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Jan 21

How to Plan a Backpacking Trip? Let This Article Guide You!

By Alice Ross | GENERAL TIPS

Backpacking has becoming more and more common among people today. It seems like everyone wants to do it, especially with the popularity of social media where travelers can easily influence other people to do the same. But what really holds you back to travel and see the world? Is it the money? Is it the fear of getting lost? No matter what your reason is, you have to keep in mind that all you have to do is to prepare yourself. Before anything else, what you have to ask first is: How to plan backpacking trip?

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Dec 22

8 Fantastic Spring Break Ideas for Teenagers


It has been a tradition, especially for most teenagers, to do something fun and memorable during spring break. For many teens, spring break perhaps the first time they’re going on a vacation without their parents. If you’re a teenage student who has studied hard the whole school year, then you definitely deserve a fun spring break. There are many activities you may want to consider doing during this time of the year. So, to help you sort out your options easier, we listed down some of the best spring break ideas for teenagers you may want to consider.

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Dec 14

Can You Bring Vitamins On A Plane? Here Are What You Need To Know!

By Alice Ross | GENERAL TIPS

Having yourcarry-on luggage packed the wrong way may well cause a prolonged delay and a lot of frustration before the flight. However, if you are familiar with the guidelines provided by TSA or Transportation Security Administration, including those that are related to your luggage, you are likely to move through the security checkpoint without problems. But can you bring vitamins on a plane? That’s what we’re going to answer in this article…

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Dec 07

6 Amazing Things to Do In Luxembourg to Make the Most of Your Trip


Luxembourg is one of the most captivating tourist destinations for people who are into old world charm integral in stonework and their opulent social heritage. The attractions in Old City will leave you fascinated as soon as you set your foot in Luxembourg. Today, this small country that is surrounded byGermany, France, and Belgium has turned to be one of Europe’s administrative and banking centers, with abundant EU institutions located within the city. 

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Dec 02

What Is The Gay Capital Of The World? This List Will Tell You!

By Alice Ross | GENERAL TIPS

Even though there are plenty of progressive cities all over the United States, like San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Seattle, some members of LGBT community feel like living in the US isn’t always safe for them. This is very unfortunate because, despite gay rights activity being practiced in the past few years, there are still many gay individuals dealing with discrimination. Nevertheless, there are a lot of cities all over the world that are passing massively liberal legislature defending the gay rights. Below are some of the cities in the world that can be labeled as the gay capital of the world.

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Nov 23

Four Easy Destinations for Day Trips from Florence


We can easily count on the fingers of one hand the locations in the world that will remind you both beauty and romance, one of which is Florence, located in the Italian region, Tuscany. It’s believed that almost 400,000 residents are living in the city. Florence is burrowed brilliantly upon the River Amo. The city is filled with remarkable history, wonderful architecture, and artistic magnificence, which means day trips from Florence, is one of the best in the world.

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