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Sep 11
best time to visit colorado

There are two main seasons where tourists choose to visit Colorado: summer and winter. If you want to see Colorado’s famous state's parks and other picturesque attractions by mountain biking, hiking, or rafting, then you may want to visit Colorado between the months of May and October. On the other hand, if you are looking to experience snowboarding, skiing, and snowmobiling then the best time to visit Colorado would be from the month of November to March or April, depending on the levels of snow you need to experience.


Avoiding the Crowds

If you want to avoid a heavy flow of people on your trip, then you must know what time of the year you should visit. If you want to have a full experience of the popular destinations in Colorado like Garden of the Gods, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Pikes Peak, then you must choose to visit the areas during the lean season. This season is during the months of March to May and October to December

Things to do in Colorado according to weather

Again, whether you’re thinking about visiting beautiful Colorado in the months of winter and summer, you are surely not going to regret it for the activities you can see and do.

best time to visit colorado

Located in the region of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado doesn’t only offer breathtaking natural sights, it also offers exciting activities that you can’t easily find elsewhere.

With a lot of places to see and experience in the United States, it’s not surprising how many people overlook Colorado as one of the places to add to their itinerary. But after reading this article, you must definitely look forward to going there as this state is full of surprises. Here are some things to do in Colorado you may want to do on your trip.

Boost Your Adrenaline Rush with River Rafting

River Rafting in colorado

A great activity to do in Colorado, especially if you are coming with your family or a group of friends is whitewater rafting. This is best done in the months of May to August. Depending on your experience, there are different rivers levels or types of rapids available for adventurers who want to try it. Most of the rafting companies in the state offer different kinds of rafting trips when it comes to difficulty. So, if you are looking for a trip to remember, doing this activity would not disappoint.

Try Downhill Skiing or Snowboarding

Downhill Skiing

If the best time to visit Colorado for you is during winter, then prepare yourself for some exciting activities ahead! With more than 15 ski resorts located in the Colorado state, you surely have a lot of options to go. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, every resort in the state offers different level runs for all of the members of the family, not to mention, finding an instructor who is willing to teach you his ways would also be a piece of cake. Colorado’s ski towns offer amazing amenities, establishments, and a lot more.

Watch a Concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Due to the remarkable rock structures that surround the stage, Denver downtown’s skyline views would be one of the best things to do in the city. But more importantly, this is where you will find the Red Rocks Amphitheatre which is one of the best outdoor amphitheaters in the country. If you’re taking a trip out to Colorado during the summer season, you must not miss watching a concern at this venue.

Relax in the Glenwood Springs Hot Springs

Glenwood Springs Hot Springs

If you’re visiting Colorado to have a relaxing experience, then there wouldn’t be more relaxing than simply soaking in the natural hot springs while seeing the beautiful mountain scenery that surrounds you in a renowned landmark located in the heart of Glenwood Springs. Below the World's Largest Hot Springs Pool, you will have water slides, 107 room lodge, mini golf course, a great athletic club, as well as a remarkable new Spa of the Rockies.

So, after a long day of doing exciting activities, get some massage and soak in a hot spring. Personally, the best experience you can have when visiting a hot spring is during the winter when you are outdoor, and snow falls on your face or a summer night while you are watching the stars in the sky. No matter what you choose to do in Colorado, this surely is a must for everyone.

Experience the beauty of the Garden of the Gods Park

Garden of the Gods Park

Enjoy the wonderful red rock formations standing off the ground of this unique Colorado Spring’s Natural Landmark. By going to the park, you will be offered with beautiful views of Pikes Peak, picnic areas, as well as hiking trails. This widely popular park offers free entrance to the public and has been opened for more than 100 years now. This park has spectacular red and sandstone rock formations, which makes it a great natural playground for the locals living in Colorado Springs.

If you are interested in experience rock climbing, then you’ll be happy to know that this place is perfect to do that. Pike's Peak goes up to 4302 meters. Aside from rock climbing, this place is also well visited by ice climbers, mountaineers, skiers, and those others who just like to spend some time within the mountains. 

Spend time with nature

wildflowers colorado

Rent an RV in Denver and experience an outdoor festival of music, local art events, a chili cook-off, ride a 4-wheel drive throughout the Engineer Pass to see remarkable views of countryside and wildflowers, trek to see a waterfall, ride a hot air balloon, go fishing, enjoy rafting or kayaking, cycling, or experiencing sand dunes. 

There’s sure no better way to enjoy the summer sun and make the most of the deep blue sky and beautiful, puffy clouds than to spend your time outdoors. Make sure to use some sunblock though! Especially if you are planning to visit during the summer season. By going to this place, make sure to also bring your camera because this place has one of the most beautiful wildlife in the whole country, if not, in the whole of North America.

Try something western

Durango steam train

Looking for something more unique? Well, Colorado has that, too! Check out a ghost town, experience mining for some real gold, go to Silverton and Durango steam train, check out a dude ranch, go to Anasazi pueblos imprinted in cliffs, meet some bison near Denver, taste some delicious Mexican food, go to the Pawnee Buttes wearing high-top footwear to scare away the rattlesnakes, witness a rodeo, and a lot more!

But of course, don’t just do all these in one day, make sure you have enough time to truly feel the real experience of every activity. Keep in mind that Colorado is the 8th biggest state in the US, so just choose the ones that you truly want to experience if you have limited time.

​Enjoy the nightlife

And lastly, what you have to experience is Colorado’s nightlife. If you’re looking for a great nightlife experience, then make sure to check out the Golden Bee. It’s quite an understatement to label this bar an English pub: the Broadmoor Hotel purchased the pub and moved it from England to the hotel property in Colorado Springs. The place is very warm and pleasant, which makes it a perfect place if you want to enjoy one of the many imported beers in this bar.

drink on a bar

If you really want to get drunk quickly, then try drinking from one of the Yard glass. If you need food with drink, you can try some of their English pleasure such as a very hot meat pie. Visit in the evening if you want to experience some live piano music and a bar-wide singing party.

You see, there are a lot of things to do and see when you are in this state, you just have to decide on the best time to visit Colorado, in order to fully make the most of your trip. But then again, visiting any time of the year, you can still expect to experience some of the best things it has to offer.

Hopefully, this article has told you the information you want to know about Colorado. If you have other questions regarding this topic, don’t hesitate to let us know about it in the comment below. If you find this helpful, make sure to share this article with your friends and family!

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