5 Trip Budget Planner Apps You Can Download For Free

By Alice Ross | BUDGETING

Feb 19
trip budget planner apps

There are a lot of travel apps available for both iOS and Android users which have become vital gear for traveling. But one of the types of travel apps that are becoming more and more popular today is the trip budget planner app.


5 Trip Budget Planner Apps You Can Download For Free

When you are searching for a specific travel app that is going to help you keep track of your budget, it’s necessary for you to know which one works for your needs.

There’s also great variance when it comes how thorough or complex that some apps can be, on top of that, how expensive each of them can be. Well, you want to download a trip budget planner app to save money, so, wouldn’t it be better if you don’t have to spend any money getting them? Here are some of the best trip budget planner app you can download for free.

Trabee Pocket

trabee pocket

My personal favorite is Trabee Pocket, mainly due to the great organization it offers. It allows you to label your budget based on your destinations and switch between different currencies easily.

One of the best features of this app is the way it helps you categorize your expenses as cash or credit, so, you’ll know how much money you spend in plastic. This could be especially beneficial if you have a travel rewards credit card or other credit cards that will give you benefits when you choose to use them over cash. Once you get home, get a report of all purchases you made with credit card, so you are able to settle the balance on the dot.



This app can help you earn your budgeting your money for your trip. Spent app has the user-friendly budgeting and expense-tracking tools –customizable budget categories, receipt scanner, automatic downloading of transactions from the credit card and banking accounts you linked – together with some fast and easy interface tricks that will help you organize your expenses.

You can simply swipe left to categorize you spending as "Personal" and if you want to categorize it as "Business." The main feature of this app is its cash back rewards program on your purchases. You are able to link your credit cards or debit cards to the app and simply swipe your downloaded transaction to get a cash back bonus whenever you shop at certain stores and eat at restaurants. There is an online store affiliated with Spent which offers extra cash back rewards when you buy something.



This is another great trip budget planner app that you can download for free. But what makes this special is that it allows you to budget your expenses as a group in case you’re traveling with other people.

You can set up a trip, add your travel buddies to the app, and then the will track who owes whom. By the end of the trip, everyone can settle the borrowed money – it also allows the users to use their PayPal or Venmo accounts through the app to transfer the funds. Splitwise is reliable in tackling confusing bill-splitting situations, like shared housing and foods.

The only downside of this app is that it doesn’t support currency exchange rates, unlike the other apps we mention here. If you can deal with that, then this app is surely a great tool for you. 



A full-blown money management tool, Mint also includes your income. It allows you to sync with your bank accounts and let it automatically track all your electronic transactions, as well as add your cash expenses manually.

It also showcases your monthly set budget, account totals, as well as credit score, with all expenses ordered by category, and notifies you once you go beyond your budget.
Mint is an effective all-in-one finance manager app you can use for your trip. It would be a great choice Ii you are looking for a comprehensive app to track your expenses.



With an easy to use, brightly-colored interface, easy to customized categories, Spendee offers all the features you might need to track your travel budget easily. It also allows users from most parts of the world to link their bank account on the app if they want to.

This app allows you to change currency directly while adding an expense or income, access different categories easily, upload receipts, and beautiful pretty infographics to see your expenses over time. Furthermore, you are able to set up a budget that helps you attain your financial goals.

So, there you have it, hopefully, this list helped you find the best trip budget planner app for your needs. Consider the features you need and from there, you can easily choose which one suits you better.

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