10 Beautiful Beaches in Louisiana to Visit


Apr 03
beaches in Louisiana

From unspoiled lakes and rich forests to the sandy shores of Gulf of Mexico, the natural areas of Louisiana shine through. While exploring what is known as "Pelican State," you can enjoy camping at campgrounds of the state, which are managed by welcoming and kind southern locals. But what you wouldn’t want to miss on your trip is the beaches in Louisiana. 

Even though Louisiana is a seaside state, many people are still surprised by the fact that this state has some magnificent white sand beaches that are comparable to the ones California and Florida have. In fact, there are a lot of beaches for you to explore. Here are 10 of the beaches in Louisiana you can visit.


Cypremort Point Beach

Situated in Vermilion Bay, a deep bay that is approximately 10 miles from the giant Gulf of Mexico, this beach is a well-known 185-acre green space ideal for swimming, picnics, fishing, boating, crabbing, and of course, windsurfing. Most you will see is the coastal swampland with a manmade long stretched beach. 

There are many picnic tables there, but not only that – there is also a fishing pavilion you can use. You can also find a 100-foot-long fishing dock, and the park is known for its amazing and diverse fishing spot. The freshwater that flows from the Atchafalaya and Vermilion rivers generates a rich setting for spotted red drum, sea trout, speckled trout, and redfish. The area is also home to a lot of other animals, like alligator, nutria, muskrat, black bear, deer, possum, red fox, and rabbits.

Cypremort Point Beach

Fontainebleau State Park

Only a quick drive away from New Orleans, on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain throughout the 24-mile-long Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge, you will find the Fontainebleau State Park. This is an almost 3000 acres of park that used to be a big sugar mill in 1829. Today, only an old brick building is left to be seen, but there’s a beautiful sandy beach perfect for sailing and swimming. 

An old empty railroad track located in the beach has now become a part of Rails to Trails program. This now is a perfect place for skating, cycling, as well as hiking. The area also has a trail with a lot of informative signs that classify common trees and shrubs. There are over 400 types of birds living in the area, and the waterways and streams and of the park are perfect for fishing and kayaking.

Fontainebleau State Park

Grand Isle

Only about two hours south of New Orleans, you will pass by the swamps and into the Barrier Island, and you will find yourself on Grand Isle. This small, sea town and Barrier Island overlook Caminada Bay and are debatably one of most visited beaches in Louisiana. You can explore the 10 miles of the coast while you’re checking out on some migratory birds or even go fishing if you want. Tuna and tarpon are only two of the over 50 species of you can catch in the area.

Grand Isle

Grand Isle, which is the only inhabited island in Barrier Island, is a coastal edge in the Gulf of Mexico shaped by the persistent wave movements. Most types of accommodations in this place offer easy access to the beach and you can only access the public beach when you go to the Grand Isle State Park, which is located on the east. 

There is also a high tower on the island that offers remarkable views in every direction. There is a huge fishing dock which is an ideal place for catching your own dinner. Another popular activity here is crabbing. You will also find many picnic places and a quite simple campground.

Holly Beach

Also known as Cajun Riviera, Holly Beach is located in southwest Louisiana on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, about 10 miles from Cameron. There is a community on the beach which has been viciously destroyed by different hurricanes. But with the resilient of the residents of Holly Beach, homes are rebuilt and the beaches have been cleaned up and opened to the public. 

The wide stretch of fine sand is known for crabbing, swimming, driving on the packed sand, windsurfing, fishing, boating, and a lot more, and there are always many shells to collect if you are visiting with kids. Most of the accommodation options have campsites or beach cabins. 

Holly Beach

Port Fourchon

If you are planning to get out on the water and enjoy waves on your surfing board, then Port Fourchon is the most ideal place for you. It is the only surfing beach in the whole state, and you are able to have a really good time on the water. 

On top of being a surfing mecca, this port at the entrance of Bayou Lafourche is also known as a recreational fishing paradise.

North Beach

North Beach is a big, white, sandy beach to be found in Southwest Louisiana in Lake Charles. A beautiful urban beach, this because is the only inland white sand beach in the state and the whole Gulf Coast. North Beach is a perfect place if you are into playing beach volleyball, picnicking, and just relaxing under the sun. 

There’s also a harbor and a great picturesque walkway on the lakeshore with spectacular views anywhere you look, and it’s a great place if you want to see a beautiful sunset. The walkway connects three parks of Lake Charles –Millennium Park, September 11th Memorial Park, and Veteran’s Memorial Park. This beach is part of many of lively festivals of Lake Charles. 

North Beach

Rutherford Beach

Rutherford Beach is another one of the best beaches in Louisiana, but it still comes some stunning sand for you to enjoy. You are able to also enjoy a lot of fishing and boating opportunities and also shallow-water kayaking and canoeing. 

This beach is also famous for shell collecting, birding, and some magnificent sunsets. Make sure to have your camera with you take a picture of some treasure for you to take home!

South Toledo Bend State Park

South Toledo Bend State Park

Toledo Bend is America’s biggest man made a reservoir and a stunning place to go. The coastline is ideal for sunbathing, and if you are visiting on a hot summer day, the cool water is a perfect way for you to cool off. This reservoir is also generally recognized as a great place for bass fishing tournaments, as well as for people who would rather spend their time on land can do cycling, hiking, camping, or bird watching.

If you are looking for an overnight accommodation, you can choose the ones where you can get closer to nature. The average cabins can sleep up to eight guests, and have a bathroom and full kitchen facilities as well as a back deck where you can set up a picnic table and old-style grill. A lot of the campsites have a lakefront view, and all are furnished with electrical and water hookups. There are 5 tent sites are situated on one of the cliffs that overlook the water, and offer a remarkable sight when you wake up in the morning.

White Sands Lake Day Beach

This beach destination is a great place to go if you are in for a day trip and just want to spend some amazing time under the sun. This is a family-oriented beach that has a water park that is completed with inflatable water slides, the blog bag, floating mats, trampolines, teeter-totters, and a lot more! 

white sands lake beach

You are able to enjoy the beautiful, white beach, swim in the clear water, or simply relax under the sun of a shaded cabana if you don’t want to get sunburn. All cabanas have their own barbecue grill, so make sure to bring along some hamburgers and hotdogs. White Sands Lake Day Beach certainly has all things that will keep you and your companions amused for hours.

As you can see, there are a lot of beaches in Louisiana you can visit. We hope this article has been helpful for you in planning where to go on your Louisiana trip. If you find this helpful, make sure to share this article with your family and friends. If you have a question, feel free to leave your questions in the comment box below.

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