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Feb 01

Despite being a small Canadian city, Windsor has a lot of things to offer. Named after a British royal house, this spectacular city boasts a lot of attractions and points of interests that give enough reason why you should add this to your itinerary when you happen to visit Ontario. So, whether you’re planning to a day trip or a weekend getaway, you must be aware of all things to do in Windsor Canada before you go to make sure you will make the most of your trip there.


Fun Things to Do in Windsor

Wander around Riverfront Parks

Odette Sculpture Park

The Riverfront Parks is a group different parks that are located along the lake the separated Windsor and the city of Detroit. One thing you should not miss here, however, is Odette Sculpture Park where you can enjoy beautiful artworks as well as the skyline of Detroit.

Bet at a Casino

There is a total of four casinos in Windsor. The most popular one, however, is the Caesar Windsor, which is located just in the riverfront.


Windsor is home to four casinos, with the most popular casino, Caesar Windsor, located right on the riverfront. With more than 100 tables playing different card games and more than 3000 slot machines, there surely is something for everyone.

If you are not there to gamble, it’s also a good place to eat as it also has a lot of restaurants within the facility.

Travel back to the Past

Willistead Manor

If you are a history buff, you’d be happy to know that Windsor is essentially a home for numerous national historic sites that will take you back to the past.

Willistead Manor is the one that you surely don’t want to miss, though! This is a Tudor-Jacobean style manor designed by Albert Kahn – a famous architect. This mansion has 36 rooms and is located in the center of a beautiful park.

Explore the City in Bicycle

If you want a more relaxing stroll than traveling, then cycling through the Roy A. Battagello River Walk Bike Trail is another must-do when visiting Windsor Canada.


This trail begins at the Ambassador Bridge and goes 8 kilometers to the city. The bike trail goes through Downtown Windsor and many of its parks, including Dieppe Gardens and the Windsor Sculpture Park. It also connects with other trails, like the Russell Street Neighbourhood Trail and the La Salle Trail Network.

There are five service spots along the Roy A. Battagello River Walk Bike Trail where you can stop and rest, put air in your tires or just enjoy the skyline and the river. Parts of it also runs along main streets in the city, though there are designated bicycle lanes.

Take A Dip at a Water Park


Whether it is a hot or cool day, splashing around a waterpark is always an option. The 10,000-square meter Adventure Bay Family Water Park is the common choice for those who are looking to swim when they visit Windsor.

Both children and adult can enjoy the five waterslides, wave pool, surfing simulator, as well as the lazy river inside the waterpark. If your kid doesn’t want to get wet, worry not as there is a 3-level giant playground they can enjoy.
For adults, the most thrilling attraction they can enjoy in the park is The Python, while Tot Loch is the most ideal for little kids.

Wander Around a Garden

For a relaxing afternoon, visiting Windsor’s garden would be a great idea. You can find one almost anywhere in the city, however, the best one is probably the Coventry Gardens.
Measuring 28,000 square meters, Coventry Gardens is located right along the riverfront. Another place you may want to walk around is the Dieppe Gardens. This place has a lot of beautiful flowers and green grassy areas which makes for a perfect picnic at.

Check Out the Beach


You probably did not expect this, but yes, there’s a beach in Windsor! It’s located right at the tip of the Detroit River on the northeastern part of the city.

Sandpoint Beach, or also known as Stop 26, is probably the most popular beach here. This beach operates from the latter part of May to September annually. It also has a park area where you can use as a spot of sunbathing and picnic.
If you are visiting during the summer season, then you can enjoy surfing, windsurfing, or just swimming. There are also areas where you can make barbeques, play volleyball, and just rest under the trees.

Be One with Nature

Another ideal place to go for some relaxing time is Ojibway Prairie Complex which is full of hiking trails, parks and nature reserves.

Ojibway Prairie Complex

Inside the complex are five different area which includes Black Oak Heritage Park, Ojibway Park, and Ojibway Prairie Provincial National Reserves.

On top of hiking through the complex, there is also an educational program that offers free exhibits. As you explore the complex, you might encounter animals such as bats, frogs, turtles, lizards, and snakes. This also is a paradise for bird watchers as there are many birds of different species that live here.

Join a Walking Tour


Formerly a French Parish, Ford City is not a community that saw a lot of things and events in history. Formed by Canadian Ford Motor Company, Ford City boasts many different architectures, which many were built by immigrants that exported by Ford company to work for them.

Now, Form offers walking tour around the area. By joining the tour, you will be guided to some beautiful structures in the community which include several Byzantine-styled Orthodox churches. You will also find murals on most of the building portraying the story and history of Ford City as well as the company.

Enjoy a Festival

As a culturally rich city, it shouldn’t be surprising how Windsor hosts a lot of events and festivals during a different time of the year. Some of these are in unification with Detroit, while some of them are just within Windsor itself.

Windsor-Detroit International Freedom Festival

The biggest one you can experience is Windsor-Detroit International Freedom Festival, which obviously, is put on by both cities. This festival is held on the 1st of July, which also happens to be Canada Day as well as the 4th of July and showcases the biggest fireworks displays in the world.

If you like music festivals, then make sure not to miss Bluesfest International Windsor that takes places on July. On the other hands, June is the best time for you if you love cinema to enjoy the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival. If you happen to be visiting in August, Windsor Emancipation Celebration Festival shouldn’t be missed!

Play golf


If you want to enjoy playing golf, you will be happy to know that there are two golf courses in Windsor you can enjoy. One of them dates back to 1926 while the other one is pretty newer.

The new one is the Thomas McBroom designed Ambassador Golf Club which was ranked as one of the country’s top new courses! The older one is the historic Roseland Golf Course that is actually chosen as an Ontario Heritage Site. Since it has opened its doors to the public, it has held several tournaments, and will still let golfers enjoy their games.

Explore the University

The University of Windsor

The University of Windsor boasts many spectacular architectures that anyone will surely find interesting. Established in 1857, this university used to be a theological institution. At present, it’s a 51-hectare campus with a riverside walkway and several beautiful buildings.
The oldest building on the campus is Dillon Hall, which was built when the university first was established. Lambton Tower, Memorial Hall, and the Odette Building are other iconic buildings you may want to check out.

Go shopping

As a border city, you can expect Windsor to be a shoppers’ paradise. You can check out duty-free shops, shopping malls, as well as specialty shops that are going to please you.
The most popular product being sold here are the cigars. You can get premium Cuban cigars here for the really affordable price. If you love shopping for clothes, then you would want to check out the Windsor Crossing Premium Outlets or Devonshire Mall.


If you’re using the crossing the border to or from the US, make sure to stop at a duty-free shop for some duty-free goodies!

As you can see, there are a lot of things to do in Windsor Canada, it’s just up to you how you are going to manage your time and plan your activities and schedule to make sure that you will be able to make the most of your time in this beautiful Canadian city.

Hopefully, this article helps you plan your trip accordingly. If you have other concerns or suggestions, then make sure to let us know about it by leaving a comment in the section below. If you find this helpful, then make sure to share this article to your friends on social media.

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