traveler, here you will find interesting stories and photographs he gained from his adventures. In his blog, he shows how travel is full of moments of glory and moments of woe and he perfectly shows it the most accurate way possible.

Land Lopers


LandLopers is a blog site filled with information on different travel-related topics. The author aims to make travel a lot more fun and accessible for everybody by giving them information on how to experience what the world can offer. This blog site carries a unique perspective that’s not easy to find on the internet. This blog shows that you don’t need to leave your job, your house, and everything behind in order to explore the world.

One Step 4Ward


Started out by becoming an English teacher in Thailand making $650 on monthly basis, the author turns his life around and started to make more than a million dollars from blogging. Now, he owns multiple properties not only in Thailand as well as in his homeland. In this blog, he inspires his readers to consider earning money online by teaching them how to do it and showing them what they could have by doing so.

Why Wait to See the World


An online travel magazine aims for millennial readers. It is designed not only to encourage readers to go out and explore but also to provide them with tools to do so. Whether you are planning a long trip or just thinking about having a quick weekend getaway, this is your to-go place. This site is filled with resources and information from hardcore travelers who will tell you why and how to travel.

Aside from usual travel tips, this website also gives tips on how to budget your travels, places to go, what to do, and other tips that help to make one’s experience worth it.

Wandering Trader


This blog is a collection of information about of what it takes for one to trade and travel around the world today. Here you can find tips and tricks how one can day trade, how to start, along with author’s adventures on the road. For the author, day trading is probably the best job in the world. You can have a clear perspective of how to live like a digital nomad.

Start The Adventure


STA Travel is the world’s biggest student specific travel company. Run by travel experts with more than 3 decades of experience in this field, they allow students and teachers to see more of the world. They help make trip full of adventure, knowledge, as well as personal development. They offer an exceptional range of products with student discounts on plane tickets, tours, accommodations, hotel transfer, and more. They operate in more than 60 countries with 200 retail branches, sending over 6 million travelers away every year.

The Blonde Abroad

Run by a beautiful California girl who left her corporate job to travel the world, this award-winning solo female travel and lifestyle blogsite features travel tips, festivals, fashion, and photography from different parts of the world. You can track her adventures as she completes the items on her bucket list. she aims to change the world by influencing people and reminding them that there are more to life than earning money and getting rich.

Hecktic Travels


Run by a couple named Dalene and Pete Heck, this blog gives an insight of the things you want to know regarding the ups and downs of traveling, dealing with cancer, running a business, and their relationship. Explore with them as they travel the world. in their blog, you will learn not only about tips and tricks about the best way to travel the world, but you will also have a sneak peek of their interesting life as traveling couple.

Off The Path


Sick of how his life was, Sebastian decided to turn his passion into his job – running a travel blog. He spent his childhood close to nature and adventure, and when he finished high school, he started his nomad life when he moved to Australia to work. now, his blog is filled with some exciting adventure including bungee jumping, riding a zip line, swimming with whale sharks, among other exciting things.

Young Adventuress


A blog where you can find a great collection of stories of the author’s travels, misadventures, and other interesting things. She leads her life by creating and experimenting things that are important to her. Her blog is a great place for fun and positivity. If you are looking for some inspiration for travel and Instagram feed, then check out this place.

Be My Travel Muse


This blog site help readers live out dream travels. This website is a resource for like-minded explorers who are looking to improve the cultural experience when they travel. This blog is for those who would like to experience an adventure, challenges, and other exciting ventures. This blog is a great tool to help you plan an unforgettable off-the-beaten-track trip without missing some of the best and popular things to do in a specific location.

Green Global Travel


The authors’ curiosity about new places, people, ideas, and experience, along with their love for sharing those things with others are what inspires them to create this blog. Couples, Bret Love and Mary Gabbett, launched Green Global Travel as they are passionate about ecotourism, and believe in its capability to help save the precious nature and wildlife of the world by promoting maintainable practices that both respect and benefit local native cultures. Green Global Travel introduce its readers that importance of environmental conservation through photographs, videos, and stories.

Mapping Megan


A blog that is ideal for adrenaline junkies and extremely active travelers like the authors Meg and Mike Jerrard, this brings readers to a completely new different world. From riding mountain bike on the “death road” in Bolivia, to doing skydive on the Swiss Alps, along with other extreme game activities, They also make sure that their exploits are all extremely well-documented, offering you with high-quality photography and remarkable HD video from every adventure, together with tips for how anyone can do the same!



Thrillophilia is a great place to find tours and activities in the subcontinent of India. Thrillophilia is the largest travel curator in the country. What makes them unique is that they strive to simplify activity travel for their clients by offering organized activity selections while planning and exceptional local experiences while on the road. With more than 2000 customer reviews on their platform, they offer transparency and reliability for their users. Their product teams plan itineraries according to the needs and desires of the guest.

I Am Aileen

Run by a young Filipina who left the corporate world and started a business she could take anywhere in the world, this website shows how it’s totally possible to live life prioritizing your passion. She also discusses the best forms of experiences and resources that are going to help any type of traveler to plan an unforgettable getaway anywhere in the world.

Getting Stamped


Manage by husband and wife, Hannah and Adam you will learn how an average couple left their life in America to see more of the world. In their blog, you will see photographs along with their travel stories that will surely blow your mind. They started their journey to see the world, shortly after exchanging vows, telling themselves it is now or never. Not wanting to live life in the norm, they packed their bags and headed for an epic adventure.

Travel Fashion Girl


I wanted to create a resource that offered women a more precise and visual idea about what they needed to pack consisting of practical items with a feminine point of view. In order to create accurate, relevant content I spent over a year interviewing other travelers on the road before launching Travel Fashion Girl in August 2012. What began as my personal quest to learn how to pack light on my long-term travels has now turned into the most popular women’s packing resource online. With over 600,000 monthly readers, millions of women now avoid the mistakes I made when I started traveling. Let me help you avoid them, too!

Nomadic Boys


One of the world’s most popular blogs run by a gay couple, Stefan, and Sebastien, this blog site showcases their romantic travel adventures, and open the eyes of the different gay scenes and culinary scenes in different parts of the world. For each place they visit, they make friends and memories with locals. It is one of their goals to search for and support local LGBT community, which is mainly important in countries with anti-gay laws applied. They also make collaboration with hotel brands, events, and tours that are gay-friendly.

The Travel Hack


The Travel Hack focuses on weekend breaks and reasonably priced adventures. The author’s love for different countries and cultures, trying out stimulating activities and mostly just having fun, is what make this blog worth checking out. She also shows the stylish side of traveling and the hacks for finding nice hotels that will give you luxury experience without breaking the bank. You might think that this blog offers conventional travel hacks judging from its name, but it gives hack tips in terms of making the most of every travel trip.



Travelettes is made of a group of female travelers, photographers, and writers who share their passion for traveling. These girls who come from different parts of the world aim to motivate, inform, and inspire young women to travel often. Travelettes provides tips, guidelines, and their personal experiences that are all related to travel. Girls on this website are experts when it comes to travel so you can assure that you are getting high-quality information and the friendly travel community.

So, there you have it; 47 of the best travel websites to follow while traveling. With the information written on these websites, I am sure that you will have hassle-free on the road adventures! Hopefully, this article has been useful, if you think there are other websites we missed adding to this list, let us know in the comment section below!

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