Top 5 Best Hard Case Luggage In 2017


Aug 11
Some people still rather choose rolling bags over conventional backpacks for travel. With a lot of great brands, price ranges, and different features, it’s not always easy to find a luggage for your trip. There is the fashionable, the cheaper one, the carry-on, and the ones that allow you to bring half of your wardrobe. But in terms of deciding whether to get soft case luggage and hard case one that is made of plastic or metal, it is more difficult to choose.

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Both styles come with many benefits, but there are some good reasons why you have to buy the best hard case luggage over a soft case.


Travel is not easy on your stuff, so a single trip could ruin your luggage by just placing it on the conveyor belt. It is not uncommon for the fabric of soft shell luggage to tear and rip. Hard case luggage doesn’t deal with this problem as they are made from stronger materials. They’ll more likely last longer because if thus and can take longer to produce wear compared to their fabric counterparts.

Stain Proof and Waterproof

There is nothing worse than an unexpected rainstorm while you’re on the plane, looking over a blacktop with carts filled with unloaded baggage – and yours is one of them. Or grabbing your suitcase from the conveyor belt to find it soaked in… something. But hard cases don’t have this problem. The materials can protect your stuff from rain or any form of liquid.

Professional Looking and Unique

Hard case suitcases integrally can appear more professional compared to their fabric counterparts as they are normally solid colors without too much design. The smooth exterior is perfect for business travelers who are going for a trip during the rainy season. They are also more unique looking compared to another black fabric suitcase.


Hard case luggage has a better protection for your breakables as they are not prone to movement or stretching. They can take a pounding to save the stuff inside. They are reliable for keeping your gadgets and electronics like cameras, mobile phone, or anything fragile.

Definite Size

You are able to buy three different fabric suitcases that claim to be “carry-on” or tell of their sizes, but when you take them to the airport or put your stuff it, it may not fit as anticipated. Hard case luggage has a definite size that does not stretch so there is no speculation. Either it fits perfectly or it does not.

Changeable Designs

Hard case luggage can get distinct designs laid on them, whether it is an image or a logo. You can also get covers that are available in many designs.


Hard case luggage could be much lighter compared to your standard suitcase and this is due to the material used in later models. In terms of to carry on bags, light weight is as important as the sizes. If the bag alone weighs nearly ten pounds, that is taking up a significant weight at the check-in counter. A luggage that is lightweight can be the difference between checking a bag, carrying on, and paying an extra fee!

Tips for Buying the Best Hard Case Luggage

You may think that it’s easy to choose a luggage. Anyway, the sales lady can assist you in choosing a good color and a reliable brand, right? However, choosing this travel essential is not only about choosing the one with a good design. You should also consider the long-term usage.
If your luggage breaks down during the trip, you’ll find yourself doing some unforeseen shopping rather than relaxing by the beach or exploring your destination. It can be quite troublesome to buy a luggage in a place where there are not any luggage stores. So, in order for you to avoid these problems, here are some tips you may want to find helpful during your shopping.
Consider your point of destination and the stuff you are going to pack. This will define the quantity and dimensions of luggage you will need. Pick a luggage that is suitable for the length of the trip. Remember that the possibility of requiring to put up with unanticipated items or extend for a longer trip.
Define your budget before shopping. You are able to perform a lot of research on brands and quality on the internet. This is going to help direct you into finding quality luggage brands that your money can afford. A trustworthy luggage store that specifies in every type of luggage will offer you advice derived from your budget and travel necessities, or if you’re confident that you know which one to buy, you can search online as there are always better deals there.
Search for one with a quality zipper. It is important that the zipper is strong enough to support the bag’s weight was aimed to hold. Seek dual zippered pockets. Another feature you will be happy you have is an additional zipper that lets the top of the suitcase to enlarge.
Search for bar tacking at every stress point. Critical ridges and attachment points for strap work must be bar-tacked. Bar attaching is a specific sewing stitch aimed to offer enormous tensile asset to the fabric or equipment it’s used on. Bar tacking is normally used on backpacks, tactical gear, tents, and other heavy wear stitched items were commonly sewn stitches may give way at a critical moment. Generally, bar tacking is an indication of high quality.
Make certain the bags fit the approved carry-on luggage dimensions of the airline you are flying with. Most bags sizing 22" x 13" x 10" size limitation applied at most airlines.

Top 5 Best Hard Case Luggage

1. Rockland Melbourne 20-Inch Expandable Abs Carry On Luggage

Rockland is well-known for its product durability and quality. This company is also famous for its 3 piece luggage set, although they sell their luggage in a piece or two.
The Rockland Melbourne 20-inch Expandable Abs Carry-on Luggage is the most affordable one on this list. This makes it a quick choice for shoppers looking for a luggage that is within their budget. However, this no-frills bag does not have a lot of the features offered by more expensive ones, nor the long life. This luggage is a hard-sided with four easy to move wheels that will make your experience stress-free! It’s expandable, providing you with an extra 1.5 inches overall in case you need to add more stuff to your baggage.


  • It is durable, lightweight, and impact resistant
  • It is made of ABS plastic
  • ​It has 360-degree spinner wheels
  • ​Is it within the 22-inch carry-on luggage limitations of most airlines
  • ​It has a telescopic handle and both side and top carrying handles
  • ​It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty
  • It is expandable
  • ​It has 2 interior pockets
  • It has an interior elastic lockable strap
  • ​It has a fully lined interior
  • It is available in different colors


  • Its telescopic handle might not be sturdy
  • May not fit overhead compartments if entirely expanded

2. Kenneth Cole Reaction out of Bounds 4 wheel Upright Suitcase, 20-Inch

The Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 20” 4 Wheel Upright is another amazing carry-on luggage for your travels. With a size of 8.5x20x12.6 inches and a mass of approximately 7 pounds, it is qualified with most major airlines carry-on limits.
This hard side bag is made from hard-wearing ABS material. It has a full diameter zipper which allows expanding. The Kenneth Cole Reaction out of Bounds has formed steel-clad outer curves for extra durability and stability. The interior is spacious and has one full sized zippered material pocket and a smaller zippered pocket. Furthermore, its interior has locking elastic bands to make it easier for you to organize and maintain contents inside.


  • It is reliable and lightweight
  • It has a state-of-the-art and stylish design
  • ​It is impact resistant
  • ​It is made of ABS plastic
  • ​It has armor-plated corners
  • ​It has side feet which let it stand sideway
  • ​It has to carry handles on both top and sides
  • ​It has a telescopic locking handle system
  • ​It comes with multi-directional wheels
  • It has Fully-lined interior with zippered pockets
  • It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty


  • It may not fit in overhead compartments when fully expanded

3. Samsonite Omni PC Hardside 20-Inch Spinner

This luggage is a great option for a durable carry-on suitcase that will last with you for a long time without displaying indications of wear. Its Omni PC line is constructed to endure any kind of weather with a scrape-resistant quality and total polycarbonate built for a lightweight luggage with long-lasting security.
This luggage consists of four spinner wheels that roll 360-degree with easy at the airports and narrow plane aisles. Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Spinner 20" is not the same as other hard side luggage, the Samsonite Omni PC luggage can be expanded to give you extra space for your belongings. Furthermore, even when it is fully expanded, the luggage still meets carry-on limits of most airlines.


  • It is scratch-resistant
  • It has 4 multi-directional spinner wheels
  • ​It has TSA-approved lock
  • ​It offers expandable option
  • ​It comes with 10-year warranty
  • It has zip interior divider with cross straps


  • It doesn’t have small pockets to access on the exterior
  • It doesn’t have side handles

4. Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley

This is my personal favorite. What I love about love this luggage is it has a simple zipper closure, which can also be locked with the TRA approved 3-digit lock. It doesn’t external pockets or compartments, thought.
It has four wheels that are located under for 360 degrees of movement. However, the interior is entirely lined which allows you to organize your life throughout the trip. This suitcase is definitely tough! The polycarbonate makes for a luggage that is both remarkably lightweight and durable. The luggage is also just an inch shy of check in limitation so that you can make the most of its space.


  • Its polycarbonate construction is extremely solid and durable
  • It has integrated TSA combination lock
  • ​It is expandable
  • It has quad-caster setup that rolls easily on most surface


  • It has almost zero padding inside

5. Merax Travelhouse Aluminium Frame Luggage TSA Approved Suitcase

This is another great choice if you are looking for the best hard case luggage for your future trip this luggage is made from lightweight but hard-wearing ABS plastic material. This is perfect for travelers who are looking for some convenience on their trip. It has four multi-directional spinner wheels with a sharpened design for all-out capacity and expandable volume.
This luggage is made with durable ABS plastic material with a pattern 4-corner immersed protective shell designed to minimalize wear patterns and scratches. It has has a durable zipper enclosure assisted by a warranty for many years of traveling.


  • Every side has a durable divider and adjustable strapping
  • Its partitions have zippered pockets
  • ​Its latching mechanism on dividers is simple and fast
  • ​It easily fits in the overhead bins size limitation
  • ​Its external latches have a 3-number combination
  • It has telescopic handle and wheels which work well for 4-wheel rolling alongside you on tile


  • There’s no warranty service information
  • The medium shine of the PC/ABS plastic material is a bit less shiny compared to bare metal-luster of actual aluminum
  • Unlike most hard case luggage, it’s not zippered, it uses hinges and latches

My advice is...

As you can already tell, there is definitely a hard case for everyone’s needs, preferences, and budget. This means the best hard case luggage depends on what you are looking for. Are you looking for budget-friendly one? Rockland Melbourne 20-Inch Expandable Abs Carry On Luggage is a great choice. If you are looking for one that is unique, then pick out Merax Travelhouse Aluminium Frame Luggage TSA Approved Suitcase. Otherwise, there are a lot of other options.
So, which one you think is the best one for you? Do you know other brand and model you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comment below!

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