Best Tips That You Should Use To Book a Cheap Flight to Manila

By Alice Ross | ASIA

Dec 19
cheap flight to manila

Airfare is one of the most significant parts of a trip’s cost. So it is important to ensure that you search for a cheap ticket so that you can be able to save some cash. Furthermore, even if you consider all things and your ticket is excessively costly, you likely aren't going anyplace.

Every day, airlines have a large number of great deals from erroneously broadcasting fares on their websites to special offers- reducing costs to keep up with their competitors. Cheap tickets are there as long as you know how to search for them. If you are traveling from Hong Kong to Manila, here are some tips that you can use to get the cheapest flight.


Be Flexible With Your Travel Dates

flexible travel date

If you want to move from Hong Kong to Manila, you should know that airfares vary depending on various things. Such as day, holiday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. These days, most people want to travel somewhere.

If you travel when most people are, then you are most likely going to spend more on your ticket. So you should be flexible on the date and day of traveling. In case you are set on moving to Manila, you should try going during winter when the number of people traveling is less, and the air flights are cheap. 

Furthermore, it is cheaper to fly during the weekdays compared to weekends. Because everyone likes traveling during the weekend, and most airlines take advantage of and increase prices. The best days to travel to Manila are Saturday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and avoid going there on Sunday because it is the most expensive day. Another way to save on flight costs is by traveling immediately after a big holiday. 

A one day difference can help you save some coins because airlines are aware of significant events and so they hike their prices accordingly.

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Try To Connect Flights

connect flight

You can book different flights from Hong Kong to Manila by adding another destination. Connecting flights is much cheaper than getting a direct ticket. As you are booking for various destinations, you should avoid picking trips that are far apart. You can go on flights that are three hours apart, especially if you do not want to add a few days before you take the next trip.

You should start by doing your research on whether there are budget airlines unique from Hong Kong to Manila. This method is hectic because you have to find lots of different routes and, at the same time, look at different airlines. 

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Use Different Search Engines

If you don't get the cheapest flight to Manila, you should use various search engines so that you can exhaust all options. Most search engines don't show budget airlines because they avoid paying booking commission fees while other search engines do not list airlines that are in a different language. And some only list prices directly from airlines.

You should know that all search engines are not the same, and they have pros and cons. There is no perfect search engine, and even the best have their faults. You can use search engines search as Momondo, Google flight, Skyscanner, etc.


Use Free Points to Fly

If you want to get the cheapest flight, you can get a travel reward card for points. A travel rewards card allows you to redeem points across different airlines. All you need to do is sign up, and when you reach their minimum amount, you earn some points. You can later redeem these points for free flights.  

Take Advantage of the Student Discount

If you are a student, you can get the cheapest flight to Manila from Hong Kong. If you are below twenty-six years old, you can fly as a student and get a 20-30% discount.

Purchase Flight in Bulk

As a general rule, if you buy things in bulk, you get them at a fair price. There is no exception on air-tickets. When you buy in bulk, you get them at a reasonable price, but only if you buy from the same airline. For example, you can include return tickets.

Search for Tickets Using Other Currencies


You can try to search for air-ticket using any country currency around the world that is weak. For example, the US dollar is strong compared to other currencies, such as the Australia dollar. You can book a one-way flight from Hong Kong to Manila using the Australian dollar instead of the US dollar. You are most likely to find the same ticket costing less on the same flight, same airline, and the same booking class. Although this tip does not work all the time, it's worth trying. Get your ticket early but not so early.

The more you get closer to your departure, the more air ticket gets expensive. It is because airlines set their prices based on demand. Avoid waiting for the last minute to buy your ticket or do not book too early. The best moment for booking your flight from Hong Kong to Manila is three months early.

Search for Tickets As A Single Person

You should avoid buying many tickets in one purchase. This is because airlines always display the price of the most expensive ticket in a group. For instance, if you are a group of three people and book tickets, the airline will get the three seats close to each other then display the fare based on the most expensive ticket. Therefore, if seat 1 is $500, Seat 2 $600, and seat 3 $400 each. It will display the amount of $600, rather than adding the ticket prices individually.

Use Traveling Agents

travel agent

If you want to get a cheap ticket, you should consider using an agent. Using travel agents will help you save some cash and money. Another reason is that travel agents usually purchase their tickets in bulk at a low price then resell them at a fair price. 

They have a lot of experience when it comes to searching for air tickets. And at the same time, they can advise you on the best route to take. They also save you the hassles of searching online.

Try Mix and Match

When you book different airlines, you can be able to mix and match to get the best ticket. This way, you can be able to pick the best deals. You will be using different flying tickets, but it will work. 

Consider Small Carriers 

Most travel search engines overlook small airlines by displaying them at the bottom of a search page. But you should not ignore them; you might get the cheapest ticket.

Search on the Actual Airline Ticket

A lot of people overlook this idea, but it is worth you shouldn't. Sometimes you can find that an airline has a sale on their tickets. 

Getting a cheap flight to Manila is all about being flexible and smart on when to go and how you get there. So follow the tips discussed above, but you should not waste all your time trying to find a cheap ticket. You should not take more than an hour to book your flight. When you get the one that suits you, just pay for it and move on. You should not second guess yourself; otherwise, you might turn crazy.

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