10 Cheap Places to Travel Internationally in 2019


Feb 15
cheap places to travel internationally

When it comes to traveling, it’s a common misconception that it’s always expensive. The flight tickets, accommodations, tours, food, and other expenses can truly be expensive, I must admit. But this doesn’t have to be case! By choosing the right place and knowing how to spend your budget-wise, you could surely save a fortune. Here are my favorite cheap places to travel internationally.



Average daily budget: $20-$30

vientiane laos

When you think of Southeast Asia, you probably think of beautiful beaches and lines of palm trees, but Laos is different. This country is a beautiful non- coastal nation in the region, surrounded by other beautiful countries, Myanmar, Thailand​​​​, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China. 

Laos is rich in natural beauty and culture, and it truly has a lot to offer. With $10, you can easily find a decent accommodation. Like most countries in Southeast Asia, you can find delicious street food in Laos to fill up your tummy. But if you’re craving for something you can find on a restaurant, expect to pay only a couple of dollars in most of them.  


Average daily budget: $15-$30


A country next to Laos, Vietnam is another great place to travel if you are on a budget. You can easily find comfortable place to sleep here at only about $10 a night and for $1, you could have a nice bowl of pho.
Transportations are also very cheap, so your travel money can surely take you a long way when you travel here.


Average daily budget: $20-$30

angkor wat cambodia

Like the first two Southeast Asian countries mentioned below, Cambodia is another country filled with natural beauty cultures, with many things to see and do.

For as low as $2, you can get a hostel room, and if you want a private room, $15 would be a common rate. You can have a full meal for a few dollars. There are travelers who can explore Cambodia with a budget of only $10 a day. However, if you want to live a little more comfortable here, then you may want to spend about $20 to $30 a day.


Average daily budget: $20-$35


Moving to South Asia, India is another cheap place to travel internationally, and with their unique culture and a lot of things to do, it’s a great travel destination for those who are on a budget.
Rooms in India can range significantly in price depending on which region you’ll go and what level of comfort you want.


Average daily budget: $10-$30

One of the cheapest places I’ve been to is definitely Nepal, and definitely one of the most beautiful. This is a developing country, and the travel expenses show exactly that.

Both rooms and meals can only cost a few dollars. Traveling through Nepal for $10 is extremely possible. However, it mostly depends on what you’d like to do. If you’re planning to get on trekking tours or anything similar, then you must plan your budget well as these activities can be expensive.


Average daily budget: $20-$40


Now, let’s go to another continent. Honduras, located in Central America is a great place to travel I you want your travel budget to go a long way.

Finding a room as low as $15 here is easy-peasy, and with a few dollars, you can sample some their delicious local cuisines. With $35, it's pretty easy to explore the country.


Average daily budget: $25-$40


Another country you can explore in Central America is Guatemala. It’s no doubt that this is one of the most affordable places you can travel internationally.

Gorgeous beaches, rich rainforest, mountain ranges, as well as breathtaking ancient ruins are enough reasons why to consider this country to your itinerary, so, this country being cheap is actually just a bonus. You can get a room for no more than $20 a night and with a couple of dollars, you can get yourself a nice meal. 


Average daily budget: $25-$40


Now moving to South America, we have Bolivia for you to explore for cheap. Andes, Bolivia is one of the best places to go which offers countless things to see and do.

By spending $15 per night, you will have a comfortable bed to sleep in while for as low as $2, you can have some great delicious local dishes. In order to be safe, you may want to set at least $35 as your daily budget.


Average daily budget: $30-$40


You might not have expected to see a European country here, but there are countries in Europe you can travel for cheap, and Romania is one of them!

There are a lot of budget options when you go to Romania. Filled with history and interesting cultures, Romania is quite underrated.


Average daily budget: $30-$50


Another country you probably didn’t expect is Greece! It's a country idea for those who are on a budget. For $10, you can get yourself a nice place to spend your nights, and delicious street foods can be enjoyed with a few dollars.

Effective ways to save money while traveling

Now that you know the best places to go for travelers who are on a shoestring, the next thing you may want to know is how to maximize your savings. Here are some tips that I want to share and guaranteed to be effective.

Try the local food

greek food

There will be times you will miss food from home, especially if you’ve been traveling for a long time. You may feel the urge to go to a restaurant to satisfy your cravings, but this can ruin your wallet! If you want to save money, stick to the popular options available.

Control yourself

When traveling, it’s very easy to get lost on track of your budget, especially if you’re traveling as a group. Always think if you really want to buy something and not only because of peer pressure. It’s also a good idea to control drinking, it’s one of the main reasons why people lose money when traveling.

Avoid tourist traps


Always travel like a local. Do your research first before heading to a new place. It’s normal to be approached by tour guides and offer you tours that you can do on your own. So, as long as you’re sure it’s safe, you may not need to join a tour.

Find the best travel insurance

In a lot of cases, travel insurance firms add some premium extras to their travel insurance plans. Make sure to see if they are what you need and if they are the best deals you can find. Keep in mind that traveling itself would be expensive, so make sure to make the most of your budget.

Know the exchange rate


Not only just the accurate exchange rate would make sure that your getting the most of your currency, it will also be easy for you to understand as to whether or not something is expensive or not. While there may be a lot of money exchange booth at the airport and in the country of destination, they would have different exchange rate, you must know how to compare them.

Saving money when traveling is easy as long as you know where you are going and what you are doing. I hope this article with a list of cheap places to travel intentionally. If you find this article helpful, then make sure to share this on your social media pages and tag you other traveler friends for them to save money as well. If you have other question relevant to this topic or want to add other countries and tips than what already listed above, then let us know in the comment box below!

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