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Oct 18

Madrid vs. Barcelona Travel: Which One Is Better?

By Alice Ross | EUROPE

The idea of traveling to Spain is very exciting, but knowing where to go in the country exactly can be overwhelming: Madrid or Barcelona? Both cities offer an exceptional Europe travel experience, but they also offer different attractions and atmosphere. So, Madrid vs. Barcelona travel is not an easy decision to make.
Spain is infamous for the ceaseless battle between Madrid and Barcelona. I personally think that these two cities are spectacular and should be included in every itinerary in Europe, different but great, and it is a bit weird for me to think about the rivalry between these two and the endless questions that go behind the competition. But really, which one is better? Well, to help you decide for yourself, here are points we can compare them to.
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Oct 05

Don’t Know How Many Days To Spend In Venice? We’ll Tell You!

By Alice Ross | EUROPE

A trip to Venice, Italy is definitely one of the best travel experiences one can experience. The atmosphere as soon as you stepped your foot in the city can be overwhelming. The construction and the profound historical origins will take you to the past.

Venice has long been a famous tourist spot and for an obvious reason. With many things to do while in Venice, you need to give yourself a few days to fully experience what city has to offer.

But how many days to spend in Venice for you to fully experience it? Venice, if explored correctly, takes at least a week to fully experience.

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Sep 16

List Of 9 Of The Best Places To Live In Italy

By Alice Ross | EUROPE

With the number of good places in Europe, specifically Italy, choosing the best place to live is not an easy task. But the truth is: there are no bad places to live in this boot-shaped country, though there's no denying that some are a lot more practical than others.

For example, if you are moving to Italy for work, then you shouldn't even consider living remotely in the southern parts. Or if you are trying to avoid living a lavish lifestyle, then you should scratch off Tuscany from your list.

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