Challenges That Couples Experience When Planning for a Wedding in Bali

By Camille Poire | ASIA

Mar 15
Challenges Couples Experience When Planning for Destination Wedding in Bali

Destination weddings are often fun and very memorable. However, planning for them tends to be even more complex than for a home wedding. It could turn into a bit of a headache and a long nightmare that could give you sleepless nights for months. Unlike couples who hold their wedding ceremonies in local venues, foreign couples are either forced to trust a local wedding planner to organise the details of their wedding, or to take numerous trips overseas to plan for their wedding personally.


Foreign couples planning to have a wedding in Bali are further confronted with a surging need to familiarize themselves with the city's laws, culture, and geographical locations. Even the simplest tasks, like making a guest list, are sometimes unnerving when planning for a destination wedding.

Here are a few common challenges experienced by couples when planning destination weddings.

Extra Legal Obligations

Sometimes it costs couples extra money, time, and involvement to hold their wedding in Bali. Therefore, foreign couples should make extra efforts to determine what permits and visas, as well as identification documents, they require to be married in Indonesia. Couples also have to remember to register their marriages once they return home.

Although some countries do not require further documentation from foreign couples, it is prudent to carry all necessary documents and to follow Indonesian wedding ceremonies procedures when having a wedding in Bali.

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It is Hard to Tell Whether a Wedding Planner is the Best Until the D-Day

When working on a budget, a couple may opt to rely on a local wedding planner or to select a wedding package based on online reviews. However, online reviews are sometimes faked or exaggerated. Hence, choosing a wedding planner or a wedding package that will deliver and meet their expectations in their absence is challenging for couples. 

Having someone else to plan your wedding from overseas leaves you without control and foresight. Foreign couples, therefore, risk a lot by entrusting their wedding preparations to a planner who they have never met.

Many Loved Ones May Miss Out on Your Big Day

Wedding ceremonies provide an excellent opportunity for family members and friends to reunite and enjoy good times together. However, holding a destination wedding in Bali could leave many loved ones out of your guest list due to factors such as health issues, travel restrictions, a tight budget, and annual leave.

Although a destination wedding gives a couple a perfect excuse for a small party size, leaving family members and friends out on such a momentous occasion could put strains on some of your relationships. Destination weddings are more fun when family and friends celebrate with you. 

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Little Time for Private Moments While on Honeymoon

Having a destination wedding with family and friends sometimes leaves a couple with little private time to make the most of their honeymoon. Couples have to travel with their family and friends to scheduled destinations and planned activities. Due to the high travel cost, sometimes a wedding in Bali with family lasts only for a few days.

The Cost of Planning for Another Wedding Back Home

Couples who opt for a destination wedding may need to hold another wedding ceremony to celebrate their marriage with family and friends who could not travel for the ceremony. Although this ceremony presents an added cost for the couple, celebrating their wedding with the people they care about is fulfilling.

Destination Weddings are More Expensive

Couples planning to have a destination wedding should be prepared to incur extra costs. Not only are wedding venues expensive, but couples also have to spend more on travel and accommodation expenses.

However, a couple planning to have their wedding in Bali may cut costs by:

  • Having a lower guest count - this will help to cuts cost on their food and drinks budget
  • Choosing a wedding package that matches their budget
  • Selecting a venue with natural scenery to cut costs on expensive decorations
  • Combining the wedding ceremony and the honeymoon: you can take a Bali tour package to explore the island before and/or after your wedding and enjoy a dreamlike honeymoon in this amazing destination!

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Final Words

These challenges notwithstanding, choosing to have your wedding in Bali could be an excellent chance for you to escape daily life's dullness with new exciting experiences.

If you're aware of the challenges listed in this article, you'll be able to decide whether you can tackle a destination wedding in Bali and if it is the right choice for you. And importantly, you will be armed with the knowledge and forethought to find solutions to the potential problems and stress factors we highlighted here to make your dream wedding abroad successful and unforgettable!

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