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Sep 23
single parent vacation ideas

It's not easy to be a single parent and trying to find some time to have some quality time with your kids may seem like next to impossible. Raising their kids alone is not the only job a single parent has to do, but as well as keeping them happy and healthy.

Having a little getaway is not only about giving you a chance to spend more quality time with your kids, but also give you the chance, as a single parent, to take a break even just for a week or a weekend. To help you make this into a reality, this article will give you single parent vacation ideas to follow for your next trip with your kids.


Planning stage

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As a single parent, it's important to make sure that everything on your vacation plan goes well. So, in order to do that, here are some of the things you have to consider to make them stress-free and more enjoyable.

When thinking of single parent vacation ideas for a fun getaway with your little bundle of joy, some considerations have to take place. It's important for both of you and your kid to both enjoy the vacation.

Choose the Right Destination Where Your Kid Can Make Friends


Let's face it, no matter close you and your kids are, after while it can get tiring to be with some who has different age gap as you. A 7-year old kid can easily swim for 3 hours, spend 1 hours playing at the park, run with the dog, and help your prepare dinner, all in one day while talking, yelling, laughing almost nonstop.

We love it, we love so much but as someone who's not getting any younger, we need to have a break, too. I can only imagine for those single parents who have more than one kid.

So in order to make sure that you don't need to keep your kid entertain 24/7 and also for you to have some time to socialize, it is important to choose a destination where you and kid can meet people in the same age bracket.

There are many destinations suitable for kids. There are many all-inclusive resorts that cater for young kids and kids at heart, or if your kid is older, many destinations are also available for them.

Let Your Kid be Involved In the Planning

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I know you do this not only for your kid, but also for yourself, but don't forget that your kid still plays a major role in this vacation. So, it's important to hear what he thinks before finalizing your single parent vacation ideas, packing your bag, and go.

Make sure that you discuss your destinations, your activities, and the length of stay you will have. Make sure to also be open on your expectations on the trip.

Keep Safe

Little kids can be stubborn and playful, so making sure that they'll be safe during the trip should be a priority. Don't forget to pack a first-aid kit and have enough medicines ready in case you or your kids need them.

For those kids who have special needs for their condition like asthma, diabetes, food allergies, and all that, it's best to pack medical supply good for at least 3 days. You'll never know what may come up during the trip.

You may also want to consider checking the weather forecast to see the weather temperature on the place you are planning to go. Make sure to pack thick clothes or extra blanket if the weather is cold. If rain is possible, make sure to have some umbrella and raincoat ready.

Check for All-Inclusive Packages

There are a lot of all-inclusive packages that are perfect for single parents planning to travel with their kids, most of these packages include different activities that will amuse your child and offer opportunities to meet new friends.

Vacationing with fellow single parents is also a nice way balance time your time with your kids and to loosen up a bit while your kids are playing with their new found friends. These packages make it easier for you to plan as they can make your itinerary ready which saves you a lot of time.

Top 5 Vacation Ideas

Planning for a vacation as a family is challenging enough, what more if you have to plan it as a single parent? Here are our top 5 single parent vacation ideas and tips for the best vacation for single parents with children that will help you make the most of your time while you're on your vacation.




Taking a cruise offers fun opportunities for both parent and the children. There are a lot of onboard activities differ from cruise to cruise, but the best part is that most cruise lines offer babysitting services where you can take a break and relax.

One of the most popular cruise lines for families with kids is Disney Cruise. This is very kid-friendly cruise but also caters for adult passengers. There are adults-only dining, lounge, and pool areas that offer a mature experience without children.

The line's newest ship, The Disney Fantasy, has youth clubs, arcades, lounging areas, and activity centers onboard ideal for kids. There are also a lot of other things to do as a family on the 7-day trip offered by the Fantasy through either the Western or the Eastern Caribbean.


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Luckily, there are a lot of solo parent family camps across the country, some of which offer different fun activities and weekend workshops for the whole family.

The camps are run on different weekends or occasionally for a while week through the year. Some of these camps are operated by faith-based organizations, but most of them are open for everyone regardless of what their religion is.
Beach Resorts

Beach Resorts

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Staying at a beach resort is one of the best single parent vacation ideas on summer months. A lot of the popular beach resorts like the ones in The Caribbean are now offering special "Single Parent Months" on a regular basis.

There are also ones that offer special promos to attract the solo parents to spend their holidays there, like offering a "vacation nanny" to every parent, which allows them to enjoy the entire trip.


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Staying at a beach resort is one of the best single parent vacation ideas on summer months. A lot of the popular beach resorts like the ones in The Caribbean are now offering special "Single Parent Months" on a regular basis.

There are also ones that offer special promos to attract the solo parents to spend their holidays there, like offering a "vacation nanny" to every parent, which allows them to enjoy the entire trip.

Even though taking your kids to museums for days does not seem like an actual vacation, exploring the Old Continent with your kids might be one of the best vacation can come up with.

A lot of European cities are essentially a great destination for young children: enthralling castles, wonderful parks, prehistoric ruins, and even some kid-friendly museums, aren't only culturally-nurturing but as well as a lot of fun!

Visiting London, you can take a mini mystery solvers going to the Sherlock Holmes Museum, or if you or your kid is a Harry Potter fan, you may want to look to join the Warner Bros Studio Tour.

Paris is not only for lovers but also for families, you can take your kids out checking out the museums or take them out for sweet Parisian desserts that will satisfy their sweet tooth.


For many single parents who want the best for their kids, splurging money on an expensive vacation or taking a week off from work is normally their least priority. But it does not mean you need to waive a vacation overall.

One of the best single parent vacation ideas for thrifty parents is staycation. This is a great option for people can't travel extravagantly or for a long period of time.

You can choose a destination close to where you live that is only a few hours away. You may also want to consider taking a road trip and spend some time at the beach or a nearby cabin over the weekend.

This is also very ideal for those single parents who have toddlers who are not fully ready for long travels. Big amusement parks, charming beach towns, mountain cabins, and national parks make for perfect staycation destinations that wouldn't cost you an arm and a leg.

It can be overwhelming for a single mom or dad to run and provide for the family alone. Worries about finance, health, kid's education, and other parent's duty can make a single parent neglect their own needs and relaxation.

Going on a vacation with your kids as a single parent offers you a breath of fresh air, makes you and your kids closer, and gives you more memories to cherish as they grow old.

No matter where you end up with you kids, you make the experience a lot more unforgettable by following the single parent vacation ideas, tips, and suggestions included in this article. So, start the discussion with your kids, pack your bags, and go!

Know any other smart single parent vacation ideas? Write them in the comment below!

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