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Jul 24
Miami is known as the cruise capital of the world. Miami has gained this title as it is home to the busiest cruise ship port in the world and it has different sightseeing cruises offered to people, mostly for foreign visitors.
Furthermore, you will see celebrities sunbathing and youngsters enjoying wild parties on their yachts are common sights here. When visiting the area as a stop over for your cruise ride, you might be wondering how and where is a port of Miami parking. This article will guide you, but before that, let’s learn more about the Port of Miami.


The Biggest Cruise Ship Port in the World

Cruise ship port miami
On top of being a global trade hub, the busy port of Miami also works as the world’s biggest cruise ship port. Miami has gained the title of the Cruise Capital of the World or Cargo Gateway of the Americas.
Unsurprisingly, there are many competitions between the cruise firms and this guarantees that the unique preferences of every traveler are met. A tourist is able to choose traveling for 3 to 11 days of sailing or even longer. There are a great range of destinations offered – Mexico, Bahamas, Western and Eastern Caribbean, as well as South America are some of your choices.

Miami Sightseeing Cruises

cruise ship port miami
Miami isn’t just a port for sailing away but also, there’s a huge amount of sightseeing cruise offered around the area. The stunning Biscayne Bay attracts tourists to spend half of the day away from the city and have a photo op by getting a silhouette of the city port.
The most commonly taken is Millionaires. It shows a sight of the homes of many famous and rich of Miami. Some tourists choose to get more cultural understandings and pick a river cruise which offers stories, historical places, and a museum in Miami.

Miami Party Cruises

Party cruise
During the weekends, you will see dancing cruises around the port. This is perfect for those who want to experience the city nightlife in a fascinating way than pub crawling by moving from bar to bar inexpensive South Beach. However, you may also end up to a Booze Cruise which is a great selection of some cruise operators in Miami and might not contrast much with the outcome on the day after a big festival.
There are also party fishing cruises in Miami that are a common activity among male tourists and adrenaline junkies. As you can guess the name, the cruise includes fishing, booze, and of course, enjoying some social activities. 

Port of Miami Parking Guide

port of miami parking
As you may expect, Port of Miami parking is easily available at every cruise terminal. There are also selected disabled permit parking areas in every garage. Areas are also available for large vehicles at, of course, different rates. Every facility is guarded by security. Large vehicles cab only park in Lot #2, just in front of Cruise Terminal E.

Entering the Terminal Parking Lot

Your cruise trip terminal journey starts with being able to enter get to the port. Situated on Dodge Island, The Port of Miami is only across from downtown.

You would not have a hard time finding the entrance. There is a big sign that says “Port of Miami” with a cruise ship icon on top of the street and on the left side is where the American Airlines Arena is located.

Getting in the port, you will find seven lanes. If you want to go to the cruise terminal, just stay in one of the three lanes in the middle. If you’re going on a long bridge afterward turning into the entrance of the port, then it means you are going on the right way.

As you drive over the bridge, you are approaching Dodge Island, which the cruise terminal is located. When you reach the end of the bridge, there will be a sign that split the road into two different directions — one going to the cargo terminals and the other one to cruise terminals. The left is where you should go.

Carry on and you’ll see another sign that marks the lane you should go. Follow the left side lanes and continue below the bridge.

Navigating the port is not at all difficult. However, in order to find the right cruise terminal, you have to be quite sharper-eyed as you drive.

As you keep going, the lane will split again giving the choice on where to go derived from which terminal your ship has docked.

If you don’t know or you forgot which terminal you are supposed to go, that will be fine as there are electronic signs over the roadway that will guide you in the proper direction by putting on the name of your ship along with terminal details.

General Fees

Long-term cruise passengers must expect to pay $20 for overnight parking, while short-term daytime parking varies depending on the cruise parking you choose. Even though there’s no reserved parking, you don’t have to worry about not finding a spot as there’s a lot of spaces available.
Cruise Parking
Safe Cruise Parking is a good deal for an enclosed and gated lot, and 24-hour security. That is a pretty fascinating offer for only $9.00.
If you’re looking to park in a garage where you can make sure that your car is protected from the intense Miami heat, then this company is what you should be looking to. Its lot is essentially a garage that offers different levels of covered lot.
Miami parking cruise
This parking lot is located about 7 miles away from the main port. Premier Parking is also offering 24/7 security in its gated and well-lit parking lot and is situated beside the new Northside Police Station. Just like any other parking lot, parking for bigger vehicles like RV is available for an additional charge.

Recreational and Oversized Vehicles

Recreational Vehicles are able to park in surface lot of Lot E, which is directly in front of the Terminal E. it is worth noting that there are also limited parking spaces at Lot D, which is directly located in front of Terminal D. Large vehicles are charged $20 for every 20 feet in length or the corresponding amount to the number of parking spaces used every night.

Disabled Parking

Miami parking
The same public parking rates apply to those that have a disabled parking permit, otherwise stated by Florida state law. However, it is possible to waive the fees with appropriate certification provided to the staff upon departing the parking area. Upon getting to the toll, the staff will also give you additional documentation that you need to fill in.
You can check out Port of Miami's official website in order for you get updated information about parking for people with disability.

Luggage Drop-Off

As much as possible, it’s advisable to leave your luggage and passengers before you park. Click here for a PortMiami map in order to identify the positions of the parking spaces for every terminal.

Storage Lockers

Because of security regulations, there are no storage lockers at Port of Miami. It’s recommended for you to contact the cruise line regarding the luggage dispatching services. It’s also suggested for you consult the cruise line about early baggage check-in stints. Normally it is free to use the baggage storage if you have a flight departing from Miami International Airport. To know more about locker information, click on this link.
Store lugguge Airport
Regardless of the additional cost, it is recommended using the Port of Miami parking. They’re highly reputable and very convenient. The port is offering onsite parking that’s extremely convenient and guarded by security. Parking is available in both uncovered and covered lots. There’s also usually a free shuttle that is going to take you to your cruise terminal if needed.
What do you think of Port if Miami parking? Do you have other tips to share that will help other cruisers to improve their experience? Leave your thoughts in the comment below!

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