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Sep 21
things to do in bogota

If you’re looking to have a vacation in one of the most precious places on Earth, there is definitely a lot for you to choose from. However, there’s one such place that stands out among the rest. I’m talking about Bogota. The capital city of the beautiful country of Colombia, this is becoming more and more popular tourist destination not only for its beautiful sceneries but also for all things to do in Bogota.


Bogota is really building its name when it comes to tourism industry! The city has once again become a safe place that welcomes every foreign visitor who wants to experience a piece of Colombia. There’s no denying that the tourism industry in the city, actually in the whole country has seen a rapid rise while other nations in South America have seen a drop in the amount of annual foreign visitors.

​Bogota is the economic and cultural hub of the country and offers far-fetched opportunities to its visitors that they can’t let go. A lot of passionate travelers book their flights to Bogota in order for them to have a close encounter with the remarkable highlights that are given by the city.


Things to do in Bogota

The capital city of Colombia has many things to offer to those people who willing to explore it. Used to be infamous for being an unsafe city, Bogota is now building its new reputation as one of the most interesting and traditionally diverse cities in this part of the world. The welcoming locals and the delightful gastronomic scene just add to the powerful atmosphere that this city radiates. Below are some exciting things to do in Bogota.

Visit Museo del Oro in Bogota

Museo del Oro in Bogota

The Museo del Oro in Bogota is a place full of magic. It has the prosperity of gold things and other artifacts made from exquisite metals, jade, seashells, as well as numerous unconventional pottery pieces. If you think that it is incredible that the gold pieces have endured the blitz of numerous years of European voracity in the Americas, the persistence of clay pieces is nearly as amazing.

It is not only the brilliance of the items that are displayed, or that it has more than 50,000 them; it is not only that the displays are creative and stunningly presented, or that the details that go with them are fascinating and interesting. It’s the blend of all of this that makes the history of pre-Hispanic and the country’s culture alive and makes Museo del Oro one of the best museum in the world.

Enjoy the Classic Art

Botero Museum

Bogota is a perfect place for those who love art. So, if you’re an art enthusiast, make sure to check out Botero Museum which showcases artworks of Renoir, Picasso, Matisse, and other great artists of history.

One of the highlights of Banco de la República is its huge museum complex that has several halls spread more than two floors specific for all things chubby: hands, fruits, women, children, mustached men, animals, etc. these artworks are of course produced by the most famous artist of the country, Fernando Botero.

The collection also has some works by Chagall, Picasso, Renoir, Pissarro, Monet, and Miró, and some comical sculptures created by famous Dalí and Max Ernst. There are audio guides available in English, Spanish, and French language you can acquire at the entrance.

Check out the City Libraries

City Libraries

Because Bogota has a lot of libraries, it would be such a loss if you choose not to explore the most well-known ones at least, which includes El Tintal, El Tunal, and Virgilio Barco Library.
Establishments that were made according to the necessities of the public who come on a regular basis to read and do research as part of their education presented by the National Government. The city of Bogota offers a very broad coverage in libraries in the whole Colombia. That’s why in 2007, Bogota was named as World Book Capital.

Enjoy the Delicious Street Food

bogota Street Food

Bogotá is the beating heart of the country, filled with rich history, interesting culture, and irresistible charm. Aside from the lively streets, pretty monuments, colorful markets, and picturesque mountains, another thing you need to list down on things to do in Bogota is to try their delicious street food.

​Colombian street food is usually a combination of creamy drinks, fried food, and different types of corn. If you happen to be in this city, make sure to not miss your chance to try some of the best ones you can find including arepas, almo ja bana, avena, churros, empanadas, and obleas colombiana.

Play a couple of rounds of Tejo

A game that involves beer and explosives, how fun does that sound like? One of Colombia’s oldest sports games, playing Tejo is something you would not want to miss on your trip. Even though this game in itself does not essentially have to involve drinking, the informal games today are usually played while drinking beer.

If this is something you want to do, then you’ll be happy to know that Bogota offers many Conchas de Tejo where you can play this fun game. Some good places to check out include Club de Tejo La 76 and around the area of Chapinero.

Bet on a guinea pig gamble game

guinea pig

Okay, this is not animal cruelty. In fact, these cute guinea pigs are well taken care of. The idea behind this fun betting game is simple. The owner of the game lays several numbered plastic cups upside down on the street. You, then, place a bet on where you think the guinea pig will choose to go. Obviously, you will win if the rodent enters the number you chose. You will then get 4 or 5 times of the amount you originally bet.

As you can imagine, this is a fun, entertaining game. Watching locals play alone is already fun. You will see them cheering the cute little rodent to go to the number they want.

Check Out Salt Cathedral 

Approximately an hour out of the city, in a town called Zipaquira, you will find the world-renown salt cathedral that was built inside a salt mine 180 meters below the ground. The architectural design of this new salt Cathedral is by Roswell Garavito Pearl. This project approved after having to choose from 44 proposals in a 1990 competition organized by the Colombian Architects Society. On top of that, exploring Zipaquira on its own is also a great way to make your trip a lot more exciting.

Hike to Cerro de Monserrate 

​If you are looking for something that will test your physical strength, then hiking would be a great idea. High on top the Andes Mountains, where you can see the entire city from, is Cerro de Monserrate, a mountain with a 3,152 meter high located in the heart of the city.

However, you have to keep in mind that hiking here is not the faint-hearted. It takes approximately an hour to get to the top, but there’s no reason for you to rush as it is best to enjoy the sights as you go. It’s free to go to the trail, and it is open six times a week (expect from Tuesday.)

Ride the Cable Car to Monserrate Mountain

Monserrate Mountain

If you are in Bogota, it will be hard for you to ignore this. No matter where you are in the city, you will see Monserrate Mountain, standing 3152 meters. This giant mountain is a significant symbol of the city. Not in biological aspect, but more on religious thing.

​And one of the best things to do in Bogota is to ride the cable car up to Monserrate Mountain to enjoy the certainly magnificent views about 10,000 feet above sea level. When your dizziness subsides, meander the church and park, and then delight in a sugar cane tea or cocktail at one of the scenic colonial cafes.

Join in Graffiti Walking Tour

Graffiti Walking Tour

Graffiti has been a famous icon of Bogota for many years, with unknown street artists working while everyone is in their slumber to express their thoughts and voices on the walls all over the city. However, doing this art is always risky as getting caught by the authority may lead to arrest, beating, or even worse, death.

In 2011 a graffiti artist named Diego Felipe Becerra was shot dead by a policeman while working on a picture of Felix the Cat, which was his signature piece. The reaction of the public was overwhelming and protest rose up throughout the city and ultimately two police officers were detained. The mayor then decided to legalize street art and graffiti in specific areas and it officially became a cultural identity of the city.

Party in La Zona Rosa

Party in La Zona Rosa

Bogota, like a lot of major cities in Colombia, has a great reputation in terms of nightlife and party scene. The Zona Rosa which literally translated to “Pink Zone” in English, is the phrase used for nightlife districts of all major cities.

​In the city of Bogota, La Zona Rosa is situated between Carreras 11-15 and Calles 79-85. It is crammed with bars, restaurants, and discotheques. These entertainments serve both aimed for locals and tourists, expect to pay more here though as they tend to be more expensive compared to other parts of Bogota.

​These are only 7 things to do in Bogota, and there are definitely more! Visiting this city, you are certain to experience a unique trip as it is immersed in many attractions that will make every moment here exciting and unforgettable. It could truly be envisaged to be the ultimate union of the churches that belong to the history and the modern rising buildings.

​Hopefully, this brief article gave you an idea on things to do in Bogota, and like mentioned earlier, there are definitely more than what’s written here, we only pick our favorites. How about you, do you know any other things to do in Bogota that should be included on this list? Let us know in the comment below!

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