Best Caravan Bar Hire for Your Wedding Event!

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Sep 03
best caravan bar hire for your wedding event

A celebration is incomplete without booze, and when you are getting married, you simply want the best of everything. The epitome of celebrations, weddings, should be remembered by all the guests, and it is possible to make your wedding more memorable with the inclusion of a classy caravan bar hire. Make the alcohol supply last until the end of the celebration with a cool caravan bar setup!


You will not have to spend a lot if you're considering having this idea included in your wedding plan. Of course, after attending several weddings, you will probably have a personalized design plan of elements to include or to avoid in your wedding. Surely, the idea of a caravan bar is likely to stay in the minds of your guests for several years and to be cherished every time they meet you. You are bound to be praised for this fun and unique way to provide celebratory drinks.

So, do you know the several bar options for a wedding celebration? You can have any one of these options: an open bar or a roving bar that dispenses perfectly chilled drinks.

Let’s check how a caravan bar hire will add beauty to the event:

Perfect Venue Without the Hassle

Considering caravan bar hire for the reception to celebrate your wedding would be amazing. Your guests would truly cherish this idea while you host the party without any hassle to serve alcohol. Guests meet the newly wedded couple and further enjoy drinks with others while making the most of the beautiful venue. The staff would take care of the visitors by keeping them entertained. You would not have the pressure to manage things around, as the staff would help in transforming the event space into a picture-perfect venue while you celebrate your wedding.

Some of the basic planning and preparations you will be required to do are decorations, a menu for food and beverages, and fun activities for a social gathering. Apart from this, if you want to have a bar, you can consider mobile bar hire. By hiring such services, you can be relaxed about serving your guests. When you hire such services, you will not have to take the burden of preparing and serving the drinks at the party. These mobile bar services will take care of all this.

There are several reasons why you should consider hiring such services. Some of these reasons are as follows:

Make Your Guests Feel Happy

When the event starts and the guests come in, the best thing you can do is to start serving them with some starters and drinks. You should keep the soft drinks and cocktails flowing. Serving these continuously will keep you occupied and engaged throughout the event.

Rather, mobile bar services can be a good option to leave you free to enjoy the day and take away your worries about serving your guests all by yourself. When you have mobile bar services, your guests will not feel neglected, but happy.

Enjoy an Intimate Bar Experience

When you are hosting a big event, you can just have a supplementary bar in one quiet corner. By having mobile bar hire, you will be able to offer your guests a quiet area where they can chill. In a big event, there are hundreds of guests and having a small intimate bar space for the guests is always appreciated.

Achieve a Personalized Look

Irrespective of the décor you plan to have for your event, you can have the same look for your mobile bar. No matter if you opt for a vintage look, a modern look, or a classic look, you can get the same look for the bar.

Apart from that, the bar can also be customized to match a theme or colour for the event. When you have a specific colour scheme, you can ask the bar for the same colour and staff to wear the same colour dress code.

outdoor wedding event

Customization of mobile bars is possible by using labels, flowers, and napkins. It is possible to personalize the bar the way you desire. If you have a theme, make sure you speak to the mobile bar hire service provider to have the mobile bar just as you wanted.

A Practically Applicable Decision

You have several things to manage before the wedding as well as on the main day. It is practically not possible for you to sort out drinks, the number of glassware required, ice requirements, keeping the drinks cold, etc. All would like to enjoy the function and might make the venue messy at the end.

caravan bar

In this scenario, the alcohol supply would be managed by the trained staff and they will make sure that the empty glasses are kept in the right place and continuously serve new glasses to the visitors. The bar would run smoothly and effortlessly.

Manage Your Expenses

The idea of a caravan bar hire would help you in lowering the overall wedding cost, as the booze cost might go extremely high if not managed beforehand. An open bar might be an expensive affair and will not even look unique. But the caravan bar would add beauty to the venue and will keep the cost under your control. It would reduce costs, as the service provider will ask you to decide the alcohol for the guests before the event. Hire a caravan with a fully stocked bar so the guests can enjoy it. Also, you will not have to pay for any leftovers.

Make the Event Memorable

Booze for fun is what the caravan bar hire promises. The guests are always excited to attend the wedding and enjoy the drinks while chatting with friends and family. It is a very important addition at the reception venue when the drinks are nicely displayed at the caravan bar. People used to sit for hours at a table with one or two glasses of drinks, but now your caravan bar would make them enjoy several drinks.

Before you know it, the big day will be here soon. There is a risk you will forget about the bar and will panic at the last moment. Let things be in order and so hire the bar service right away. After providing the details of the event you must feel relaxed. The service provider will manage the rest for you.

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