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Dec 11
best luggage locks 2022

Traveling by air can be an agitating experience. On top of the normal worries most travelers experience, baggage issues normally arise occasionally – lost luggage, stolen bag, and unintended open bags from not handling it properly, that’s why it’s important to know the best luggage locks to use in order to protect your stuff.


Making sure that your bag is well-protected is important when traveling. Many passengers have experienced getting their stuff stolen when they check their luggage in, so it’s important to keep them guarded even when they are out of your sight.

Different Types of Luggage Locks

There are a lot of types of luggage locks and it is up to you, which one you think is the best luggage locks for your needs and preference.

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Little Locks with Keys

These small locks are ideal for when you only have to lock up the zippers on your daypack. With this measure, you will be able to keep thieves and pickpockets to attack. Regardless of what you do, however, make sure to keep your key with you all the time!

Retractable Cable Locks

Retractable cable locks are a little bigger than a typical lock model. However, the cable offers the lock a great flexibility. You are able to use this lock for any uses on top of locking your bags together or even your locker at the hostel.

PacSafe Locks

If you are looking for something that will lock your whole bag, then this is what you are looking for. The durable exomesh covers all over your backpack and it also has a cable that could be used to keep a fixed object secured. However, they’re a little heavy when you’re not using it, and they do kind of make you stand out more in a sea of people. 

TSA Cable Locks

This type of lock is pretty much the similar to a normal lock. However, they have a cable as a latching mechanism. With the flexibility it offers, you can have more use of this lock – you can use it as a lock for hostel lockers, for daypack, suitcase, and more. It is probably the most diverse in this list.

TSA Approved Locks

These locks are ideal for locking up backpacks and luggage before you get on your flight. It ensures that zippers do not come undone in the middle of the trip, keeping your bag to unfurl, and of course, it protects you from thieves! Using the TSA lock, the inspectors could check your back without damaging your bag.

Tips to Protect Your Luggage While Traveling

Luggage theft and tampering take place all around the world, no matter how rich you think the city is. No matter where your trip may take you, you have to know that using the best luggage locks should not only be your priority. Here are other tips you may want you may want to follow:

Tip #1: Use Numbered Cable Ties
In an alternative of a lock, there are 
travelers who prefer using numbered cable ties – not only they make sure that no one can access to their belongings, but also to know whether someone actually opened it. These cables have a unique means to secure your bags as they cannot just be replaced with one that is look alike, as the number combination engraved on them is unique. You might also wish to take a picture your baggage with the tie attached at the check-in counter in order to keep on record, and most importantly, take a picture photo after applying your baggage label. Through that, when your bag gets back to you without the bag, show the picture to the airlines and make them liable for it. 

Tip #2: Use Fixed Locks
Luggage with zipper can easily be opened immediately with the use of a ballpen (if you don’t know this trick, you can easily find it on YouTube.) Obviously, you can zip the bag closed and leave them intact and even add locks to them. So, how can you keep your stuff safe? You have to keep in mind that if your suitcase comes with a fixed lock that will hold the zips in its proper place, see to it to make the most of it – even though you are relying on a heavy padlock that will keep your luggage all set and secure. While your luggage could still be opened using a ballpen, the zipper cannot be moved and so the bag cannot be resealed that stops thieves from sneaking in your stuff.

combination lock

Tip #3: Consider Using Tamperlock
Tamperlock has a 3-step process that secures the bags. First, loop a plastic tie in the hoops in your zipper and in a tag of Tamperlock. Next, move the zipper consistent with the handle of your bag and loop that tag all on the handle. Lastly, close the numbered tag in its position.
Since the tie of the zipper is attached to the Tamperlock tag, which is also linked to a secure handle, you are only able to move the zipper to the extent that that handle lets you, instead of all the way through the bag. 
In terms of a fixed luggage lock, this keeps anyone from using the ‘ballpen trick’ from closing the zipper, and if the red tag is unlocked and resealed by any means, it means it tampered.

Tip #5: Shrink Wrap Your Suitcase When you travel to destinations and airports that have anecdotally high theft case, shrink wrapping your luggage before departing at both ends of the trip is another way to put off criminals.

Tip #6: Use a TSA approved lock when traveling in North America
When you fly to, from or inside the United States or Canada, they may require a TSA-approved lock to let security screening staff check inside your luggage for manual inspection if necessary, before having to relock it again.

Our Top Choices

Now that you know the tips to keep your bags safe during your travel, now it’s time to know the best luggage locks you can use for your luggage. Below, we listed our top choices for locks you can use on your luggage.

This luggage lock is definitely one of the most user-friendly luggage locks we have ever used. It comes with a 3-digit lock combination that is not difficult to remember and extremely easy to set up. They’re made of a Zinc alloy that’s not easy to break or cut, which enhances the security of your belongings in all cases and the sturdiness.

Another great thing about these luggage locks is that they provide you with two different choices that are 2-pack and 4-pack. Using these locks, you can surely have the best security of your stuff. You are able to use these locks for your heavy-duty luggage. You will also like how they have indicators that pop up to let you know if it has been checked. And because the manufacturer claims that it cannot be broken, it comes with a lifetime warranty.


Editor's Rating: 95/100

Price On Amazon: from $6.95


  • It has an indicator that lets you know if it has been opened
  • It is made of high-quality materials
  • It comes with lifetime warranty
  • It is very easy to use


  • In case of damage, fixing the lock is not easy

This luggage lock is a TSA-approved lock that is made of brass material which makes it not easy to break or open. It was in a 4-pack that is going to enhance the security of your belonging. Every pack comes with the same keys in order to make it easier for you to use it.

It’s perfect for any types of luggage, briefcases, and backpacks. Using this luggage lock, you don’t need any technical skill in order to know how to use it as it is pretty easy to use. They’re lightweight and high quality which guarantees the protection of what is inside your bag. To top that off, Brinks gives you a lifetime warranty on this luggage. 


Editor's Rating: 91/100

Price On Amazon: from $10.27


  • It is made of solid brass cases
  • It has hardened steel shackle
  • It has multifunctional designs
  • It comes with foolproof keyed systems
  • It has a compact design
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • The TSA sticker tends to fall off easily.
  • Some may find it too small

TravelMore is known to offer great security to many travelers every day and this lock is one of the popular products they have. This has of 3-digit combination locks, for example, stands out for a lot of reasons. This is a durable lock that has a visible and versatile design that secures any types of luggage properly. Lastly, due to their infallible designs, they offer amazing performance. They are going to protect when you check them in or even when you go outdoors with it.

Throughout the years, combination locks have taken the place of traditional locks for many reasons. They’re very easy to customize and have secure designs that will not disappoint. This product is easy to set up. You are able to change codes as much as you want without a problem without a problem. It also secures your luggage properly.


Editor's Rating: 95/100

Price On Amazon: from $6,99


  • It opens alert indicators
  • It is heavy-duty steel shackles
  • It is made of high-strength zinc alloy cases
  • It offers money-back guarantee


  • It is challenging to set up
This is another TSA-Approved lock that deserves a spot on our list. This lock offers more safety that you probably need. This lock is made of solid steel with a high-quality which guarantees that there’s optimal reliability, security, and durability. It’s a 3-dial combination lock wherein you the dial numbers are user-friendly and move smoothly. It comes with an inspection alert that is going to notify you whether or not you’ve been checked. It is going to let you confirm if your luggage is locked nicely. It’s extremely straightforward and easy to use this lock. Furthermore, it’s available at affordable price.
Acrodo, just like the other products listed in this article, is a very affordable product. With every package that you purchase, you get two 2-grade locks that enhance your luggage’s security. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Editor's Rating: 96/100

Price On Amazon: from $12.97


  • It has pop-up indicator
  • It has 3-dial combination lock
  • It has lifetime guarantee


  • It has unreliable locking mechanism

Master Lock is a trusted brand with some of the best-selling locks on the market before. They produce some of the best motorcycle padlocks on the market today. They also offer high-quality luggage locks that help a lot of people to keep personals outdoors safe. Master Lock, for example, is a TSA approved cable lock that secures most kinds of bags.

For a lot of years now, people have been using keyed locks in order keep their luggage safe. Although effective, users lose keys often. They also break easily, if made of low-quality materials. This lock is different. It has a guaranteed combination system that you are able to program easily. This improves its safety. Even though is tough and secure, Master Lock 4688D doesn’t cost people a lot. It’s a reasonable product. It also has a resilient and great design that serves people pretty well. If you are able to get an original one, you’ll not worry about purchasing a new lock next.


Editor's Rating: 90/100

Price On Amazon: from $9.78


  • It is profitable luggage lock
  • It long-lasting metallic body
  • It flexible steel cable
  • It has combination locking technology
  • It has resettable 3-line codes


  • It has fragile locking system


As you can tell, having the best luggage locks would be very helpful to keep your stuff safe and secret, so you will have a peace of mind while you are on a trip. Hopefully, this article helped you decide which the best luggage locks is for you. if you have anything on this article, make sure to let us know in the comment below!

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