What Are The Important Things To Know For Your Trip to Hawaii With A Baby?


May 08
Traveling with a baby for a holiday can be challenging for couples, especially for single parents looking to spend quiet, relaxing getaway, whether it is on a tropical beach or a busy city. With the right planning, however, it could be extremely easy to enjoy a trip with your baby.


Hawaii is a spectacular place with more than 428 kilometers of stunning coastline that is blessed with picturesque beaches.
Traveling to Hawaii with a baby, of course, involved going to the beach and relaxing. Before, for coastal vacation, bringing towels and swimsuits would be the only thing necessary. But the moment you have a baby, everything that ranges from swim diapers to beach tents would be important to make your trip a lot more fun. Planning for your trip would make your time a lot easier.
Here are some important tips that you have to stick to while spending your time on Hawaiian beaches.

Pack Everything You Need

Ensure your child's comfort and safety while you are traveling in order to avoid a lot of grief and noise during your stay.
By planning your trip properly, you can avoid a lot of impending problems. Don't forget to install the baby's car seat before you go. It's also important to have sun hat and sunscreen in your bag to protect your baby's skin. Of course, toys and food for your baby are also essential to calm him down.

Find the Perfect Resort

The very first thing you have to remember is that traveling with a baby means finding a family-friendly accommodation that will cater your needs as parents and your baby's needs.
These vacation locations will possibly have something for everybody and will usually come fully equipped to provide you with anything your baby may need as well.
Even better, a lot of them are offering babysit services which will make your trip a lot easier and actually give you and your partner time to spend alone time together.
When making a reservation at any baby-friendly resort or hotel, make sure to call earlier and in order to ensure that you'll be getting everything that you need for your baby, from baby food to a crib and to all services that.

Choose Where to Eat

Keep in mind that traveling with a baby also involves choosing the right restaurant option to cater the nutritional needs of your kid. Choosing restaurants that offer meals particularly made for babies is possibly the best choice and trying to avoid the super extravagant restaurants will possibly keep your stress low when eating out with a baby.
Before you arrive in Hawaii, you can do a little research on restaurants available in the areas you are going to stay. Then you can contact them to ask in advance if they are offering the meals your baby needs. Bu then again, you have to keep in mind that you are on vacation with your baby and that doesn't mean you cannot try new things.

Keep Your Baby Calm

Another thing you have to keep in mind when traveling to Hawaii with a baby is to keep your baby calm all the time. This will ensure your successful travel Hawaii experience as a family. Make sure to not leave your baby's favorite toy if he or she has one! There is more chance for you to enjoy a tear-free vacation if you have something to keep the baby calm at all times.
If you are coming from a long distance, longer flights or longer car ride times will also help the baby have naps which will give more time to take a rest.

Let Your Baby Enjoy

Last of all, don't forget that babies love playing. Since you are going to Hawaii, you're expected to play a lot in the sand and this is a good chance for you to let them enjoy it. Allow them to frolic in the water with you. When in Hawaii, there are endless things to do, but which ones are suitable for your baby?
Below are some family-friendly activities that will keep you and your child occupied and boost your bonding time together while in The Aloha State.
  • Swim with the Dolphins
Dolphin Quest, to be found at the Hilton Waikoloa Village can offer a remarkable experience for anyone of any age. You can introduce your kid to the Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins in their lagoon.
  • Atlantis Submarine
Leaving Kailua Pier in Kona, Atlantis Submarine offers many different tours to a depth of up to 100 feet to see 25 acres of natural coral reef, without the need of diving in the water or not even getting wet!
  • Parker Ranch
By driving about 40 minutes from Kailua-Kona up to Waimea, you and your kid will enjoy visiting the Parker Ranch. You will find the ATV Tours, Puuopelu Gardens, and Horseback Rides, among other exciting things at this 150,000-acre cattle ranch for your baby to enjoy.
  • Hawaii Children's Discovery Center
Situated in Honolulu, Hawaii Children's Discovery Center offers an interactive, hands-on learning environment aimed to inspire young kids and those who are young at heart.
They offer exceptional means of discovery and learning in an environment that inspires kids to use their senses of sight, touch, smell, and hearing to gain a better appreciation of the world that surrounds them. Together with different displays and rotating classes and exciting shows, there are programs such as Art in the Park.
  • Sea Life Park
About 15 miles of east Waikiki, Sea Life Park offers a great fun for everyone, especially for kids. This marine park allows you to interact with all kinds of creatures who live in the sea.
Pacific and Atlantic bottlenose dolphins entertain audiences with their tricks, and penguins play with each other. There are different programs and stadiums that will surely offer hours of delight to your kids and you will also discover play areas for kids, restaurants, souvenir shops, and facilities that save and treat injured creatures.
  • Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park
When the temperatures go up and your kid has not had enough sand in his or her suit, go to this nice water park. Ranging throughout 25 acres are a lot of amazing fun-filled activities, which includes outdoor and indoor water slides, wave pools, a tubing river, as well as a waterpark intended exclusively for children. You will also find a volleyball court, cafe, arcade, gift shop, food court, and even a spa catering to adults to enjoy some drinks.
As you can see, finding things to do in Hawaii with a baby is not a problem. No matter where you go on the island, there will surely be something toddler-friendly activities you will find.
Do you know any other activities to do in Hawaii with a baby? Make sure to share it in the comment below!

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