Ski Trip Essentials for an Amazing Snow Holiday

By Camille Poire | BLOG

Nov 18
ski trip essentials for amazing snow holiday

You may have booked a room at that fantastic Central European resort and made all your travel arrangements, but that does not mean you are done with your preparations yet. There is one more important thing to do: pack all the ski trip essentials you need in your suitcase. Remember that proper suitcase packing is an art that most people are not well-versed in to begin with, but that everyone can and should learn to master.

In order not to be in an awkward position during your trip, we have gathered a checklist of all the necessary items you might (and probably will) need. But before we start, let's divide these items into two categories: those things you need while skiing and the things you need when you are not skiing.

Ready? It's time to open our closets and start searching!


Things You Need While Skiing

ski trip essentials

Before stepping on the fluffy and soft snow of the resort, wearing your ski boots ready for endless figures and slaloms on the European hills and slopes of the winter resort of your choice, make sure you have the following and ensure your safety while travelling:

Ski Jacket

Probably your most crucial garment during skiing. A good ski jacket will keep you warm and protect you from the lowest temperatures prevailing at the top of the mountains.

Ski Pants

Pants designed specifically for skiing will protect your lower body from the cold, as well as offer you waterproof protection against a possible fall in the snow. In addition, their padding can help to soften the impact if you end up biting the snow!

A Middle Layer of Clothing

You could reinforce your outer layer with a woollen sweater or fleece to benefit from an additional layer of protection against the cold.

A Base Layer of Clothing

Underneath your jacket and ski pants, it is equally important to wear comfortable and warm clothes. These clothes are your "base", which should usually consist of clothes that insulate your body heat, removing any moisture that will be created.

Ski Socks

Ski socks are essential because maintaining a high temperature of your limbs is vital during your training. This can be achieved with quality ski socks made of quality materials.

Top tip: If you're particularly sensitive to the cold or have blood circulation issues that make it difficult to keep your toes warm, you may want to look into battery heated socks.

Ski Gloves

Speaking of limbs, we could not skip talking about ski gloves. Choose thick and comfortable ski gloves that fit your hands perfectly and protect you from the cold and water.

Neck Warmer

Even with other clothes to protect different areas of your body, your neck may still be exposed to the cold, causing the icy air to chill your entire body. To avoid this inconvenience, add neck protection to fill the potential gap above your jacket.

Ski Goggles

Obviously, ski goggles are not just for style and coolness. They protect a large part of your face from the cold, allowing you to see through difficult weather conditions and the dazzling glow of the sun.

Things You Need When You're Not Skiing

Your equipment while skiing is definitely essential. But what happens when you are not on your ski boots or a snowboard? It is equally important to be protected when wandering around the rest of a winter resort, for example in the enchanting Alps, where there are thousands of other activities to do in the resort area besides just skiing. You can relax in the cosy and warm cafes and bars, dine in an exciting restaurant, or enjoy a relaxing spa. All of this may seem improbable, but you can experience it through the travel agency Erna Low, which offers complete winter vacation packages to all the enchanting Alpine resorts.

woman with ski jacket in snow

But let’s discover the things you’ll need when you’re not skiing:

Comfortable and Everyday Clothes

You don't need to choose an impressive outfit when you are not wandering on the slopes of the ski resort. Choose clothes that offer you comfort and warmth. For extra protection, choose to wear your ski jacket.

Snow Boots

Ankle boots are an obvious choice for a snowy landscape to move around in different parts of the resort. Moreover, calf-high snow boots are lined to keep your feet snugly warm. Sorry, but you will not need sneakers this time.

Hat, Gloves, and Scarf

Of course, you should bring your necessary anti-cold accessories from the city to protect you against the "real" cold of the mountains.


At first you may be wondering why you need your swimwear at a winter resort, but think twice. Many resorts have indoor heated pools and a spa for their guests, so it would be a shame if you missed the opportunity to dive into a swimming pool while watching the thick snow falling outside your window.

So what do you think about our list? Did we miss something? Let us know what your ski trip essentials are in the comments below.

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