Where to Stay In Toronto? Here Are Different Selections You Will Have!


Aug 24
where to stay in toronto

Toronto is one of the most visited cities in Canada, and it’s not hard to see why. While spending a time in Toronto, however, you, of course, have to find a place to stay. In this article, we are going to guide you to find where to stay in Toronto.


First of all, let’s talk about a brief history of Toronto. Toronto was initially occupied by those who were living on the Lake Ontario shore before the Europeans arrived in this part of the country.

There were also times when Huron and Seneca nations who lived in the bordered parts of the region. It’s verified that this part of the country was occupied first by the Europeans, but which nation exactly, no one really knows.

toronto buildings

If you’re going to travel to Toronto, then it is best to know as much information as you can. Now let’s discuss the hotels you can stay in Toronto within your budget as this is a very basic aspect for visiting Toronto.

Most travelers strive to find accommodation that suits their budget. Your accommodation should be comfortable enough to visit the places impeccably. If you’d rather spend as much money as you can, you’d be so happy to know that there are a lot of affordable accommodations in Toronto, there are a lot of cheap hotels in this beautiful city. This is going to be better if you choose to spend more money on activities and experience than just a place where you are going to spend your night in.

Now, the question is where is the best place to stay in Toronto? Here are the areas you can stay when visiting Toronto.

Where to stay in Toronto

Downtown Toronto

Yonge Street

The area of Downtown Toronto is a busy city filled with soaring skyscrapers and enormous shopping streets. This is where you will find the world’s longest street, Yonge Street, which is known to be the city’s hippest neighborhood, Downtown Toronto is filled with visitors who want find their latest purchase, on top of that, a lot of businessmen passing by this busy financial and business district.

Mixing up with the high-rise buildings of Downtown Toronto, hotels located within the area are normally high and glass-fronted buildings full of well-managed and comfortable accommodations and restaurants.


chinatown toronto

There is a big population of Chinese-Canadian in Toronto that there are many neighborhoods that show this in the region. Actually, there are a lot of Asian cultures residing in Toronto, and Chinatown is a great example of this. It is a melting pot of authentic Asian goods, which come from different parts of Asia.

When looking for a hotel in Chinatown, you can choose from many establishments with modern, sleek design, with clean furniture and contemporary amenities. The basic outdoor appearance is not the only thing that is attractive when you come inside, you will be welcomed by comfortable and attractive accommodations that offer a bang for your buck.

The Waterfront

Lake Ontario

One of Toronto’s greatest possessions is Lake Ontario. It has a lot of yellow sandy beaches and water sports destinations which locals and tourist alike enjoy during the summer season. The beautiful beaches and wood-paneled sidewalks are a beautiful addition to the neighboring concrete city, where multistory building and the CN Tower emerges above.

Lodging options around Lake Ontario are limited, with budget chain accommodations being more prominent. Simple but cozy hotels are located near the beaches, making sure that you will have an easy access and a comfy place to stay.



A dashing addition to the scene of the city of Toronto is Yorkville; a trendy and swanky area packed with high-class hotels and sophisticated dining. If you don’t worry about money, then maybe Yorkville is a better option for you.

You can easily find deluxe accommodations and elegant suites all around the neighborhood of Yorkville. Large boutiques and chain hotels are prominent here. Here, they put so much priority on the comfort of the guests, which means you can expect extravagant surroundings and world-class service.



Scarborough is a district located on the east Toronto that started as a tiny, rural group of villages but has since formed into the city and established a large community. There are many Asian immigrants, which gives it a diverse assortment of religious attractions. You could also find different points of interests, including the Rouge Park and Scarborough Bluffs.

As you might expect, the hotels in Scarborough are smaller compared to other areas of Toronto. The hotels that are located in the neighborhood of the Scarborough are smaller and more laid back. A lot of the popular chains offer a great value for money and are also strategically located.

Toronto Travel Tips

Now that you know where to stay in Toronto, let’s talk about other tips you need to keep in mind when traveling in this beautiful city. Here are important things you must keep in mind before you go on your way and travel to this Canadian city.

toronto skyline

Learn as much as you can about Toronto.

As you might already know, Toronto is the largest Canadian city which is popular with travelers. This city is a combination of cultures and the center of the country’s financial, cultural, and economic center. It’s famously known as "The City of Neighborhoods" because of numerous ethnic communities that include immigrants from different countries like Greece, Italy, India, China, and a lot of others. You’ll never feel bored in this pulsating city, as there are a lot of things to do and experience.

Fortunately, you can easily find all the information you need on the internet. It’s definitely the best source of travel information today. You are able to find photos of the city that can give you better ideas in regards to the city to help you plan your trip. You are able to find a hotel that matches your budget and preference easily and even find photos of the hotels you want to stay in during your trip.

Planning the Trip


You must plan your Toronto travel in a way that will make you truly experience everything the place can offer. If you’re looking to know the best time to plan your trip, you may want to consider going on late spring or early summer. This is when the weather isn’t too cold.

When you’re already in the city, there are different forms of public transport available. You can easily get around by riding streetcars, buses, taxis, trains, and subways. Paying for them or buying anything is also very convenient with as credit card is widely accepted.

​Major Attractions

In order to make your Toronto travel itinerary as interesting as possible, you must include some of the main attractions of the city. While there are a lot to choose from, here are some that you surely don’t want to miss!

- CN tower Toronto

CN tower Toronto

This is a popular tourist hub located in the center of Toronto Downtown. This is a 30-year-old tower that will give you amazing views on a clear day. Even just riding the glass elevators to the highest freestanding structure's observation deck is going to be an experience alone!

- Casa Loma

This magnificent castle offers European style with its bronze doors, Italian marble, stunning furniture, as well as fireplaces and wonderful gardens.

- Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum

This is one of the biggest museums in North America and is a center for world cultural and natural history. 

- Toronto Zoo

This is a big zoo that is divided into six geographical parts and is home to more than 5000 species that represent all animal types from different parts of the world. So, if you are interested for some wildlife experience, then this is a place to go.

A trip to Toronto should be a great experience, especially if you know what to expect. Hopefully, these general travel tips and information about where to stay in Toronto has been helpful. If you do, then don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends on social media! If you have other questions about Toronto, then let us know about it in the comment below!

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