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Sep 15

For many years, The Hocking Hills has always been a favorite destination for those who decided to spend a quick getaway in Ohio, especially during autumn months. However, this gem hiding into the mountains of Southeastern Ohio offers natural delight to those who want to visit other time of the year and want to experience all the fun things to do in the Hocking Hills.


The interesting history of the region of Hocking Hills could be explored either alone or by hiring a guide who can give you details about everything you might want to know about the hidden nature preserve of Ohio. With many acres of unscathed forest are to explore, the Hocking Hills will provide you with a new and exhilarating adventure all year round.

Must do Things in Hocking Hills

There surely many things to do in Hocking Hills, but there certainly ones that you don’t want to miss. Here is a list of what we think you should put in your itinerary when you visit the region.

1. Go For a Hiking Adventure

It’s no doubt that one of the main reasons why people go to Hocking Hills is to hike. With the exceptional caves, rock formations, and forests that are dotted all over the area, this shouldn’t come as surprise. Listed below are the main hiking trails you can go around the area.

ash cave

Ash Cave

Ash Cave is the most popular trail in Hocking Hills. This is a massive recess cave that has a tiny waterfall plummeting on it. A hike going to Ash Cave is just around less than a mile away from the starting point and is a cemented trail, which is accessible for almost everyone.

In order to reach the cave from the parking lot, you need to pass through a narrow canyon full of beech and hemlock trees that leads to the cave – it is pretty fascinating!

Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio

Home to many beautiful lofty cliffs, rich-biodiversity, deep gorges, and waterfalls, Hocking Hills State Park is divided into five different areas: Cedar Falls, Old Man's Cave, Ash Cave, Rock House, and Cantwell Cliffs.

These marvels were made over 330 million years ago, started as level ground concealed by the Atlantic Ocean. The ocean gradually lowered as years passed, eventually creating the region of Appalachian. Today, we were gifted with beautiful rivers, gushing waterfalls, and deep gorges and caves.
With the size over 10,000 acres, millions of tourists visit forest to enjoy the different activities if offers.

Old Man's Cave

Old Man's Cave

If you are big into the scenery, then the Old Man’s Cave would be a great option. On the way, you will see caves a canyon, caves, forests, and waterfalls. Could it be even better? There are several different trail selections and it’s up to you which one you choose.

Cedar Falls

Passing by the Lower Gorge not too far away from Old Man's Cave is Queer Creek Valley. And here, you will find the Cedar Falls. The falls are at its full blast during the spring season and it is fairly common to see people spending time soaking in the water.

Upper Falls at Hocking Hills State Park

Upper Falls at Hocking Hills

Upper Falls a six-mile is connected to Cedar Falls through Old Man's Cave, which is a part of Buckeye Trail of Ohio. This striking view features the Upper Falls just located on top of the Old Man's Cave. The old man, Richard Rowe, used to live on the property, making the most of the beautiful setting every day throughout his stay throughout the 1800s. At present, it's almost impossible to have this gorge on your own as thousands of visitors visit the park every day. 

2. Try Zip Lining and Segway Tour

Zip Lining

Due to the natural topography of Hocking Hills, this place is a perfect spot for zipping lining – no wonder why many companies offer it! There are also Segway adventure tours being offered in the park which is a great way to explore the entire park as well as the surrounding forest.

3. Spend some time with horses

If you don’t want to spend your trip walking, then you may want to go on a trail ride on a horse through the Hocking Hills assisted with a trained guide. Different basic equestrian camping spots are also easily accessible for those who are visiting with their horses and want to take specific trails to go on a ride on their own. 

horse riding

4. Try Adventure Golf at Rempel’s Grove

If you want to have a more laid-back trip, then you may want to visit the mini golf course at Rempel’s Grove. Here you get to experience the free petting zoo and even a snack bar! This is situated next to the antique shops and many restaurants.

5. Check out Spirits of the Hills Gallery

In this gallery, you will find a series of artworks, wood sculptures, handmade furniture, architectural items, and created by local artists.

6. Hocking Hills Scenic Air Tours

Hocking Hills Scenic Air Tours

Pack your camera and enjoy the real beauty of the Hocking Hills from above. If ever you happen to visit during the time when the trees aren’t very thick, you may simply have a glimpse of the waterfalls that flow all over the rock cliffs underneath.

7. Ohio Belly Boat Fishing

You can join one of many guided tours for riding belly-boat, which is offered in the Hocking Hills all year round. Rose Lake is a great fishing spot for anglers. No wonder why it is frequently visited by local anglers.

8. Try Out Some Hocking Hills Moonshine

If you like drinking, you can take a tour of the distillery and see how the moonshine is made. At the same time, you can also have a history lesson about Ohio’s moonshine-running era. And most of all, try them out!

9. Taste Some Wine in the Hocking Hills


Not a fan of moonshine? Then maybe wine would be better. You must not miss going to the Hocking Hills winery. Probably the best thing about going to this winery is that because they don't serve food aside from appetizers, they encourage visitors to order meals from the local restaurants, or use the grills located on the outdoor patio where to cook their food, which is really cool.

10. Hocking Valley Scenic Railway

Take a train ride through history while visiting the Hocking Hills. The railway makes a stop at the Robbins Crossing pioneer village on the Hocking College Campus. Special event train rides, such as the Christmas, Easter, wine tasting tour, and the Great Train Robbery encounter, are scheduled on a seasonal basis.

11. Stay in a Cabin


And of course, the last but not the least is to just stay in a cabin. There are many campsites located in Hocking Hills State Park, and a lot of visitors choose to bring a campervan or even pitch a tent to spend their weekend. But if you want to have a true Hocking Hills experience, you will have to experience renting a cabin in the woods for your accommodations. It’s too easy to find cabin rentals in the region; a lot of them are just within a couple of miles' drive from some of the best hiking trails in the area. Most of them are equipped with a fire pit or even a fully functioning kitchen, and the good ones even have a bathtub.

As you can see, you will have a lot of things to do in Hocking Hills when you go there. You just have to decide which ones to suit your interests best.

So, what do you think you want to do when you go to Hocking Hills? Do you think we missed something that should have been mentioned in this article? Let us know about it in the comment below! If you find this article helpful, then don’t hesitate to share this with your family and friends!

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