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Jun 19

Top 5 Money Belts to Use as Travel Pouches Under Clothes


I’m not sure it’s only me, but every time I travel, I constantly end up spending more money than I originally planned. So, what’s the best solution for this? Bring more money! However, considering that you’re traveling, how can keep your money safe with you all the time?

One of the best ways is to bring a money belt with you. This little pouch we put around our waist when we travel comes in handy if we want to bring our money, cash, or even passport while exploring a new place.

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Jun 06

Top 5 Best Hat For Sun Protection in 2018

By Alice Ross | CLOTHING

Summer is just around the corner! Beach getaway, camping, road trip, and other fun activities when the sun is out are probably some of our main priorities during this time; however, you should not forget to look after your skin. Actually, it is important to take care of your skin anytime of the year, but the summer seasonis considered to be the most harmful time for your skin.

Between the time of 10 AM and 2 PM, the ray of the sun is the most harmful. As much as possible, plan your summer getaway during the morning or the afternoon. Even on the days when it is cloudy, the UV rays that coming from the sun pierce the clouds so even though, it is cloudy, getting sun burnt is still possible.

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May 29

Top 5 Best GoPro Accessories for Your Next Adventure

By Alice Ross | GADGETS & TECH

Whether you’re a professional photographer or just a hobbyist, you probably know the benefit of using a GoPro as well as the best GoPro accessories. No matter where you are and what activity you want to engage in, these GoPro mounts and accessories give you an opportunity to place your camera in the best position to take the best shot possible.

When you’re outdoors, taking the shot you want is not always easy. You possibly will have to use proper mounts that may come in certain designs and are used for various purposes. There are wrist mount, chest mounts, head mounts, tripod mounts, and even monopod among a lot of others. The option here depends on what you are doing and what environment you are in.

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best travel socks
May 22

Top 5 Best Travel Socks in 2018

By Alice Ross | CLOTHING

When you engage in outdoor activities, it is always a good idea to wear the proper clothing gears and take a bit of time to accessorize in order to make the most of it by being comfortable and efficient. There are certain items you many want to choose carefully like pants, shirt, shoes, and even socks. When it comes to the latter category, choosing a nice pair of high-quality socks is able to help you make the activity that a lot more successful since you want to be comfortable when performing any form of outdoor activity. There are some ways you need to carry out when choosing the right pair of socks to make sure that you’re getting the best performance in whatever you do. Here are those:

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Apr 29

Top 5 Rolling Backpacks for Travel in 2018


Every year, many get their back injured because of wearing heavy backpacks for long period, which is common for many long-term travelers. Luckily, you can avoid this by choosing the right bag to take with you.

A specific style of bag that is getting popular today is the rolling backpacks for travel. With its old-fashioned but practical design, it is more capable of giving comfort while having your essential items with you. Rolling backpacks could be used as briefcases which contain essential papers and tools, and depending on the size, could also be carried on luggage when traveling by plane. Every individual from any walks of life can enjoy the immeasurable designs you can find for rolling backpacks. Anyone from kids to adults can find the comfort of using rolling backpacks as they wouldn’t hurt your back because they have wheels.

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Apr 23

The Best Lightweight Clothing for Hot Weather

By Alice Ross | CLOTHING

Summer offers the bright side of each of us. With all of the massive weight of jackets or sweater finally waived off, we can finally walk free without wearing thick pieces of clothing. While most of us would rather prefer to stay inside the house during the summer season to avoid raging heat of the sun, those who would rather travel plan on packing their lightweight clothing for hot weather. If you are one of those travelers who want to make the most of the summer, this article will help you select the right clothing for you.

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Apr 16

Top 5 Best Travel Pillows For Airplanes in 2018


Do you enjoy traveling? Do you travel often? If yes, then you probably know by now the importance of traveling comfortably. Extreme discomfort, body ache, and stress are some of the common things a traveler experience. Whether you’re riding a car, a ship, or an airplane, going for a long period of time can make you feel uncomfortable. Traveling for long hours could be relaxing; however, there are some who find it difficult to do this as traveling itself could offer too much discomfort to them. A lot of people find it difficult to relax while they’re traveling. Most travelers find hard to relax or take a nap particularly if the travel takes for a long period of time. In the past years, it has become a trend to carry travel pillows for airplanes and any form of trips.

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Apr 11

Top 5 Best Photo Printer Models In 2018

By Alice Ross | GADGETS & TECH

The quality outcome of photographs produced by digital cameras is affected by its resolution. The larger the resolution size is the better image you will get. However, when printing your photo on paper, you may notice that the quality of the physical photo itself would not be as good as its digital counterpart. This is because the photo printer itself affects the output quality of the photos, that’s why it’s important to find the best photo printer.

Today, there are a lot of digital camera printers you can find in the market. They are available in different brand names, features, and prices which make it hard for people to find the right photo printer for them.

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