10 Exciting Things To Do In Taipei You Should Not Miss

By Alice Ross | ASIA

Oct 24
things to do in taipei

Taiwan’s capital city, Taipei, is located within the Central Mountains and in the middle of the north parts of the country. As the largest city on the island, it has the main Taipei City together with the neighboring Keeling and signifies the major metropolitan group with nearly 7 million people. Taipei is considered to be the center for financial, cultural, and governmental activities of the island.

Taipei is believed to have no limits in terms of enjoyment. With many things to do in Taipei, you will never get bored when there. Below, we listed down our favorite things to do in Taipei, check them out!


1. Paint the City Red from Taipei 101

Up until the building of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa in 2010, Taipei 101 is a far-fetched building that was officially considered as the highest building in the world since its construction in 2004. This tower has 101 floors, which clearly where its name came from, with 5 floors underground.

Like other famous towers in the world, the Taipei 101 is constructed with an exceptional architectural design and depending on a style that’s symbolic of different elements of the Taiwanese culture.

When visiting this famous attraction, you may want to dedicate at least half of your day to fully experience it. It would be nice if you get enough time to shop in the mall inside the tower, enjoy some cuisine at the restaurants, and climb up to the observatory in order to enjoy remarkable views over the whole city.


2. ​​​​Meet Cute Pandas

The biggest zoo in Asia as well as home to Yuan Zai the panda, you must not miss the chance to check out Taipei Zoo. Especially that it is easily accessible by public transportation.

This zoo was initially established in 1914 as a private zoological garden by a Japanese citizen, and after the ROC transfer to Taiwan, it has become a public zoo under the government of Taipei City.

Yuan Zai is the first giant panda cub that was born in Taiwan, and she’s commonly called by her Taiwanese name, pronounced the same as "yǐ à". Aside from meeting these cuddly pandas, you can also visit, Penguin House, Amphibian and Reptile House, Insectarium, and amazing creatures.


3. Relax on the Beach

Unlike the visiting tourists, Taipei locals neither hope to lie down on the shores dressed in a swimsuit while getting their tan. Having party in the beach clubs and playing beach volleyball or Frisbee are some of the fantastic things to do in Taipei.

Fulong Beach is the beach you must check out. It is located beside Fulong Village at the gateway of the Shuang River in New Taipei City’s Gongliao District. Frequented by Taipei locals during the summer because of its convenience, make sure to check it out when you’re looking for things to do in Taipei.


4. Light Up Some Incense in Temples

There are many temples you can find in Taipei! Make sure to experience some local tradition by lighting up some incense and hope for your wish come true. Dozens of temples have a fortune stick that tells your future.

Some of the best temples in the city are Longshan Temple, Qingshan Temple, and Bao’a Temple. In a way, the temples in this city themselves stand as an antidote to day’s fatigue. All of the temples here are beautiful, vigorous, and will introduce you to the authentic lifestyle in the city.


5. Sweat Yourself by Hiking

If you happen to visit the city during the summer, one of the best things to do in Taipei you should not miss is to hike. There is a diverse range of hiking trails on the outskirts of the city which makes it not too hard to find a route suitable to your preference and physical abilities.

Some of the best trails you may want to consider include Huang Di Dian, The Four Beasts, Bei Cha Tian Shan, Wu Liao Jian, and Qi Xing Shan. They are in no particular order and each one of them has different levels of difficulty.

6. Eat and Shop at the Night Market

night market

Shilin Night Market is probably the most famous night market not only in the city but also in the whole country. This night market stretches along alleyways; the food here is unique when it comes to flavors. From bubble tea, tempura, and stinky tofu, to waffles in shape of male’s testicles, this lively spot introduces the local Taiwanese cuisine in a busy environment.

Aside from the amazing food, there are also stalls that sell other stuff that you may be interested in including clothes, jewelry, gadgets, beauty products, and other souvenirs you may want to take back home after your trip.

7. Explore the City on a Bicycle

If you’ve never been to Taipei before, you’ll be surprised to know that this is a bicycle-friendly city. Miles ahead of other cities in Asia like Singapore, Taipei is probably Asia’s bicycle capital, and this can even be nicknamed as Amsterdam of Asia.

All this, because of the rental bike company that is known as YouBike, aside from being cheap, it is also very convenient to rent or return a bicycle when exploring the city as there are a lot of stations dotted around the metropolitan.


8. Explore by Foot

If you don’t know how to ride a bicycle or you just want some extra exercise, then walking would also be a great option! You can equally enjoy seeing some beautiful landscape and simply get lost and discover the city by yourself.

9. Enjoy the Colorful Nightlife

The commercial nightlife center of Taipei provides you with a series of options you can experience; you have endless options and the results are enthralling. The city is speckled with karaoke bars, coffee bars, snack bars, tea bars, champagne bars, cocktail bars, book bars, and of course, clubs with live music are just some of the places you may enjoy and most of them operate round the clock.

The city speaks piercingly with its clubs and music bars all over town catered for partygoers to get to the dance floor. These lushly built places not just attract A-list local celebrities but also tourists who want to have fun.

taiwan night

10. Rejuvenate Yourself

Taipei is not only for exciting activities but also for relaxing! This city boasts with some of the best natural hot springs in the world. You are able to simply jump into the hot bubbling mud pots and enjoy the bubbles in order to get a vigorous soothing bath. Or if you’re worried about your privacy and hygiene, you can simply book a private Jacuzzi pool for yourself.

You can also get some massage if you please, which is perfect after having your heavy foot walking on the concrete roads and simply relax. You may want to have soothing foot massage or dip your feet into an aquarium and let fish eat the dead skin on your feet. If this is not enough for you, you can, of course, get a head or full body massages to entirely revitalize your nerves and muscles.


These are only 10 of the amazing things to do in Taipei, I’m sure there are a lot more you can discover and I will leave that with you for your next trip!

Is there anything we missed and should have added to this list? Let us know in the comment below!

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