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By Alice Ross | ASIA

Oct 11
where to stay in bali

Pristine beaches, steamy sunny days, and surfing paradise are some of the first things that come to mind when we think of Bali, Indonesia. The feeling of being in paradise is constantly felt every time you spend your time relishing different exciting activities in this place. Indonesians confirm its beauty as it was nicknamed "the Island of the Gods." Bali is one the most beautiful and fascinating islands in Indonesia, home to many tourist spots with remarkable picturesque beauty and a rich traditional and cultural heritage.


Aside from knowing where to go, another very important thing that you have to prepare for when you visit Bali is to make sure that you have an accommodation. However, the biggest question many travelers ask is, Where to stay in Bali? There are some points to consider. Three of the most important considerations are the following:

Points to consider

Length of Stay

The number of days you are planning to stay plays a huge part in finding the best place to stay in Bali. For example, if it’s your plan to stay in Bali for a week, staying in 2 to 3 different places would be a great idea. That would be considered a fast phase trip.

On the other hand, if you have One Month in Bali, 3 places might not be enough for you or it might be perfect. It all depends how slow/fast you 
want to travel.

Our recommendations would be to try and visit Bali for at least 10 days and if it’s your first trip to Bali, try and stay in two different areas.

Points of Interests

points of interest

The things you want to do and attractions you want to see should be your priority. Do you want to visit the times, know how to cook, learn the local language, join activities, get drunk at the parties, or just to relax? It is best to stay near to the places where you can do what you need to do. This way, you can save money and time.


Another important consideration should be your budget. What we love about Indonesia is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to get a nice Bali accommodation. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollar a night for your accommodations, but want a decent place to stay, that’s extremely possible.

Kuta, Ubud, and Legian are some of the areas that are best for budget travelers. For $10 to $20 a night, you could have an air-conditioned room to spend the night. 
What's more, these rooms usually come with free breakfast. This means that you won't really need to spend money on the first meal of the day.

On the other hand, Canggu and Seminyak are known to have some of the high end resorts.

Luckily, you will never run out of places, now it’s for you to decide which area is perfect for you. Below, we break down areas where to stay in Bali that you can consider. See them and figure out which one suits your needs and preferences.

1. Kuta and Legian

Kuta and Legian are touristy areas that are generally ideal for those who set low to middle budget. Because the place is open to the locals, it is very easy remarkably good shops and restaurants, even though some can be loud. Some department and shopping stores offer a great selection of goods at very affordable prices for people who need to go shopping and you can even bargain for discounts or vouchers, however, you have to be careful with con artists lurking around the area. The sandy beaches are extraordinary but the waters are generally extremely dangerous for those who are not very good at swimming.

Kuta and Legian

2. Sanur

Sanur is mostly a middle budget area which spans a long street lined with restaurants, stores, and bars. Less developed and in a way a little bit more expensive than other regions like Kuta and Legian but without the variety and even excellence of places to eat, drink, and shop. The beach is largely extremely poor quality and a port for determined hawkers who surely will not leave you alone until you buy something from them. The beach here has long grieved from corrosion when they utilized the coral for cement, contaminated seas from crude sewerage, and in places as a dirty dump where locals leave litter just anywhere they want. A portion of the beach is a paradise for tourists looking for some fun.


3. Ubud

In Ubud, there is always something for everyone. Whether you are looking for authentic Balinese culture and art, or you want to be close to nature, there’s something for you - except, don’t expect to see a beach here!

Ubud offers all types of accommodations too. From backpacker hostels to luxury resorts, you will not have a problem when it comes to where to stay in Bali, no matter what your budget or needs are. In this part of the island, you can also live the Bali dream without emptying your bank account if you opt for one of these affordable private villas with private pool in Ubud.

Almost every night, you can enjoy cultural performances and delicious food from outstanding restaurants, many artistic events, with some essentially worthwhile and at affordable prices. This place generally offers a very laid-back and friendly atmosphere, where you can enjoy authentic Balinese culture.


4. Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is a very touristy part of Bali. The Balinese are essentially limited from going to Nusa Dua including the beaches that are meant to be public according to the law. Most of the accommodations here are run by western hotel groups but possessed partially or fully by members of the Suharto family through anonymous Jakarta-based substitution corporations.

nusa dua

5. Seminyak

Seminyak is flashy, hasty, and debatably a little phony. It is also the center of life for expats living in the island. It might be close to the north of Kuta and Legian, but in a lot of ways, they are extremely different from each other. It is an extremely dynamic spot, probably one of the best places to find clubs and clubs and an affluence of creative, galleries, and designer shops. High-class hotels spotted on the beach, and the beach here is a bit crowded. Seminyak impeccably combines with Kerobokan, which is directly located north.

6. Amed

Amed essentially consists of many villages on the East coast of Bali. This place used to be a place flocked by backpackers and hippies keen for the pleasures of a thatched cottage in hottest area in Bali, now home to a big and frequently remarkably cheap to the mid-range number of accommodations. There are not many things to do here aside from relaxing, diving, and snorkeling; there are also not a lot of trees in this area, which means there are not many shades for when the sun gets on rage. Amed isn’t only the hottest part of Bali, but also the driest, which makes it a perfect place for those who are coming to Bali during the typhoon season.


7. Candidasa

Another place to consider when looking for a place where to stay in Bali is Candidasa. This is an area of little villages jointly called Candidasa. This place is favorite of those who want are avoiding the excesses of Kuta, the business common nature of Nusa Dua and the vendors of Lovina and Sanur. Several shopping and a bit of restaurant mean guests aren’t completely beholden to their selected accommodation. Most of the inexpensive beachfront resorts here have now been purchased by a group an hotelier, which means it’s not like what it used to.


8. Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa, like a lot of other beachside destinations in the beautiful island Bali, was a fishing village and a dock. The growth of this neck of land has been very substantial as many of the shore side properties are now turned into resorts, hotels, and water sport complexes. The remaining mangrove swampland is still found at the west side of the entrance. Tanjung Benoa is situated 15 kilometers from the airport but if you already found a place where to stay in Bali within the Nusa Dua group, it’s just not far away from the western gate.

tanjung benoa

9. Jimbaran Bay

Jimbaran Bay has all types of accommodations you might be looking for – from cheap to super expensive accommodations and a pretty beautiful bay or beach. Well-known for its beach restaurants, many of the fresh seafood comes straight from their rich sea as well as Java. Here you will feel the authenticity of the country and it’s also very convenient when going to and from the international airport.

jimbaran bay

10. Lovina

Another place that is a former destination for backpackers, this place is now swarmed with budget-friendly villas and hotels. It doesn’t have the best beach in the country and it also known for sex scenes. Lovina is also infamous for its high numbers bars and restaurants which can be a little busy and lively, but it’s nothing like Kuta. Just right outside the center, you will see lines of hotels located along the beach that offer an enjoyable and peaceful beach holiday which is a perfect location when looking where to stay in Bali. 

11. Pemuteran

This popular retreat in the northwest part of Bali has many crafty resorts located a small dog bone-shaped bay that is filled with local life like children playing soccer until the sun goes down. Pemuteran offers a beautiful beach retreat. Most people snorkel or dive the underwater phenomena at neighboring Pulau Menjangan while staying here.


No matter where to stay in Bali, you will surely in for some amazing travel getaway. Even if Bali is not a very big island, every area offers its own unique features. It is worth considering all the highs and lows of each of popular areas before deciding where to stay in Bali.

So, which area you think is best for you? Let us know in the comment below!

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