12 Must See Cities for First Time in Europe

By Alice Ross | EUROPE

Apr 06
must see cities for first time in europe

If you’re into traveling and adventure, then you’ve probably dreamed about visiting Europe at some point. Whether you’re traveling on a budget or have an unlimited source of travel funds, it’s important to make sure to decide where to go. Europe is an ultimate dream destination for many and with everything it has to offer, it’s easy to see why. Europe offers a good mix of art, history, architecture, and of course, natural beauty that never fails to stun all spectators. The culture is full of energetic and bright colors that will brighten up anyone’s soul.

But first things first – let’s talk about the must-see cities for first timers in Europe to help you make your Europe itinerary.


1. Prague, Czech Republic


The spectacular city of Prague is the embodiment of peace and tranquility and if you’re a person who is just looking for some relaxing vacation, then this place is a perfect option. Also known as the city of Spires, Prague has many things in store for anyone who loves the blend of serenity and travel. The Old Town Square found here is one of the things that fascinate a lot of tourists to the place. Some other places that you can see in this city are the Charles Bridge and the Astronomical Clock.

2. Florence, Italy


A city filled with beauty, Florence used to be the center for medieval Europe, so you can expect to see a lot of history in this city. During the course of history, the city of Florence has been known to be a source for many of the most amazing minds and philosophers in the world along with the Italian Renaissance. Perfect for those who are traveling with family and friends, Florence is where you can see the Palazzo Pitti and the Galleria degli Uffizi, two unmissable attractions that top the list of the best things to do in Florence.

3. Paris, France


A Europe trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting the City of Love – Paris, which is why this is one of the most popular cities for those who are visiting the continent for the first time. People from different parts of the world preferred to visit Paris with their significant other. Not only because of its romantic and impressive vibe and architecture, but the Parisian food is also to die for! It truly offers wonderful experiences to anyone who wants to make the most of their trip to Europe.

4. Porto, Portugal

A wonderful city rich in culture, its architecture, and gastronomy, this Portuguese city, which happily shares river of Douro, is also one of the must-see cities for first timers in Europe. Here, you can enjoy exploring the best museums and ancient monuments, the busy streets and markets that offer some of the best European street foods. This is a perfect city for those who want to see the perfect combination of culture, art, and positive vibes. You can simply sail peacefully or wander through the luminous corridors for a wonderful experience

5. Milan, Italy


Prepare to be bewitched by the elegance, the style, the vibrant, and the international charm of this Italian city. Milan is the top option for those who are interested in shopping and gastronomy. Here you can enjoy modern art and architecture, which make it a leading destination that hypnotizes you with its interminable appeal and materialistic pleasures. Enjoy shopping for luxury brands or get inspired with street fashion, you’ll be pleasingly astounded at the different mesmerizing experiences that Milan has to offer.

6. London, United Kingdom


London has something to offer to everyone. Whether you’re into architecture, history, or you’re simply a traveler looking for some adventure, you will surely find something interesting in London. Starting from Tower of London, British Museum, The Buckingham Palace, National Gallery, Portobello Road market, and also The London Bridge, spending some time here during your first Europe trip would be a great idea. You’ll find everything here from wonderful museums to enthralling walks throughout the city.

7. Venice, Italy


Another city that is known as a paradise for lovers, the charm of Venice is undeniable. The most photographed place here is unsurprisingly The Grand Canal that is the Main Street of Venice. The Rialto Bridge is a great example of how spectacular the architectures that are waiting for you here. The beautiful canals, outstanding architectural buildings, cultural, and historical attractions, many cafes, restaurants, bars, discos, clubs, operas, great shopping places, and extraordinary nightlife add charm to this magnificent city.

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands


The largest city and also the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is another European city that is truly rich in culture. One of the first things you may notice when exploring this city is how music plays a big part in their culture. It truly reflects in the locals’ daily lifestyle. Performers such as street singers could be seen in the streets of Amsterdam. So, if you are looking for a place to encounter loving and joyful locals, then this is the place to be.

9. Barcelona, Spain


Located on the Mediterranean coast, Barcelona is a beautiful city Spanish city frequented by those who love the beach. As the capital of Spain’s Catalan region, you can expect to experience a rich history and culture by visiting this place.

There’s so much historical and architectural interest being offered by this city’ from ruins from the Roman era to the remarkable church of Sagrada Familia. There are also a lot of remarkable museums and galleries, and of course pristine beaches.

10. Santorini, Greece


The crescent-shaped island of Santorini has been founded during the Bronze Age from the great power of nature. The renowned island of Santorini is a famous vacation place with a bunch of volcanic islands.When it comes viewing the sunset, well, you are in for some magnificent experience as Santorini is one of the best places in the world that leaves a remarkable and unique impression to any visitors.

11. Madrid, Spain


Spending several weeks in Madrid would just hardly scratch the surface of this wonderful city. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Madrid is almost full of attractions that would take at least a few weeks to be truly appreciated. While you can’t probably explore everything it has to offer for your first-time visit, exploring the city for several days will be enough to give you a great sense of the vitality gives an idea what Madrid is.

12. Budapest, Hungary


Once labeled as the world’s food capital, legendary gastronomic scene of Budapest was ruined by the advent of state control over the restaurants. However, this doesn’t change the fact that it still has some of the best foods in Europe. Aside from the food, its beauty is another thing that makes visiting this city worth it. Budapest offers a great holiday destination and if you are into music festivals, oh boy, you’ll love this city!

Of course, you may not be able to visit all the cities mentioned above in just one go, but we still hope this list of must-see cities for firsters time in Europe, still, has been helpful for your itinerary planning. Europe is an amazing destination and its best visited with a good plan.

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