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Jul 24

Looking For Port Of Miami Parking? This Quick Guide Will Help You!


Miami is known as the cruise capital of the world. Miami has gained this title as it is home to the busiest cruise ship port in the world and it has different sightseeing cruises offered to people, mostly for foreign visitors.
Furthermore, you will see celebrities sunbathing and youngsters enjoying wild parties on their yachts are common sights here. When visiting the area as a stop over for your cruise ride, you might be wondering how and where is a port of Miami parking. This article will guide you, but before that, let’s learn more about the Port of Miami.
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Jul 18

8 Exciting Things to Do In Freeport Bahamas


Freeport is the Bahamas’ capital and is known to be an attractive destination in the archipelago. Taking a trip to the Bahamas is an activity that a lot of people love doing together with their friends and family.
One of the best destinations you may want to consider is Freeport in the Bahamas which is perfect whether you are traveling with friends, family, or a lover. There are surely many things to do in Freeport Bahamas as well.
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Jun 25

Suggested Itinerary: One Week Vacation Ideas Europe


One of the best things you can do for yourself is to explore and experience Europe. This continent has a rich diverse history that we can consider underrated. Give yourself a chance to explore and experience some of the most fascinating parts of human history as you tour from countries to countries. Every country in Europe has its own distinctive history of dissimilar ethnic groups everyone would be interested to know more about.
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Jun 23

Are You Planning Of Living In Ireland For 3 Months? Here Are What You Need To Know!

By Alice Ross | EUROPE

Whether you’re planning of living in Ireland for 3 months or longer, there are some important things you have to know before taking your first step. These things will make your moving and settle easier and more enjoyable experience. Below, we provide you with all important things you must know before you pack your bags and camera for beauty you'll see when live in Ireland for 3 months.
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May 03

Should I Go To Cuba in June? Let’s Find Out If You Should!


Cuba is an ideal destination if you are seeking fun and the sun in the Caribbean. This island has a lot of things to offer to its visitors, which is why this place has become more and more popular among travelers from different parts of the world. And if you are one of those people asking the question, "Should I go to Cuba in June?" then, this article will answer that question for you.
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Apr 22

Do People Speak English in Thailand? Let’s Find Out!

By Alice Ross | ASIA

As the most people visiting Thailand can only speak little or no Thai language, the communication between a Thai and a foreigner happens in English. Although a lot of Thais are able to speak a bit of English, understanding them or trying to get them to understand you can usually still be a bit of a challenge.
One of the main reasons for this is that, especially among those with a limited access to education, Thai phrases are usually translated precisely into English, while the English words, on the other hand, are pronounced in a distinctively way in Thai. Generally, pronunciation causes bigger problems in understanding than how the grammar does.
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